Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Cereal Killers Month Kicks Off on Soles of Silk

Maya (above) will kick off Week 1 of  Cereal Killers Month on Soles of Silk.

First things first, let me say how sorry I am about the lack of blogs as of late. I have been hard pressed to write as much as I have in previous years between work and family. Both have left me exhausted the last few months. I have also had a few excursions planned that have kept me away from this keyboard. This month, however, warrants a blog showcasing what will be happening each and every week of October. Introducing Cereal Killers Month!

Some time ago, when planning my 15th anniversary remake sets, I came across Cierra's Trix Cereal set. That is one of my all-time favorite sets. I planned on making that part of my remakes, but then the the "cereal killers" wording popped into my head. My mind jumped to how everyone watches shows about serial killers on television. Hell, they have entire series dedicated to them. With that in mind, more and more idea began to take form.

I tossed around several ideas before I arrived at what would ultimately become the plan. That plan, feature a different model each week during the month of October, each of which, smashes a different cereal with her feet. I got started right away shooting a number of models to get things under started. 

Along the way, however, I screwed up and and shot one too many sets than there are weeks in October (five). My solution? Make each week a double update, featuring two sets. I got back to shooting and by time I finished, the following models had taken part: Charlee, Mindee, Melani, Maya, Mia Kay, Princess Nikki, Kaycee, Audrey w/ her sister Bria, and Jasey Rae

Below you can find a sample from each of these up coming sets, listed by the week in which you will find their updates.

Week 1 - October 2
Set 1: Maya - Fruity Pebbles
Things start off a little fruity with Maya and Abby this week. This was Maya's first and only food shoot. She had so much fun shooting this on her kitchen counter top. Those pebbles sure did cling to those curvy arches and long toes.

Set 2: Abby - Fruity Cheerios & Bananas
Abby, of course, was no stranger to food sets. She is the one who insisted on the banana though! Who was I to argue? Talk about a suggestive teaser shot!

Week 2 - October 9
Set 3: Kaycee - Strawberry Mini-Wheats
I knew I was going to get Kaycee involved in this! I picked out a version of a cereal that I love, but had never tried in the Strawberry Mini-Wheats. I love the classic version, but the strawberry ones are amazing. They're even better with Kaycee's bare feet involved.

Set 4: Mia Kay - Cookie Crisp
When I got to meet Mia Kay, I knew I had to get her involved in this series too. I stopped at a store on my way to the hotel suite where we were shooting and when I saw Cookie Crisp (one of my favorites), I knew she'd be having them between her toes that day.

Week 3 - October 16
Set 5: Charlee - Captain Crunch with Crunch Berries
Charlee loves shooting anything and everything. She had absolutely no qualms about putting her feet in some cereal. She, naturally, laughed at me when I plucked a few of those Crunch Berries out of her toes because I had an empty stomach. For those of you paying attention, I did screw up months ago by posting the clip from this set early. Oops!

Set 6: Jasey Rae - Pop Tarts Cereal
Jasey shot the 10th and final set I needed to complete this series. She was so excited when I explained to her what I needed and she couldn't agree to it quick enough. Her plump toes look so good in that bowl of cereal too.

Week 4 - October 23
Set 7: Mindee - Cinnamon Toast Crunch
Of course Mindee was going to be a part of this! Is there anything I don't include my most photographed model in when it comes to this site? Nope! And for good reason! Look at how adorable her size 8 feet look in a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch... or is that Cinnamon Toes Crunch?

Set 8: Princess Nikki - Lucky Charms
When Princess Nikki and I finally got together to shoot after talking about it for about a year, she was just in time to be included in this series. She, like all the other models, loved the idea and is super happy to be a part of it. We were talking just the other day and she can't wait to see this set. I know many of you are going to love it too.

Week 5 - October 30 (Chocolate Lovers Week)
Set 9: Melani - Cocoa Puffs
Melani loves herself some chocolate, as I have come to know. When I recommended Cocoa Puffs, she knew exactly what I was doing. I guess that's why she decided in the middle of her shoot to tell me I couldn't take anymore photos until I caught a puff in my mouth as she threw them at me. Needless to say, they were all over the floor. Once I caught one, she asked if I liked having chocolate balls in my mouth. Really, Melani? You're so bad!

Set 10: Audrey & Bria - Cocoa Pebbles & Cocoa Crispies
After months of talking with Audrey about shooting again, I found out that she is a "choco-holic" too. I pitched the idea of taking part in this Cereal Killers series and she loved it. A few weeks later she inquired about her sister shooting too. And guess what? She is a lover of all things chocolate as well! A sister cereal killer duo, who both love chocolate? Count me in! I figured a duo set would be the perfect way to end this series.

I hope all of you enjoy seeing your favorite models and favorite cereals all over Soles of Silk in the weeks to come. These sets were a ton of fun to shoot for the models and myself. I thought it was a creative idea, especially with Halloween at the end of the month. Let me know what you think and I hope to be spending some more time back on this blog in the weeks and months to come.

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