Monday, February 17, 2020

Carmen & Her Early Morning Texts

I never expected to be getting random foot photos from Carmen late last night.

It was 1:42 a.m. and my cellphone vibrates next to my keyboard. I was playing World of Warcraft (WoW) after finishing a very long week at work. "Who was hitting me up this late?," I wondered. That's when I was treated to quite the surprise! It was Carmen... a barefoot Carmen at that!

As many of you know, Carmen played a very integral part in this site's earliest years. She was my site's first Wu's Feet Links feature model back in 2005 in her "Blue Jeans & Toes" set that helped establish Soles of Silk. It really did put the site on the map - so much so, I named it as the site's most important set of its first 15 years in the blog titled, "15 Year Celebration - 15 of the Site's Most Important Sets (2004-19)." That wasn't the last time over the last few months that Carmen's name has popped up on these blogs, however. 

On January 13, 2020, I published the ninth installment of my Would Love to Shoot series where I discussed the duo of Carmen and Carlin shooting together. Be sure to give it a read as both models are ones I have always adored, with and without a camera involved.

As I always do, whenever I feature my models in one of my blogs, I send them links so they can have a look. I sent Carmen both of the above links. I didn't hear back from her right away, but that is pretty common these days. She has a lot going on and we seem to only touch base every few weeks or months. We usually exchange some words and then all goes silent for a while. It kind of sucks when I think about how much I used to chat with this friend of mine back in the early 2000's, but life changes. Let's not dwell on how much I miss this lovely gal pal though. Let's talk about these texts that were sent to me in the early morning hours.

Like I said, I was playing some WoW, on a my Demon Hunter that I named after Alice and her big feet (character's name is Elevens). I hear the vibration and begin to wonder. I give it a second so I can get out of harm's way in the game and give my phone a look. I immediately see the photo and I'm in awe. It's been so long since I've seen those tiny feet - ones that spent lots of time in front of my camera, in my hands, and even all over my nose right next to a crowded bus stop one summer downtown. Yeah, long story! Back to the photos... It took me a second, but after looking at those feet, I then noticed her shirt. It's the same shirt used in Carmen's January 2008 set that we did downtown. Downtown... the same day as the bus stop incident...

Carmen still has the shirt she wore in this set, published in 2008.

After some small talk, Carmen mentioned that she's had the shirt for 16 years and it turns out that it was a gift from none other than Carlin. The chat didn't end there though, and neither did the photos. She sent me two more shots, both showing off those tiny soles of hers, telling me that I had permission to share these with everyone. I was going to ask her if I could anyhow, so that was awesome. 

I told Carmen during our chat that this was an awesome late-Valentine's Day gift. I also commended her for sending sole shots too. After all these years she still remembers that I'm a sole guy. Usually whenever I get a random foot photo sent to me from my models, it's a pedicure shot, or a shot of their feet in a new pair of shoes that like and/or want to use in a new set. Getting the sole shots from my models is a rarity. Getting the rare shot from Carmen makes these like the unicorn of random photos! No one would believe me without the proof.

I'm glad that Carmen told me to share these photos with all of you. I told her I was going to write a blog about her sending them. Speaking of which, I'm going to go ahead and wrap this up so I can send her the link. Maybe, just maybe it'll inspire her to send some more random shots one day. I know I sure won't mind. Next best thing to getting my camera pointed at them, which I still truly wish to do again one of these days.

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