Sunday's Shoot - Kaycee, Allie, & Juliet (New Model)

I had some grand plans for today with three different models. Mother Nature, as usual, had some grand plans to screw things up. I swear, it seems like that's the norm this year on the few days I've been lucky enough to schedule with my models.

Anyhow, I planned today to be quite special. A brand new model, Juliet, who turned 18 only yesterday, was set to make her debut. More on her in a bit. Joining her would be Allie, who has been shooting a bunch here lately. Then there was Kaycee, who leads the way as my most photographed model in 2020 thus far. My aim was to get in a solo set with Juliet to get her up and onto the site. The other plans were to do a Thanksgiving themed set with all three models together. I would then do two other sets where I paired off Kaycee with Allie and then Kaycee with Juliet. If you're wondering why I didn't plan on shooting a pairing of Allie with Juliet as well, that is because I have plans to shoot the both of them on October 17 too. We're saving that duo for next weekend, with a couple of solo sets too.

As my luck would have it, the chances of rain for today kept getting higher and higher every day that passed. When I woke up this morning, the chances were at 90 percent. Looking at the hourly forecast, however, I saw that we had a few hours before the percentage would rise above 20. We decided to see what we could get in. We changed the plans to shoot Juliet's solo set and the set with all three of them together. We did change the three model set from its Thanksgiving theme to something more casual, however. I didn't want to chance losing props and having one of my holiday sets ruined mid-shoot.

Meet Juliet & her 18 year old feet. She turned 18 yesterday!

18th Birthday Yesterday

First up was Juliet for her solo set. I've known Juliet for a few years now. She used to work with Kaycee and I before all three of us moved on. That's also when I found out, when I met and shot Allie for the first time, that Juliet's older brother is Allie's boyfriend. Small world!

Juliet, who turned 18 just yesterday, was excited to shoot for Soles of Silk when I told Allie that she could invite her along for a shoot once she turned legal. Little did I know, it would be the day after. Hey, I'm not complaining! It makes the story of her debut a little more fun because of it.

In the lead up to today's shoot, I bought Juliet a shirt with the number 18 on the front. That was the theme - her being 18. It was simple and with the black and white shirt, Juliet asked if she could bring her black and white sneakers for the set to match. I said sure, but leave the socks at home. She laughed, but said she sure would.

Juliet did good for her first shoot. She didn't know what to expect, but had those toes wiggling, spreading, and curling all throughout. My initial plan was to have her watch Kaycee and Allie shoot together so she could see what it would be like. With all of our plans changed today, I didn't want to chance it raining before I shot her debut set. Had that had happened, then the set wouldn't have happened within 24 hours of her turning legal. I thought that just made this set extra fun.

Three pairs of sweaty female feet, fresh from Converse with no socks.

Well-Versed! As in Converse

As the skies continued to gray, Kaycee, Allie, and Juliet all sat down next to one another for the final set of the day. We kept it simple so we could rush through thing if the weather was about to turn for the worst. Luckily, it held out!

This trio set also involved some sneakers and no socks, so Juliet got in two sets with the same theme today. Oh well, guess she knows I, and other foot fetishists, love sweaty feet. Just like her costars in this set, she laughed and thinks its fun. Kaycee, however, did keep commenting about how sweaty her feet were. Anything and everything clung to her moist soles and toes after freeing her feet. It was funny watching her be, well, Kaycee as far as her sweaty/dirty feet were concerned! It's hard to explain what that means. She's just... Kaycee and I love her for it.

It was a real treat seeing these three ladies shoot together. With Allie sitting in the middle with her size 5 feet, Kaycee and Juliet flanked her with their size 7.5's. We thought it would be best to use their bigger feet to frame Allie's tiny ones. We were right.

Even though today didn't result in the number of sets I had hoped for, I got to add an amazing, freshly-minted, 18 year old model for Soles of Silk with Juliet. I also got to shoot someone who is quickly becoming one of the site's main models in Allie. And then there is my girl, Kaycee. She's been one of the site's most photographed models since her debut and I'm lucky to have her. You will be seeing a lot more of these three, for sure. You name it... solos, in duos, and at least one more trio are already planned. Bare feet, socks, stockings, and I'm sure, more footwear with no socks too. Sorry Kaycee! Stop laughing Juliet! And yes Allie, I love it.

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