Monday, March 4, 2019

15 Year Celebration - Day 1 Sets

The first part of Lisa Tyler's cloudy toe socks debut set that premiered with the site's launch.

This blog entry is part of an ongoing series running throughout 2019 that will take a look at all things Soles of Silk in celebration of 15 years online.

Last month I took a look at the models who were a part of the site upon its December 29, 2014 launch (see blog: "15 Year Celebration - The Original Eight"). This month I want to focus on the sets that I picked to be online when the site went live. I had 29 sets to chose from, so why did I pick the ones that I did? Before I answer that though, here's a look at how many sets each of the Original Eight had shot over the course of 2004:
  • Amber - 3 sets
  • Cierra - 3 sets
  • Maria - 2 sets
  • Lauryn - 2 sets
  • Madison - 5 sets
  • Lisa Tyler - 5 sets
  • Mindee - 2 sets
  • Sue Lovely - 4 sets
  • Madison & Lauryn - 3 sets

While I was building Soles of Silk and getting things ready to go live, I had to figure out how many sets to start with. I talked with Phil of BHE (, the Soles of Silk hosting company, and he gave me several suggestions. He told me I didn't want to launch with too little, but not to go overboard either. I took that to heart and began plotting my course of action.

The first thing I wanted to do was make sure all eight models were represented. That was the easy part. Then, for the first advertised update, publish the site's first model duo, Madison and Lauryn. I thought that would be a great way to entice people for what is to come. So the question was then, which sets do I post of each model? All of them had at least two sets to pick from, so I got to work deciding which I'd ultimately pick.

The thought process that went into my choices is one I use each week when determining the site's next update. I take a bunch of things into consideration, but for the sake of keeping things simple for this blog however, let me just say that I always look to post a variety of themes. Bare feet are naturally the nuts and bolts of this site, but some sub-genres of the fetish are also popular with many and I like to incorporate them when I can. I took that into consideration for the site's launch just as I do today.

Bare Feet
There were three bare feet sets that were on Soles of Silk on December 29, 2004. Those sets were done by Amber, Cierra, and Maria. I could have went with some sub-genres for both Amber (food) and Cierra (flip flops or dirty feet), but I ultimately decided that I wanted a handful of regular barefoot sets going up to begin. Maria, however, only had barefoot photos to pick from, so she was barefoot by default.

Even though socks cover up what we all come to see, a lot of us still love them. Most of us love seeing them slowly pulled off the and I was lucky enough to have some good sock sets to pick from. Both Mindee's and Lisa Tyler's debuts were done with sock themed sets. I was also able to get a little bit of variety here too because Lisa's were toe socks and Mindee's were your typical ankle socks. Only one other model even shot a set in 2004 with socks, but she also happened to shoot a theme that no one else did, so I went with that for hers. That leads us to the next category.

Sue Lovely was the only model to do a set wearing sandals. Lucky for me, she did it in my favorite set of hers that we shot our one and only time together. I was glad to have that set published at launch and having that extra variety was quite nice.

Food Smashing
Rounding out the last two sets found on the site on Day One was Lauryn's waffles and Madison's strawberry cake sets. Both models had a blast doing them and I wanted them to be a part of the launch. Both models had other options, but I thought these would just show off the fun loving nature of the site from its start. It was a good call too because they were two of the most popular sets when things finally opened.

Ultimately I did have some other sub-genres that I could have picked from and almost did. Both Lisa Tyler and Madison had the most options since they shot the most of anyone leading up to launch. Between the two of them there were several stocking sets, a sneakers set, a dirty feet set, a wet feet set, and if you count one of Madison's team ups with Lauryn, a tickling set. And while on the topic of team ups, the teaser for the site's first update was a different sub-genre too.

As I said above, I could have went with stocking sets for Madison or Lisa, but with the plan in place to feature the first duo set on the January 5, 2005 update, I held off on doing stockings for either at launch. See, there is a method to my madness! And speaking of variety, notice each model has on a different color pair thigh highs? That was done purposely because I know some people are partial to different colors/styles.

So what do you think about the sets that helped launch Soles of Silk back at the end of 2004? Do you think I went with a nice variety? A lot of the thought processes that went into picking all these sets to be included at launch are still the ones I use today. Be on the lookout for a future blog talking about some of the other factors that go into what I look for on a week to week basis.

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