Saturday, September 12, 2020

Saturday's Shoot - Allie

It was 10 days ago that Allie and I shot for the first time in three years. If you didn't read that blog, head be sure to check it out, "Tuesday's Shoot - Allie." Leading up to that shoot, we faced issues with weather and still battled a very cloudy day. We made plans to meet up once again soon after a few things didn't go as planned. Today was that day.

It took forever to clean up with putty-like slime after the set was over.

She's Been Slimed!

One of the sets that Allie and I had planned to do 10 days ago was her upcoming Halloween feature, themed to one of my favorite movies, Ghostbusters. My dumbass forgot the shirt, however, so we had to place it on the back burner until we could meet up again. I managed not to forget it today.

The plan for this set was to shoot the set with Allie's shoes covered in slime. For some reason, however, the slime I bought was more like a putty. It didn't ooze like your normal slime, but it sure was vibrant. Probably more vibrant that the standard slime would have been. I'll take it! It was just a bitch to clean up afterward. Thankfully, Allie's boyfriend came along and all three of us cleaned it up off the porch. Well, as best we could anyhow.

Even with the difficulties encountered due to the slime, this set and the video clip are some of the most fun content I've shot in a while. Allie had a lot of fun with it too, even though that slime was clinging to everything it touched.

Sometimes these simple sets just come out so well.

Bright Blue Bench

Our plan today was to shoot the second set while at the same location. After a quick change of clothes, however, we saw some park employees making their way over to where we had just shot. We decided to find another place to shoot so we didn't have an audience. Or, get yelled at for leaving some slime behind. Oops!

We went from that park to another, before ending up at a school. No one was really at the school, although countless cars drove into the parking lot, only to leave minutes later. It was weird. I told Allie they all came to see the foot model shoot her set. She added that they wanted to see her little feet. I mean, I would! 

We decided to use the bright blue benches by the bike rack in the front of the school. I liked the color they were both painted and thought it would also provide Allie some different poses to do between the two spots.

All in all, today's set went by pretty quick. It's been nice shooting again and having Allie back after three years has been a treat. She's really been enjoying the camera time too. Her small feet are so adorable and it's a treat for me to have them in front of me. I can't wait to get in some more sets with her, especially if we can meet up with Kaycee as we're aiming to do.

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