15 Year Celebration - The Original Eight

This blog entry is part of an ongoing series running throughout 2019 that will take a look at all things Soles of Silk in celebration of 15 years online.

December 29, 2004: 80 toes and 16 sets of soles graced Soles of Silk upon its launch. A total of eight models had agreed to shoot for me in the build up to getting this site off the ground. Who were they and how did I meet them? Let's take a look at the original eight. Soles of Silk's pioneers, if you will.

Shoe Size: 7.5
# of Sets: 2
Photo Count: 77
Model ID#: 001

When in the early planning stages of Soles of Silk, I wasn't sure how I was going to find my models. My initial plans were to ask some of the models who previously shot for The 10 Little Piggies (my former site a few years prior) and then ask some of my friends and coworkers. I also, however, began looking around the web. I knew it would be hard to introduce myself without having a site to show. I wasn't sure if any models would trust that someone "building" a site would be trustworthy. My ace in the hole, however, was that I still had samples from my previous work. I also was still remembered for what I had done by a lot of people, especially on Wu's Feet Links. I knew I could get a referral, if need be.

I don't remember exactly how I came in contact with Maria initially, but I do know that she had modeled for other foot fetish sites that were online at the time. When I told her that I was interested in launching a new site, she told me she'd be willing to meet up while she was traveling to Washington, D.C. 

I made my way down to her on a very rainy night and set up in her hotel room. We did two sets - one at a table and one on her bed. That was all. We never met again and we lost touch not too long afterward. I have no idea what she is up to today, or even how to reach her.

Shoe Size: 8.5
# of Sets: 28
Photo Count: 1,832
Model ID#: 002

Madison was Soles of Silk's most photographed model all the way up to 2011, when she was dethroned by Cierra. Madison was certainly the site MVP doing some of my favorite sets over those early years and could constantly be found in front of my camera, or with those narrow feet of hers in my hands. She loved having me rub her feet, as well as smell them fresh from shoes that she had been in all day. She knew I liked them warm and moist and she always smiled seeing me give her toes a sniff.

Madison is one of two models on this list who also appeared on The 10 Little Piggies, although she didn't have a lot of photos published on that site. Still, it made asking her to shoot for Soles of Silk a lot easier. At the time, we were very close friends too. All that made her agreeing to shoot an easy choice. She was eager to jump on board and went all out shooting as much as she could for about six years straight.

Sadly once 2009-10 rolled around, Madison moved out of state and completely changed her circle of friends. We never had a falling out and I thought that we were still close. I was taken back by the lack of communication when I tried to reach out to her, but I finally just backed off and let her do her thing. I could only imagine how many sets she'd have if she had never moved and things had stayed on pace. I sure do miss her!

Sue Lovely
Shoe Size: 7.5
# of Sets: 4
Photo Count:178
Model ID#: 003

I came into contact with Sue Lovely through an online modeling site called One Model Place. I used to have an account on the site and used it to contact area models who might be interested. It landed me a few models for the first couple years. When I came upon Sue Lovely's page in 2004, I was quite interested, especially with my soft spot for Asian women.

Luckily, Sue was up for shooting and had actually shot for Feet Dreams previously. She had some foot fetish experience, so that made things much easier during our planning phase.

I only got to meet Sue one time and we shot four sets. We planned on meeting up again, but things just never worked out. Eventually she informed me that she had stopped modeling altogether, but she'd let me know if she ever decided to step back in again. That hasn't happened, and I'm not thinking it will.

Shoe Size: 4
# of Sets: 38
Photo Count: 2,439
Model ID#: 004

Many of you have gotten to know Cierra's feet over the years. Although she hasn't shot for the last few, Cierra was a mainstay for a very long time. She snatched the title of "Most Photographed" away from Madison in 2011 and held onto it until early 2014 when Mindee passed her by a single photo.

Cierra really loved shooting. She was the first model to ever be inducted into the 2K Club (2,000 photos). She had a blast whenever we shot and she did some classic sets that I won't ever forget. Some of my all-time favorite sets have Cierra's feet in them. She was always willing to do whatever, go wherever, and own it each and every time.

Over the last couple of years I have reached out to Cierra about shooting some new sets. While she's never said no, she's never tried to make plans either. Many times I don't even get a reply. Maybe she will make her return again? She had a three year lull once before and came back for some amazing new sets. Let's hope that happens again. I miss her and those super sweaty feet of hers and 2019 would be the perfect year for a return.

Shoe Size: 8
# of Sets: 84 (and counting)
Photo Count: 6,102 (and counting)
Model ID#: 005

Of all the models featured in this blog, Mindee is the only model who is still currently shooting today. We just shot two weeks ago, as a matter of fact. For 15 years I have gotten to enjoy spending time with Mindee and her heavenly size 8 feet. I have called her my muse and many of you have claimed her as one of, if not your overall favorite on the site. It wouldn't be hard to see why. Mindee just loves shooting and will do so any chance she gets. She truly is one of my best friends and I adore to no end.

I am not going to go into too much detail on Mindee in this blog, even though she totally deserves it. Why, you ask? Well, I have an entire blog slated for April publication devoted entirely to my site's most photographed model. Most photographed by far too at 6,102 photos and counting. Mindee is the site's only model to join the 3K, 4K, 5K, and 6K Clubs. I don't think that title is in danger of going anywhere.

Shoe Size: 9
# of Sets: 3
Photo Count: 120
Model ID#: 006

Amber is the other model who also appeared on The 10 Little Piggies, that I mentioned above. She had quite a few more photos than Madison, at the time, and was always up for a shoot back then. When it came time to go forward with Soles of Silk, I hit up my size 9 wearing friend and asked if her big feet were still up for some love and attention. They were! I say love because Amber was always throwing her feet into my hands for a massage every chance she got. I couldn't tell you how many hours her feet spent in my hands back during the days of The 10 Little Piggies.

It was always fun shooting Amber for my prior site, but I was so glad to have her included here when I began Soles of Silk. We had a fun start too, getting in a set with a banana split. It was her idea and although it was much colder than she expected, she kept on going and made a great set out of it.

Amber and I would end up drifting apart over the years, but I did catch up to her a number of years ago. She was even ready for a comeback in 2015, after being away for 11 years. Our shoot had to be canceled, however, and was never rescheduled. Today I get no response from her if I try to reach out to see if she's still interested. I'll keep my fingers crossed!

Lisa Tyler
Shoe Size: 7
# of Sets: 8
Photo Count: 425
Model ID#: 007

Lisa Tyler agreeing to shoot for Soles of Silk before it was even online felt like a coup for me. She had been featured on Wu's Feet Links as a feature model in the set, "Lisa Tyler's Creamy Soles," and had also shot with Feet Fair. I thought she was a little out of my league, but when I reached out to her, we quickly became friends. She said she'd shoot for me and I was elated!

When the day came to shoot Lisa, I met her during her travels to Virginia. I was nervous and even told her so, telling her that I was a little intimidated by her amazing portfolio of work. She thanked me for my kind words, but assured me that there was no need to worry. She was so easy going and after only a few photos, we really hit our stride.

Some of the site's best photos done in the build up to launch day were done with Lisa. I couldn't wait to shoot her again and did get one other chance to do so when she traveled back through the region a couple of years later. Sadly, that was the last time we shot and we lost touch in the years since. I'll never forget her though. She was an amazing person to work with and I wish I had gotten the chance to do so more. It would have only made this site even better.

Shoe Size: 8.5
# of Sets: 10
Photo Count: 521
Model ID#: 008

I was friends with Lauryn for a few years leading up to Soles of Silk's launch. I wouldn't have said that we were close friends though. It was Madison, who was dating Lauryn's older brother at the time, who asked her to come on board. Am I ever so glad that she did!

Lauryn gave the site it's first long-toed model. Fans of long toes clamored for Lauryn and she was an instant hit. And it wasn't just her feet either. People loved her smile and her fun loving attitude. It poured through in each and every photo she did. Add in the sets she shot alongside Madison and some instant classics were born.

I was able to shoot Lauryn a few times early on, but she did step away at one point. We went a few years without any new photos and then she made an amazing comeback. People we so glad to see her again, but it was ultimately short-lived. 

I would welcome Lauryn back in a heartbeat, if she ever wanted to shoot again. I do see her from time to time, but she told me she thinks she'd done. She also promised to let me know, should she ever change her mind. I'd always leave the door open for that! Wish it could be this year, as getting one of the original eight to come back would be huge!

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