15 Year Celebration - My Favorite Remakes of the 15th Anniversary Celebration

The end of this month is going to bring you a bunch of blogs looking over the last 15 years here on Soles of Silk. This particular blog does that through the remakes that have been ongoing throughout 2019 as part of Soles of Silk's 15th Anniversary Celebration. With this week's set featuring the last of those remakes, I thought it would be neat to go through each and every one of them and pick which ones were my favorites of the bunch. 

This list only ranks the remake itself, not the original set in which it is based off of. I have, however, supplied a sample of both the remake and the original for historic purposes. Now, onto My Favorite Remakes of the 15th Anniversary Celebration:

15. 2014's Train Tracks Dirty Soles Remake
Remake Model: Esmerelda
Original Model: Amelia

I admit that this remake was one where I did a little bit of cheating and that's its biggest reason for starting off this list. Each and every remake included in this celebration, except for this one, was done based off of a set that appeared as one of my 10 favorite sets in the "My Favorite Sets" blogs I do at the end of each year. For 2014, however, I faced some issues. 

A number of the sets in 2014's favorite list would be difficult to remake. Some had holiday themes that wouldn't work the timing of the remake's publish date. Others had some unique locations that would be hard to replicate. I did have one particular set lined up for Leah to remake, however. 

Sadly, that set was never able to be shot. Both Leah and I kept running into issues with our schedules and were unable to make the time to go "bananas," if you will. Yeah, Emerald's banana size tease theme was the one she wanted to do, but alas, it just didn't come to be. That is what caused me to include the honorable mentions from 2014 as possibilities for remakes too.

Among those honorable mentions was Amelia's set on the train tracks. In that set, her feet got so filthy, just like Esmerelda's were in a set I had yet to publish. The fact that both their feet had gotten blackened on some train tracks was good enough for me to tie the two themes together.

14. 2005's Pillow Fight Remake
Remake Models: Esmerelda & Egypt
Original Models: Madison & Lauryn

In 2005 Madison and Lauryn helped kick off the first full year of Soles of Silk being online. Among their sets was the infamous pillow fight set that I will never forget. I still love that photo (above, right) of Madison with her feet around Lauryn's face. Lauryn's smile could light up a room and often came through in spades in her sets. I know I smiled like that too when Madison's long narrow feet were on my face!

When I got the chance to meet up with Esmerelda for the second time she mentioned the possibility of shooting with Egypt. That is when I decided to go ahead and have them do a remake of the pillow fight set. Their attire wasn't exact, but those two sure went at each during the shoot. I got lots of shots with feathers flying all about. My only regret is not taking as many sole shots of these two beauties as we got sidetracked with the two of them whacking each other off the sides of the bed with the pillows.

13. 2015's Extra Long Licorice Remake
Remake Model: Alexa
Original Model: Cierra

Alexa's lone remake on this list was based off of Cierra's 2015 long licorice set at the playground. I got a lot of great sole shots of Alexa and she had a blast shooting this set. She was so happy to be included in this celebration and did a great job twirling that licorice between her plump toes. Much like Cierra, she had no issues with me ripping off some sections that had been sitting between her toes for a while because I was "hungry."

The only thing that stops this set from appearing a little higher on the list was the fact that the sun/weather wasn't similar to Cierra's original. If I could have only captured Alexa's sweaty feet just glistening in the sun as I had done with Cierra's, this set would have been even better and the licorice a little more moist when I ate it.

12. 2017's Rainbow Socks Remake
Remake Model: Jasey Rae
Original Model: Leah

Just like with 2014, the remake for 2017 was one that I was running into some issues with. I had shot a set that could serve as a remake to Leah's 2017 set with her rainbow thigh high socks, but the settings were so vastly different that I didn't know if I wanted to use it or not. Plus, the outfits weren't identical, although there were rainbows featured on each.

As the end of the year drew closer and work was kicking my ass, I knew that the set was going to have to be used regardless. It wasn't that the set was bad, not at all! In all honesty, I loved it, but I just felt it indoor versus outdoor aspect stood in the way a little bit.

No regrets, however. Jasey Rae really owned 2019 and to have her included in yet another remake for the site's 15th anniversary was a no brainer. Wait until you see some of the other sets of her's here on this list too. Hint: they're much further down.

Another fun tidbit about this remake is that Leah's set was originally posted as an ode to Alice's 2017 Wu's Feet Links Feature, "The SK8R Gal Who Wears Size 11 Skates." So all three of these sets, though vastly different, have the tie in of the rainbow thigh high socks.

11. 2013's Playground Play Doh Remake
Remake Models: Mindee & Melani
Original Model: Mariah

One of my all-time favorite sets in Soles of Silk's 15 year history, which is the theme of an upcoming end of the year blog this month, is Mariah's Playdoh set at the playground from 2013. It was so adorable and colorful. Her plump toes and little feet were the perfect match for the set. I knew right away when I came up with the remake concept that this would be the set I remade for that year.

In this remake I did something a little bit different, however. I stayed true to doing the set at a school playground, but instead of picking one model to appear in this remake, I picked two. Those models were Mindee and Melani. I was already pairing them up for another remake that you'll be seeing soon on this list, so why not make it two? Two of the site's most popular models together in a set couldn't be a bad thing.

Just like with Mariah's set, Mindee and Melani had a bunch of fun smashing up the Playdoh between their feet and sticking it into the spaces between their toes. It sure was a lot less messy than the other one these two did on this list, but more on that later!

10. 2007's Oreos & Milk Remake
Remake Model: Shelby
Original Model: Madison

It didn't take me long to realize that just like her daughter, Mindee, Shelby has no qualms about shoot themes, even if that means stepping in Oreo Cookies and milk. When I asked her if she'd be up for it, her response was that she'd pick up the cookies on the way to the shoot. Gotta love her!

It was so damn fun watching Shelby do this set. It was only the second time that I shot with her and only the second solo set that she had done - with the rest being with Mindee up until that point. That same day she also shot one with her mom, Dolly, and Mindee (daughter), but that's a set for another list coming your way here as 2019 draws to a close.

And with this set, it just so happens that we've gotten into a bit of a theme for the next few entries on this list. This happened totally by chance too, it was not planned. Food, food, and more food!

9. 2008's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Remake
Remake Model: Kaycee
Original Model: Cierra

Back in 2008 Cierra was wanting to stick her feet into any fun food we could find at the grocery store. I literally had to tell her that she was blocked from food shoots at one point because I feared that she'd be doing nothing but those and leaving nothing for the rest of the models who would want to do one. Still, her set with the chocolate chip cookie dough was so memorable and so freaking fun to shoot.

Kaycee, who appears in the remake of Cierra's set, had only one food set published prior. That set featured a cookout themed and was done outdoors. Kaycee often says how much fun she had doing that one, so I knew she'd be up for another food set.

When I got Kaycee to meet up with me earlier this year to shoot some sets, I slated her in to do the remake of Cierra's cookie dough set. She was super excited for it too! She had been waiting to stick her toes into some food again and that day, she had two chances to do just that. This set and then her Strawberry Mini-Wheats Cereal Killers Month entry back in October. Both sets were messy and just what Kaycee had been wanting for a while!

8. 2009's Cheesecake Squish Remake
Remake Model: Melani
Original Model: Jaylee Austin

Like the last two sets on this list and the next two below, messy food is the theme. Melani couldn't wait to do this set when I showed her the cheesecake I bought before she arrived to shoot. Her set was a remake of Jaylee Austin's 2009 cheesecake set. The only real difference is Jaylee had a plain cheesecase and Melani had one with several different flavors - a sampler.

Needless to say, Melani destroyed her cheesecake without hesitation. I actually had to ask her to save a slice or two so we'd have some to use throughout the end of the set and the video clip afterward. She was able to contain herself for a bit, but by the end of this shoot there was absolutely nothing left to identify that cake other than a massive pile of mush. I mean, it still tasted like cheesecake when I scooped out chunks from in between her toes for a taste... so there was that,

7. 2011's Pudding Play Remake
Remake Models: Mindee & Melani
Original Model: Mindee

Melani messy again? Yup. This set was one that she was really looking forward to because it was her first shoot with Mindee. The two of them had been itching to shoot together since Melani's debut earlier that year. When it happened, it sure didn't disappoint!

This set is a remake of Mindee's 2001 banana creampie pudding set, which was the very first food set that Mindee ever did. Like Mindee, this was the first food set Melani ever modeled for as well, although not the first published. I had to hold onto it to post it in sequential order of the remakes.

So why include Mindee in the remake since she's in the original? Well, I thought it would be a neat way to have her as a cameo, like some movie remakes do. If you notice in the sample photo (above, left), Mindee's feet aren't covered in the pudding either - Melani's are. That was intentional. Melani's feet got the pudding on them and Mindee's got the Cool Whip. So in essence, Melani still did the remake portion of the set and Mindee got to assist her in doing her very first food set, which also happened to be pudding.

6. 2004's Mini-Waffles & Syrup Remake
Remake Model: Mindee
Original Model: Lauryn

It made perfect sense to have Mindee do 2004's remake as the only model from the site's launch year who still regularly shoots. I guess that is why her photo count is nearing 7,000. Well, that and she's one of my best friends and has some of the cutest feet I ever seen.

The set I picked for the 2004 remake was an easy choice - Lauryn's waffles and syrup set. That set was such a hit and really endeared Lauryn to the masses upon the site's launch. It was certainly an iconic one in the site's early existence.

Mindee did a fantastic remake of this set on her kitchen counter top. Mindee loves getting her feet messy, no matter how much she claims otherwise. She just did appear in back-to-back food themed remake sets on this list, having a bunch of fun doing both. I'm calling you out on your lies Mindee! You love doing the food sets! We all know it too.

5. 2016's Gummi Dicks Size Tease Remake
Remake Model: Charlee
Original Model: Alice

Do gummi dicks count as a food shoot? Kinda, I guess, but they're not a messy food like the other ones above, so I guess it's up to interpretation.

What isn't up for debate, however, is how freaking teasing Alice's original 2016 gummi dick size teasing set was. Those tiny gummi dicks were stretched, yanked, pulled, bitten, and even had their balls snipped off with some scissors. That has become a trademark in several of Alice's size teasing sets as she had some scissors in her Fourth of July Hot Dog set in 2017 as well. Balls... who needs them?

So, who do I get that can do such a teasing, yet honest set, some justice in a remake? Oh, I know! Charlee! Charlee did a size tease set back in 2011 and it was amazing. She had no problems portraying what she thought about the lil fellas out there. Her 2011 set incorporated some gag condoms, with several tiny ones and one massive one. Well, as an included bonus in this remake, I had her use those as well as the gummi dicks. That's not the last ode to another size tease set on the site either. 

Remember Cierra's 2009 Wu's Feet Links Feature, "Foot & Size Tease?" Well, in that set, Cierra had a notebook with a cartoon ruler on it that read "Size Does Matter!" Well, I found that same exact artwork on a shirt and had her wear it in this set too. That makes this set not only a remake of Alice's 2016 set, but also an ode to two other size teasing sets from the past.

4. 2012's Western Maryland Railroad Station Remake
Remake Model: Alice
Original Model: Mileena

One of my all-time favorite days of shooting was when Mileena and I took a trip out to Western Maryland and West Virginia. We shot a bunch of amazing sets, one of which was at the Western Maryland Railroad Station. When I looked at the sets from 2012 to remake, that one stood out and I just knew I had to get someone to go back out there. That model turned out to be Alice.

Alice and I got a late start the day we shot this remake, but like with so many sets of hers, the outcome was still astounding. She just owns it when she's in front of my camera and this set was certainly among some of her best work. Hell, even my least favorite sets of Alice's are still pretty good overall. She just has so many great ones that it's hard to rank them all.

Since Alice and I got a later start than when Mileena and I went six years prior, the sunlight was in a different location, so we moved around to a few different places along the station. The trains were also in a different spot than when Mileena and I had shot the original, but we didn't let that stop us. Hell, I even got some amazing shots of Alice up on the trains too, as you can see in the above, left sample.

3. 2018's That Eggplant Tho! Remake
Remake Model: Jasey Rae
Original Model: Mindee

When Mindee shot her eggplant emoji set I knew it was going to be one of my favorites of 2018. Sure enough, it made the cut at the end of last year when I wrote the "My Favorite Sets of 2018" blog. 

Jasey Rae's remake of this set is perhaps the closest to the original of all remakes on this list. We shot in the same bleachers, with the same squishy emoji plushy, both models wore the same shirt, and the two of them even painted her toes blue. I didn't feel that I needed to insert anything extra into this one, or make it slightly different than Mindee's version. Just have Jasey out there with the same message and the same playful outcome. 

I've said it for ages, Mindee is an expert at teasing me and so is Jasey. I couldn't have had a better model do this remake and it was one of my favorites of the bunch. And it's not only because of the theme. The bright colors found in both sets kicked it up a notch two. Okay, the theme is main reason though.

Jasey, however, isn't done with awesome remakes! Nope! There is yet another on that list and it is next.

2. 2010's Playground Bubbles Remake
Remake Model: Jasey Rae
Original Model: Nikki

Back in 2010 Nikki debuted on Soles of Silk. One of her earliest sets took place at a playground blowing some bubbles. It turned out to be one of my favorites of that year and was shot the very first time the two of us got together to shoot. 

I've said it many times over these last 15 years. Sometimes the best sets are the ones that aren't overly complicated. That held true for Nikki's 2010 original and held true once again for Jasey Rae's 2019 remake. With only a few hours before we had to be into work, Jasey and I were driving around to a bunch of places to look for a playground to use. When we found it, we sat down and got started. What happened throughout the photos that followed turned out to be one of my all-time favorite sets that I have ever shot. 

Jasey's thick, soft soles, and even thicker chubby toes, were front and center demanding your eyes. Just behind them, however, she blew some amazing bubbles that we caught on camera in countless shots throughout the set. I even got her to do something to make her version a little bit different than Nikki's toward the end. In Jasey's remake she takes the left over bubble mix and pours it over her little feet. It made those soles and toes glisten in the bright sun and added just a little bit extra fun to this already memorable set. I'm certain you're going to be seeing this set on a few more lists here before 2019 comes to an end on the Soles of Silk Blog.

1. 2006's Feathers Tickling Remake
Remake Models: Alice & Maya
Original Models: Abby & Kelsey

One of the sets that I had slated as being one I wanted to remake from the start was Abby's and Kelsey's 2006 tickling set. The two of them were friends and had so much fun shooting that set. The chemistry was there and it was caught on camera throughout the set. 

When it came time to remake the set, however, I was wondering who might be best to do it. Then it hit me! Alice and Maya. The two of them are friends, just like Abby and Kelsey, so I knew the chemistry would also be showcased in full effect. What wanted me to make this happen even more, however, was the fact that both Alice and Maya have some of the longest toes on the site and I just had to have them together.

As you can tell, I was able to make my wish a reality. Alice and Maya were so damn fun to shoot together and we really went to town with this one. Instead of just one feather for the girls to use, I got an entire bag. Since they were so colorful, I decided to make sure color ran rampant throughout this set - something Abby would be proud of with her artistic background. I grabbed the two of them matching pajamas and we threw a few other colorful items onto the bed with them.

Naturally, it didn't take long for these two to shove feathers between each other's long toes. And speaking of long toes, the two of them even played a little bit of mercy using just their feet by locking all 20 of those toes together. It was so fun, just like this entire set - my favorite of all the 15th anniversary remakes.

So which sets were among your favorites? Why? I'd love to know all of your thoughts on the sets above. Leave a comment on the blog, or hit up the site's Twitter account (@SolesofSilk). Before I end this, however, here are a few fun facts about all the sets shown above:

15th Anniversary Remake Fun Facts
  • A total of 11 different models appeared throughout the remakes.
  • A total of 13 different models appeared through the original sets.
  • Jasey Rae, Mindee, and Melani all tied for doing the most remakes with three.
  • Mindee, Cierra, Madison, and Lauryn all tied for having the most of their original sets being remade with two.
  • Mindee and Alice were the only two models who appeared in both at least one remake and one original set that was remade.
  • Mindee is the only model who appeared in a remake of her very own set, although she was paired off with Melani in said set.
  • Although I had two remakes where I used two models in the set where the original set only featured one, there were no remakes where the original set had two and I used just one for the remake.
  • Jasey Rae's eggplant emoji remake was shot only seven days after Mindee shot the original. I guess you can say I just kind of knew I'd love that one enough to need a remake of it.

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