Wednesday, October 6, 2021

October 2021 - News & Notes

Hello everyone. I know this blog hasn't seen a ton of posts other than the weekly updates these last few months. I feel bad for letting things slow down here and wanted to touch base with everyone in a simple news and notes style blog. 

These last couple of years have seen me shooting a lot less than normal due mostly to the pandemic. To be 100 percent honest, that has caused me to feel a little detached. Doing nothing but the weekly updates gave me little inspiration. I wasn't going out, shooting with my friends, having fun experiences, and just living life. Instead, week after week, it was just an upload to get content online. That just felt like a process.

Earlier this year when I was able to get back out there and shoot with Charlee, Ava, Allie, Noelle, and Leena that love and passion came rushing back to me. In recent weeks, however, the detachment has crept back in and I hate it.

With all that being said, I am so thankful that I went into the 2020 pandemic with dozens of unpublished sets. That allowed me to keep things moving during an uncertain time. The few spurts of shoots I've been able to do over the last two years still has me in a good place, especially here over the last few weeks.

This Damn Pandemic

While on the pandemic subject, I want to take a quick minute to touch on something here. My parents recently tested positive for Covid-19. That same week, we had spent a bunch of time together. A few days later I got a case of sniffles. That only lasted a day, but I then lost taste and smell a couple of days afterward. Otherwise I feel fine. I've been sitting around the house doing some odds and ends in the meantime. My parents are also doing well. All three of us did get the vaccine, so I'm guessing that is what kept our symptoms in check. Sadly my aunt, who also spent time with everyone, is not and she's currently in the hospital. Hoping she recovers soon.

Some Site Redesign in the Downtime

During my recent downtime I have been doing some work to freshen up the site. The models and contribution pages were re-organized and I added a comics section to the downloads area. With all those comic covers I've been creating, I thought they should have their own designated spot. I love making those. They are fun!

The changes that stick out the most are easily the graphic changes showcased above. I decided to update the splash graphic to one of Mindee from her Elmer Batters Book set. That set, in her pin stripe stockings and high heel sandals, saw her enter the 9K Club (9,000 photos). It felt like the perfect set to use. Plus, it's so damn good!

During this same time I decided to freshen up the header bars within the site. The first one I changed up was the guest section header, which now features Ava from one of my all-time favorite sets of hers. Seeing her kicking off sneakers without socks is something I never grow tired of. 

Speaking of sneakers without socks, when Charlee's most recent set was added to the site, which also sees her kicking off sneakers without socks, I just had to use it in the members area. Now if I could just get both her and Ava together with sneakers and no socks...

I was already excited to shoot with Alice again, but Alice AND her older sister? Even better!

Wanting to Shoot Again Soon

Once I am good to go here I should be getting in some new shoots. I've recently talked with Allie, Ava, Jasey Rae, Mindee, Noelle, and Alice about doing a couple of sets each. Alice also told me that her older sister wants to shoot. She introduced us we had some conversations about what I do for the site - even coming up with some wild and funny ideas that I think a lot of you will like. Apparently Alice's sister, like Alice, enjoys being a brat and teasing the fellas. Having them do that together will surely be memorable.

The Annual Soles of Silk Trivia Contest - 2020 Edition banner.

Start Brushing Up On Your Soles of Silk Trivia

With October already upon us, I've begun looking at the annual end of the year trivia contest. I will be keeping with the format introduced last year, featuring different question types, such as true or false, multiple choice, matching, etc. There was a bump in participation in 2020 and that made me happy to see. It's my way of saying thank you to people in a fun and engaging manner to look back at the year that was. I know a lot of you enjoy them and look forward to them every year as well. So yeah, start sharpening up!

Leena & Noelle will hopefully get their feet messy again moving forward. They loved it!

Hopefully I'll Have More to Say Here Again

I'm going to make an effort to find something to bring to you here other than the standard update postings. In the past I have featured some fun series that I might bring back. There's no reason why I can't also just take a day and write some fun memories and thanks to the models who have made this all possible. If you have any ideas for some features, I'd love to hear them.

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