Saturday's Shoot - Allie & Juliet

On Tuesday, September 1, Allie shot for the first time since her 2017 debut. She was long overdue and since then, we have met three more times to shoot. Just last week she shot with Kaycee and a debuting, Juliet. Well today, I had Allie and Juliet back in front of the camera for three more sets - one duo and two solos. It was a little breezy and the wind was being a pain in the ass throughout, but we shot some amazing photos. I think the sock lovers out there are going to love these sets too since all three involved a different type of sock.

Allie & Jamie shooting together just one week after they shot a 3-model set with Kaycee.

Black & White Striped Knee-Highs

Originally, this set was going to feature two different colors of fishnet thigh highs. When I went to the store, however, I couldn't find a pair in white or green. The plan was to have one model in a pair a black pair of fishnets with the other either in a green pair or white. When I couldn't find either of those colors in the days leading into this shoot, I decided to grab the black and white striped socks instead. 

"Why the switch to socks?" you ask? Well, Allie and Juliet have matching Beetlejuice shirts that they wanted to wear for this set. Even though Allie recently shot her slime set for this year's Halloween update, the girls are still in a Halloween mood nonetheless and wanted to wear the shirts. Who was I to argue?

With today's sun out in full force and it casting really long shadows, I decided to shoot today's sets up against some buildings in the shade. It kept the shadows out of the shots, but what it did introduce was a drastic temperature difference. It was really chilly in the shade too. If you got up and walked 10 feet over into the brightly lit area, the difference was quickly noticed. I felt bad for the girls, but they made it through.

This set turned out to be a fun one with each model tugging off the other's socks. A few times Allie and Juliet even stuck their socks in each other's faces for a sniff. Bet you wish they shoved them up to your nose, huh?

Juliet was looking forward to going full brat mode in this set. Hope you're ready!

Neon Pink Thigh-Highs

Since Juliet has only been 18 for a week, I thought it would still be fun to play off her youth. Last week she wore a shirt that read "18" on it and this week she had herself a shirt that read, "Brat," in the Barbie font. I told her she was going to have carte blanche to flip middle fingers, look stuck up, flash the loser gesture, and do whatever else she wanted. When I told her that, she was so excited and said she'd have no problem letting that side out.

In found in this set was a pack of gum. We all knew that girl in class whose number you wanted, but was out of your league. How many times was that girl in class chewing on gum, paying you no mind? Many of us have been there, so feel lucky that Juliet at least offers you a piece of gum by the end of the set. A piece of gum that she shoved and squished between her 18 year old toes. Don't worry fellas... I didn't let it go to waste, much to her and Allie's amusement.

Allie has really come to love how little her size 5 feet truly are.

Soft Pink Baby Doll Socks

It's been ages since I shot a set with a pair of frilly baby doll socks. I've always liked them, but rarely incorporate them into my shoots. Well today, Allie got to use a pair in her solo set. We were going for a theme of "little." Yes, that was the whole theme. In addition to the socks, Allie also had five rulers, two magnifying glasses, and a shirt that read, "I put the lit in little," across her chest.

With shooting so much over the last month plus, Allie has become much more aware of just how much people love her little feet. She admits to appreciating them more, so she was sure to flash the tiny gesture in numerous shots during this set. We thought it only appropriate with her placing rulers next to her size 5's and looking at them through a magnifying glass. It was quite adorable, as it is always is with Allie and her feet in front of my camera.

With today's sets Allie pulled into the lead for the race for 2020's Star Models. She currently sits at six sets, with Kaycee trailing her by just one, at five. Nipping at both their heels (pun intended), is Juliet who has shot four sets within a week's time. I know the competition this year has been a little slim with 2020 being what it has been, but these three have really made me remember what I've been missing all year long. You haven't seen the last of them either as they all have plans to shoot another set together, plus whatever else we decide to do if/when we have time. I know I won't turn down another chance to see these girls barefoot in front of my camera!

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