15 Year Celebration - 15 of the Site's Most Important Sets (2004-19)

You don't last 15 years online without doing something right. Since 2004 there have been many amazing moments that have helped solidify the reputation of Soles of Silk among foot fetishists. In this blog, I ventured back through the entirety of the site's existence to determine 15 of the site's most important sets. These aren't necessarily my favorite sets, but ones that helped put the site on the map, maintain it's longevity, or gave it some much needed attention along the way. And for those of you who are curious, over the next several days, I will have another blog detailing my 15 All-Time Favorite Sets, one of which does appear below. Do you know which one it is?

First up, however, some honorable mentions. These sets were hard not to include on this list. Keeping with the theme of 15 for the 15th anniversary however, meant that some sets just missed the cut.

Honorable Mentions: Lisa Tyler's Cloudy Toe Socks (December 29, 2004), Lauryn's Waffles (December 29, 2004), & Mindee's & Marcy's Soccer Goal (June 11, 2014)

Now, onto 15 of the site's most important sets from 2004-19:

15. Early Anchors
Models: Madison & Lauryn
Published Date: January 5, 2004

There is no way that Soles of Silk gets off to such a good running start without Madison and Lauryn. After publishing a solo set of each of the site's eight launch models, the first update to the site came on January 5, 2005 when the site's first duel model set was published. It featured Madison and Lauryn together and wouldn't be the last time people saw them together. Being two of my most photographed models early on, and since Madison was the one who convinced Lauryn to shoot, they had no problem getting barefoot together.

Without the dedication and willingness of these two to shoot a bunch of sets early on, Soles of Silk would have missed out on some of the site's most memorable sets from its first few years. Madison and Lauryn were featured in seven different sets that I declared in as one of my 10 Favorites of the year from 2004-07. I really couldn't have done it without them.

14. Wendy's Feet > Wendy's Burgers
Model: Wendy
Published Date: May 17, 2006

Soles of Silk had been online for less than a year and a half when I had massive redebut on my hands. Wendy was one of the most popular models back when I ran The 10 Little Piggies during my college days. Her size 8's were a favorite among many and I knew that getting her to come back for Soles of Silk would be a huge addition to my new site.

My assumption turned out to be correct. Wendy's was remembered by so many people and her return had people talking. She would go on to shoot a bunch more sets in the next 10 years, accumulating 1,763 photos to date. Sadly we haven't shot in a long time and she appears to be busy with family. She is surely someone I'd like to see make another redebut! What about you?

13. They Haven't Gotten Any Bigger Since
Model: Molly
Published Date: March 9, 2005

The biggest feet on Soles of Silk prior to March 9, 2005 belonged to Amber with her size 9's. On March 9, 2005, Molly's size 11's became the biggest to appear on the site - something that has been tied by two other models with Bridgette and Alice, but never beaten.

When Molly debuted so many people demanded to see more of this new big footed beauty, and not just because she had big feet. Nope! People loved Molly because of how pretty she is and how photogenic she can be. Let's just say that I wasn't the first person to ever take photos of her. I'll leave it at that.

12. Getting Back to Business
Model: Olivia
Published Date: July 2014 (Wu's Feet Links Feature Set)

In May of 2014 the foot fetish community lost one of its pioneers. We found out that Wu of Wu's Feet Links had passed away earlier in the year. Many of us, myself included, were devastated.

In the months that followed I began talking with Phil from BHE about getting Wu's back up and running, at least in a limited fashion. He was grateful for any assistance the public could offer and that is what brings me to Olivia's "Back to Business" feature. This July 2014 feature set marked a relaunch of the feature section, hence the title and her attire. The set was also shot just outside of Washington, D.C., from where Wu hailed. 

Needless to say, this set holds a special place in my heart.

11. This Would Be #11...
Model: Alice
Published Date: May 6, 2015

I guess the saying "the third time's a charm" applies to Alice's debut. Alice was the third model on the site to debut who wears a size 11 shoe, with the others being Molly and Bridgette. And although I love Molly's and Bridgette's big feet, no other model with big feet has captivated me as Alice has in all my years. That probably is obvious with all of her interviews, both on Soles of Silk and on Wu's Feet Links. I've gone into great detail about my fondness for Alice's feet and how she's made me appreciate something in this fetish that I didn't quite love then as much as I do now. I wasn't the only one who was mesmerized by her, however. 

Alice found herself to be quite popular on the site's former Instagram account. She was getting tons of likes on her early sets, including the one above, which marked her official debut. The comments were also kind, telling her how much they adored her big feet and that they hoped to be seeing more of them. Well, they sure have gotten their wish as Alice is only one of four models to make it into the site's 2K Club (2,000 photos) over the last 15 years. That stat is mind-blowing when you consider she's only been on the site for a little over four years now.

10. (tie) Mommas Mia! Did these Really Happen?
Models (top): Mindee & Shelby
Published Date (top): July 19, 2017

Models (bottom): Mindee, Shelby, & Dolly
Published Date (bottom): May 8, 2019

In 2010 the idea was flirted with that Marcy and her mom would do a shoot together for Soles of Silk. As the months went by, however, I began to have my doubts. Ultimately, Marcy's mom decided against making a debut and my hopes of having a mother/daughter combo on the site seemed to be dashed.

Fast forward seven years and Mindee tells me that her mom is going to shoot with her. I've known Mrs. Shelby just as long as I've known Mindee and I know that she's very open minded. Still, I would have never thought that she would want to bare her feet for the site. Hell, I figured if I ever got the chance to do a mother/daughter shoot, it would probably be Mindee's own daughter who'd one day want to do it. She's totally a mini-me of Mindee.

Anyhow, my wish came true in July of 2017 as I got to shoot two sets with Mindee and Shelby together, along with a couple of them solo as well. I couldn't wait to see what people would say. There was no way that this wasn't going to be a massive hit and it was!

Then jump ahead a year and I get another text from Mindee telling me she's got another new model. This one turns out to be her grandmom, Dolly. I was like, "You're joking, right?" She wasn't. She wanted to do a set with Mindee and Shelby together as they were both telling her all about it. I said okay and then got to shoot the trio a few months later.

Dolly made her debut at the end of 2018, but I held off on publishing the trio set until the Mother's Day 2019 update. People were stunned to see three generations posing their feet all together. I was doubtful that I'd ever get a mother daughter combo, but a mother/daughter/grand-daughter trio... Yeah, can't say I ever thought I'd shoot that!

9. The One Who Started it All
Model: Abby
Published Date: January 26, 2005

Abby was indeed the one who started this all. Looking at the date of her debut, some of you will probably be confused since Soles of Silk launched on December 29, 2004. Well, you see, Abby predates Soles of Silk. We dated when I was a freshman in college. She quickly became my muse and her feet found their way in front of a bunch of 35mm photos in the late 90's and early 2000's. She was featured predominately throughout The 10 Little Piggies while it was online, and was my most photographed model pre-Soles of Silk until Andrea finally surpassed her right before The 10 Little Piggies was closed.

It's quite obvious that many people would remember Abby in the foot fetish community only a few years later. Some asked about her when I first launched Soles of Silk. Little did I know that she would be back in about one month's time after launch. When that happened, it got a lot of people buzzing as they remembered and cherished her soft wrinkled soles. She still remains a fan favorite to this day. It's not hard to see why with those trademark wrinkled soles.

8. Lots of Likes!
Model: Melani
Published Date: April 12, 2017

I worked with Melani before she was 18. She was friends with other girls at work who modeled for me and she always said that she wanted to do it. I'd always tell her to come back to me when she turned 18. She'd usually reply that she was going to go get a fake ID just to pose. That was the case until she left and got a new job.

One day in early 2017 I decided to look her up on social media and see what she was up to. I knew she would have just turned 18 recently and I was hoping that she would still want to shoot. Luckily for me, she did. She wanted to shoot so much we made plans to do so immediately.

With every photo I took that first day I just knew I'd have a new hit on my hands. When I published some teaser shots to the site's former Instagram page, I was blown away by the response. Not only was she popular, she might have become the site's most popular model based off of those teasers alone. I never saw the number of likes her samples got in such a short time. People couldn't get enough of Melani and they still can't!

7. Seeing Double: Wu's First Duo Model Feature
ModelKellie & Kimmie
Published Date: February 2007 (Wu's Feet Links Feature)

When Kimmie and Kellie made their debut, Soles of Silk was getting a lot of attention. Identical twins with little size 5 feet was all it seemed that everyone wanted to see. Well, I gave them more of these two cuties when Wu asked me if I'd like to have a football themed feature go up for the month of February in 2006. He always liked to have a football themed set going up around the time of the Super Bowl.

Obviously, I was very happy to oblige this request and do so with none other than my identical twin duo. It was the first time Wu's Feet Links had two models featured in a feature set, let alone sisters, or twin sisters. I still get feedback about their feature set, "Football Fun," to this day.

6. A Sexy Model Named Lexi
Model: Lexi
Published Date: July 20, 2005

I was a fan of Lexi for a couple of years. I subscribed to her site and would send her emails from time to time. Once I had Soles of Silk up and running, I decided to go for broke and see if this high arched icon would like to do a shoot for me. I didn't know what to expect, but much to my delight, she agreed.

That summer I made my way up north and met up with Lexi for a day of shooting. I was only supposed to have Lexi for several sets and another model from her site named Jen, for a few more. Well, Jen decided to no show the shoot and Lexi felt bad that I had traveled over eight hours to come up and shoot. She offered to shoot for the rest of the day, which turned out to be such a blessing. Some of my favorite sets of Lexi's came later in the day. Those wouldn't have not had happened if Jen had shown up as planned.

When Lexi's photos appeared on Soles of Silk, so many people were floored that I was able to meet up with and shoot Lexi. I heard how awesome it was to see one of their favorite models of all time shoot with one of their favorite photographers. I know it sure was a meet up I'll never forget.

5. Barely Legal... By a Day
Model: Aspen
Published Date: August 8, 2012

I worked with Aspen for a couple of years. When she started she wasn't 18, but became friendly with a few other girls at work. Some of those girls were shooting for me and she found out about the site through them. She always said she wanted to shoot too and did just that the day after she turned 18.

I knew Aspen would be a hit on Soles of Silk, but I never expected the response to her debut that ended up happening. Aspen was over and in a huge way. People wanted to see more of her and luckily for me, she wanted to shoot as often as possible in those early days. She also wanted lots and lots of foot rubs too, even when we didn't shoot. She liked to call them "paws" since my nickname for her back then was "Cubster."

4. A Sexy Catch!
Model: Ryan
Published Date: July 2011 (Wu's Feet Links Feature)

Speaking of debuts that were massively over, I don't know if any of them compared to this one. Ryan and I worked together and she, like a number of other models who have shot for me, made their debuts shortly after turning 18. Where this debut differs from all of their debuts is the fact that Ryan's didn't happen on Soles of Silk first. Nope. It happened on Wu's Feet Links in the set titled, "Sexiest Catch."

The idea for this came to me when a couple of models who were my original choices for the feature backed out, or were unable to shoot. I sent Wu's a photo of Ryan and told him that she was set to make her debut, but I could hold off on her if he'd like to have her make that debut in a feature set. It would be the first "unknown" model, if you will, to be featured in one of his features, but Wu was 100 percent on board when he saw her sample shots we had just done. I sat on them for a month or so and Wu got to show her off first, with an additional set of Ryan being published to Soles of Silk a few days later.

This debut set Wu's on fire and people wanted to know more about Ryan. They wanted more photos and she quickly skyrocketed to one of the most popular, if not the most popular models I had at the time.

3. Identical Twin Debut
Model: Kellie & Kimmie
Published Date: March 30, 2005

In Soles of Silk's first year online I made a few massive splashes with new models. The one that came on March 30, 2005 was one of the most important for several factors.

The most obvious factor is that this set featured a pair of identical twins with almost identical size 5 feet. If there was ever an "ace up my sleeve" in the early days, having Kimmie and Kellie debuting on my site together was certainly that play. People's jaws hit the ground that day and for years I got regular requests to see more of both of their little feet. Hell, I still get asked to this day, even though they haven't shot for me since 2012-13.

In addition to being identical twins, these two went on to be some of the site's most photographed models with Kellie reaching 1,740 photos and Kimmie, 1,220. If they were still shooting today at the pace they used to upon their debut, I'd think Mindee would have some company in a few of those K Clubs past the 2,000 mark.

2. A Powerful Feature
Model: Mindee
Published Date: March 2010 (Wu's Feet Links Feature)

Mindee debuted on the site's launch on December 29, 2004. She's the only model who is still presently shooting with me on a regular basis. Back then, however, she only agreed to do so because I was her friend and she promised me she'd do it "if I really needed some more models," or something like that. Well, I told her I did and she kept her word. She's still keeping it today and she's about to enter the site's 7K Club (7,000 photos).

With all that said, if I had to really pick out a moment when Mindee went from just being one of my models, to someone who really began to enjoy it, to someone who couldn't get enough of being in front of my camera, I'd have to say it was her first Wu's Feet Links feature set, "Power Girl & Piggies" in 2010.

At the time I was trying to feature some of my most dedicated models in the features that Wu had asked of me. When I suggested Mindee, he gave his approval as one of my site's original models. He also said how much he had always enjoyed her photos and was looking forward to seeing what we came up with.

When the feature set was published, so many more eyes fell onto Mindee's heavenly size 8 feet. People knew her from Soles of Silk, but this set really made her one of the site's stars. I also feel like Mindee really began wanting to spend more and more time shooting from that point forward, and therefore, it makes this set a huge moment in Soles of Silk's history.

1. 2005 Wu's Feet Links Feature
Model: Carmen
Published Date: July 2005 (Wu's Feet Links Feature)

In the very first year of Soles of Silk's existence, Wu, of Wu's Feet Links came to me and asked me if I'd be willing to shoot a set for him to have as one of his feature sets. Just having him ask this of me was humbling as I knew how many people loved seeing those sets go up each and every month. That section of his site was easily one of the most popular, and whoever was featured for the month, became the talk of the forum. I knew this would be big, but I was still a new site at the time and had never shot a feature before.

After talking with Wu, he asked me for a few things to be included within the set. He wanted a model in blue jeans and with blue toes. That combination was a favorite of a Wu's Feet Links Forum user who had fallen ill. Wu wanted him to see the set and try to make him feel a little better, at least mentally. Wu's other request was for the set to feature Carmen.

Carmen was probably the best choice at the time for a feature from Soles of Silk because she was easily the site's most popular model in those early years. Even with some other massively popular additions that came throughout 2005, Carmen remained a favorite of many. She was also one of my best female friends and I was so happy for her to have the honor of being the very first one to represent Soles of Silk in a feature set.

In July 2005 Carmen's "Blue Jeans & Toes" feature was published to Wu's Feet Links and I had a flood of emails hitting my inbox. People were so complimentary of the set and they absolutely loved Carmen. Seeing all that positive feedback made her so happy, which in turn, made her only want to shoot more photos for everyone.

With the popularity of Carmen's feature set, Soles of Silk would go on to be featured annual from that point forward, with 2006 being the only exception. The site would have been featured that year too, but Wu only had November and December open and he really wanted me to be do the February 2007 football-themed feature that the twins did up above. I elected to do the football set knowing how much Wu wanted me to "tackle" that one, pun intended.

So, what do you think? Are these some of the sets that you would have pegged as the site's most important during it's 15 years online? Feel free to leave a comment on the blog, or leave a tweet on the Soles of Silk Twitter account (@SolesofSilk

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