Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Monday's Shoot - Mindee, Kaycee, & Reagan (Monthly Mindee Challenge - June)

Mindee, Kaycee, & Reagan teamed up super early on Monday morning to shoot.

I am not a morning person. Nope. Not at all. There are only a few things I want to wake up early for and number one of them is heading out to an amusement park. Well, on Monday, I had plans to do just that. Furthermore, five different models of mine would be heading to the park with me, along with a bunch of other friends. Those models were: Mindee, Kelsey, Kaycee, Felicia, and Reagan. That's when my mind began thinking up a scheme. What if I could get all five of them together for a shoot?

At first I thought it would just be too much to plan a shoot on the same day as all of us going to an amusement park. The more and more I thought about it though, I started to come up with different plans. I started talking to all the girls about the idea and got some mixed results.

Firstly, I learned that Kelsey isn't sure if she's going to continue to shoot. She's a good friend and I respect her choice, but will always leave the door open. So with her out, the chance to have the biggest shoot on the site with five models was out the window. That still left me with four models, though.

Now, I've shot four models twice, with both sets coming very early in the site's existence. The first one was when Kellie, Kimmie, Carmen, and Cheri did their infamous Dodgeball themed set in June 2005. A little over a year later, Madison, Molly, Lauryn, and Bethany did the second four girl set with Christmas Stockings.

Still, making these plans a reality would be hard. I thought about stopping somewhere on the way to the park to do a quick shoot, but as the one organizing the trip, I had to make sure I was not running late. There was another solution, however. We were going to leave for the park at 9 a.m. I'd just have to wake my ass up early and try to shoot something prior. I just had to see if any of the models were up for it. 

Truth be told, I had already ran an idea of shooting an early set with just Kaycee and Reagan, without Mindee and Felicia, from the start. Both were game for that as well as trying to shoot the larger one some how, some way, later in the day. That's when I said, "Why not just ask Mindee and Felicia to shoot early too?" 

If I could get all four of them to agree to shoot early, we could get the pictures shot and then head out and give the rest of the day's attention to the amusement park. That was my plan and I was going to try to make it happen.

I asked Mindee first. She quickly agreed and told me to just let her know what time to arrive. Kaycee and Reagan were happy to have her join them on the early set. Sadly, however, Felicia couldn't shoot that early. With a long drive ahead, and having a late night before, her and her boyfriend needed that extra rest. I couldn't blame them for that and understood.

Once I got all that straightened out, I just told all four of them, we'll start the day off with a three model set at 8 a.m., before we get on the road, featuring Mindee, Kaycee, and Reagan. Later in the day, if we can find a way to make it happen, we will try to shoot another set with all four of them together too. Everyone said okay, and that was how we approached the day.

Ultimately though, I'll be honest, that second set never ended up happening. We were a little late getting to the park and by time lunch rolled around, we had barely gotten on any rides. We decided to just focus on our day at the park. We will try to make this four model set happen some other day. And hey, maybe I can find a fifth to jump in and restore that initial idea of five? Hell, maybe even make it six? I have a few candidates in mind to ask.

So, with all that backstory out of the way, I'm sure you want to know how the set went. Well, as you can see, all three of them wore some matching shirts, visors, and flip flops. We went with a positive theme with all three of them relaxing by the river. 

There isn't much to describe here as the girls began the set in flip flops and had them kicked off by the end. We shot this one pretty quick, and speaking of quick, I need to end this blog here soon. I'm falling asleep at the keyboard, but wanted to get this published after getting home.

It was nice seeing all three of these good friends of mine shooting together. I am so glad that they all agreed to shoot early in the morning. Even though the four and five model plans I began with didn't happen, I still can't be upset with seeing Mindee, Kaycee, and Reagan all barefoot to begin my day.

Oh yeah, and Mindee and I have now crossed off our sixth month in a row getting in a shoot. January - June have all been successful in our endeavor to shoot at least one set every month of 2019. The Monthly Mindee Challenge continues with some more June and July plans looming.

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