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Contest - Annual Soles of Silk Trivia Contest: 2021 Edition

Deadline: Sunday, February 6, 2022

Welcome to another all-new Annual Soles of Silk Trivia Contest. After last year's changes saw a bump in entries, I have decided to keep with last year's format. You will once again answer question types that include: True or False, Multiple Choice, Matching, Fill in the Blank, & Who Said It? 

Contest Rules

- Copy and paste the questions below into an e-mail with your answers and send them to me at footphotographer@yahoo.com. I will ONLY accept entries via e-mail. If they're sent/posted anywhere else, they will be disregarded. And PLEASE, include a subject in your e-mail. In past years people have left it blank and they went directly to the spam folder.

- Your answers MUST either be listed under the questions on your entry, or feature the question # before each of your answers. Failure to do so will make your entry null and void.

- Both members and non-members can enter the contest. For those who win: Members will have free membership time added to the end of their subscription (non-reoccurring memberships), or will have months where they are not billed (reoccurring). Non-members will have new accounts created for the length of the prize won.

- Be sure to e-mail me from an address that I will be able to contact you from in case you earned one of the below prizes.

- Deadline for entry is at the end of the day on Sunday, February 6, 2022. Any winners will be notified in the days following this date. (Please allow a few days for me to score & notify winners)

- All entries must be submitted in English.


  • 6 months membership time - Awarded to anyone scoring 100 points
  • 3 months membership time - Awarded to anyone scoring 90-99 points
  • 2 months membership time - Awarded to anyone scoring 80-89 points
  • 1 month membership time - Awarded to anyone scoring 70-79 points
  • 5 free upcoming preview photos - Awarded to everyone who entered

Trivia Questions

True or False Questions
Decide whether the following are true or false (4 points each)

1. Allie was the first model to shoot new photos for Soles of Silk in 2021.

Both header models currently featured on the site are shown with a pair of their recently removed sneakers.

3. In Charlee's Fourth of July, Rosie the Riveter set, she can be seeing removing her socks in front of a tank.

4. The 9K Club Avatar Series features two different avatars.

5. Both Ava and Charlee had sets published with fence net stockings. In those sets, Ava wore red fence nets and Charlee wore white ones.

Multiple Choice Questions
Select the correct answer from the choices provided (4 points each)

6. In Mindee's Nintendo themed set, which of the following lists feature games cartridges that appeared in the set?
  • A. Super Mario Bros. 3, Metroid, Megan Man 2, Ice Climber
  • B. Tennis, Slalom, Golf, Contra
  • C. The Legend of Zelda, The Adventure of Link, Duck Hunt, Gyromite
  • D. Donkey Kong, Mach Rider, Hogan's Alley, Pro Wrestling
7. The 2021 Star Models for Soles of Silk were Ava, Charlee, and Noelle. If you add up every appearance these three models have had on my Star Models listings over the years, how many appearances are there between them?
  • A. 7
  • B. 10
  • C. 6
  • D. 9
  • E. 14
  • F. 4
8. Which of the following lists show models who made multiple appearances on the, "My Favorite Sets of 2021," listing when counting honorable mentions?
  • A. Ava, Allie, Juliet
  • B. Mindee, Allie, Alice
  • C. Ava, Mindee, Allie
  • D. Mindee, Kaycee, Melani
  • E. Ava, Melani, Maya
  • F. Juliet, Mindee, Ava
9. Six Comic Book covers were uploaded to the site between August - October featuring Alice & Charlee called "Size Fucking Matters!" Which of the following quotes was NOT featured in one of the word bubbles on those covers?
  • A. "I bet these gummi dicks are bigger than some of yours!"
  • B. "Even my smelly toes are longer than that boi clit of yours!"
  • C. "You bitches won't be needing those!"
  • D. "Wow! Are you for real? Smaller than a gummy dick? You're pathetic!"

Six custom messages appear on Mindee's Magic 8 Ball throughout her Magic 8 Ball set. Which of the following does NOT appear? 
  • A. "No touching!"
  • B. "No bois except Patty."
  • C. "Get to sniffin'."
  • D. "I foresee blue balls!"
  • E. "Begging may work."
  • F. "You Need Chastity!"
  • G. "Only Patty can rub them."

Matching Questions
Match each model to their 2021 photo set theme from the list found below (2 points each)

11. Melani
12. Allie
13. Mindee
14. Mia Kay
15. Kaycee
16. Ava
17. Leena
18. Juliet
19. Noelle
20. Charlee
  • A. Kit Kat Size Tease
  • B. Banana Creampie
  • C. Ball Buster
  • D. Fishing Bait & Net
  • E. Easter Egg Hunt
  • F. Nude Pin Stripe Stockings
  • G. I Wear Heels Bigger Than Your D*ck
  • H. Roller Blades
  • I. Inch Worm Size Tease
  • J. Bubble Gum Brat

Fill in the Blank Questions
Fill in the blanks to the following questions (4 points each)

21. S-119 | __________ is the serial number appearing on the label of Mindee's Nintendo game cartridge artwork, "You Got No Shot with Mindee."

Cousins, Noelle and Leena, squished __________ in a bowl and all over Leena's backyard patio in their first set shot together.

In Ava's first set of 2021 to feature sneakers, she wore __________ brand shoes.

24. In Ava's second set of 2021 to feature sneakers, she wore __________ brand shoes.

In the set that broke Mindee into the 9K Club (9,000 photos), she can be seen reading a book featuring the photography of __________.

Who Said It? Questions
Name the model who is attributed to each quote below (4 points each)

26. "Yes! Keep'em comin! I enjoy being told how cute my little feet are. Since doing this, I'm more appreciative of how my feet look. It still amazes me how much you and others really love them. Never thought I would experience this. It feels awesome.

"I love taking pictures and being adored. I'm unbothered by thousands of people looking at my feet."

"It felt great to finally do a couple teasing sets. After seeing other models do them, I felt eager to get one done myself."

29. "
I have a bunch of shoes and all different kinds to choose from. You let me know what you want to fantasize over that day."

"Everyone knows that Key West is a bit provocative. Well, they had penis squirt guns in one of the shops on Duval Street. It was funny and I teased you that we could use them in this baby oil set."

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