Sunday's Shoot - 3 Generations: Mindee, Shelby, & Dolly (New Model)

The date was Sunday, July 9, 2017. Mindee and I were meeting up for a shoot. Nothing out of the ordinary, right? Wrong! That was the day that I shot my first ever mother/daughter combo when Mindee's mom, Shelby, made her debut (see blog: "Sunday's Shoot - Mindee & Her Mom, Shelby").

Today's date is Sunday, December 16, 2018. Mindee and I were meeting up for a shoot. Nothing out of the ordinary, right? Wrong again! Today Mindee's mom joined in for the second time, but that's wasn't all! Nope! Not only did Mindee's mom come to shoot, but she brought along her mom, Mindee's grandmother, to get in on the fun as well. That's right, a grandmother, mother, daughter trio. Okay, technically two daughters and two mothers too, but you get the point.

This whole idea came about back in July. During a text conversation Mindee sent me a photo of her with her grandmom saying that she has a new model for me. I laughed and asked her if she was serious. Having known Mindee as long as I have, I kinda knew that she was. A few seconds later, her text reply confirmed it.

It ended up taking us five months to finally make this happen, but it was something Mindee had been looking forward to. I didn't really mention it until recently either, just in case Mrs. Dolly had second thoughts. In Mindee's 6K Interview however, published to the site earlier this month, we broke the news.

"I'm disappointed that it has not happened just yet, but my golly it will. A three generation set with myself, my mom, and grandmom is going to be memorable," Mindee said. "It's going to be epic. My grandmom is a hoot! I'm still shocked that she's so excited to partake."

Now back to today. I'm sure you all want to know how things went, so let's take a look at all five sets we were able to shoot.

Mindee's feet got squeaky clean, and a little pruned up in the first set of the day.

Set #1 - Soapy Soles
First up was Mindee. We thought it would be best for Mindee to go first. Just like Mindee did when her mom debuted last year, she went first so that her grandmother could see what it is we do. Naturally her set would be different, but she could see the things Mindee did with her feet and how I would go about shooting her.

This would also be the very first set shot in Mindee's new house, so we were eager to make things happen. We had shot at her old house countless times, so having a new background would be awesome. The spot we picked - the kitchen counter and sink.

Mindee filled the large sink with water and soap. She got a good collection of suds going before sticking getting her size 8's in to get all wet. When she did though, they looked so cute. We did so much with the soap and even got a few poses in with her feet inside a serving pitcher. You could see her feet smash up inside. I loved it.

By the end of the set, you could see Mindee's toes beginning to prune up. I always found that to be adorable and something I should try to make happen in some other sets down the road. I know a few people have mentioned liking that too.

Once we wrapped up this very clean set, it was time for Shelby to make a mess. And what a mess she made!

Shelby's feet a lot more messy once we added the milk to the mix.

Set #2 - Cookies & Milk
Moving over to the dining room table, Shelby took a seat on the table itself and surrounded herself with cookies and milk. Who doesn't like that? Add in her adorable feet and things really don't get much better.

We began this set on the tamer side, not adding the milk until later. This still allowed for cookie bits and cream to smear across her soft soles and get stuck between her toes though. The sample above is a good showcase of that.

Once that milk came out, however, it was game over. The plate full of cookies quickly turned into mush. Shelby's feet were a gooey mess. I told her that would be the case and we were laughing at just how bad it got.

When we wrapped things up, we had to do a quick clean up and then it was onto the next - onto the debuting, Mrs. Dolly.

Mrs. Dolly, Mindee's grandmom, making her Soles of Silk debut.

Set #3 - Watercolor Painting
Coming into today, I had no idea of what I was going to do for these sets. I had a long, stressful week without much sleep. I even told Mindee that I felt ill-prepared for today, but she came through as she always does. Mindee had went to the store and grabbed some things that she thought we might be able to use. One of those things was a watercolor paint set and sketchbook. Why not? It would give Mrs. Dolly something to do in her set and several props to interact with.

For the majority of this set, Mindee served as a coach. She helped us come up with some ideas for the poses and telling her grandmom some things that she could do in the set. I appreciated it as it's not always easy for a first timer. They aren't sure of what to do. Luckily Mrs. Dolly had watched Mindee's set and then had her there to assist with hers.

I encouraged Mrs. Dolly to have fun here. Paint her feet, paint messages on some of the pages in the sketchbook, and just go with the flow. That's exactly what she did, getting several different colors splashed and/or painted across her size 8 feet.

When we wrapped things up with her debut set, she wasn't done. Nope. It was now time for the trio set to happen. Three generations of feet all in one set. To the living room we went.

And the set that was the aim of today, a set featuring all three generations.

Set #4 - 3 Sets of Slippers
Of course there was no way I would end the day without shooting all three ladies in a set together. If I only shot one set on this day, it would have been this one. Mindee might have been a little upset had we only shot one, however, as she was looking to advance her set count for the end of the year. Naturally she wants to top the Star Models list for 2018. Her plan for the day? Shoot three sets. This was number two.

When Mindee went out and grabbed the watercolor set, she also grabbed a bunch of slippers - three sets, all a different color. Once again, I went with her pickup and we moved to the couch to get things underway.

We started this set on the couch itself. After a handful of shots, I quickly noticed that shooting up there would be kind of limiting in trying to see all three of them showing off their feet at the same time. That was when we moved down to the floor. That's where remained for the rest of the set too.

With all three ladies in a line, I began shooting a few shots with the slippers still on. Once I got in a few of those, Mindee flipped to her stomach and pulled off her grandmother's and mother's slippers. When that was done, those two pulled off Mindee's in the back.

Once everyone was barefoot, it was time for Mindee to move back into the line up and show off her soles. Just like you see in the photo sample above, I made sure to get a good number of shots of all six soles and all 30 toes grouped together. After all, the site is called "Soles" of Silk.

Having been at this for a few hours, Mindee was wanting to do one last set. I said we could shoot whatever we wanted. The ladies decided to make it a two girl and Mindee and her mom teamed up again. Mrs. Dolly told them to go have fun!

We wrapped up things with a mother/daughter combo, teaming Mindee & Shelby together again.

Set #5 - See Thru Socks
For this last set, I pulled out a pack of socks I had bought on Amazon earlier this year. It was a five pack of black and see through socks that I knew would make for a unique look. Mindee and Shelby each picked out a pair and we were off.

We shot this set on Mindee's bed. We had a good laugh as Mindee's mom used to joke with Mindee about shooting sets on the bed back before she ever modeled herself. Today I said, "Here's where the magic happens."

I really enjoyed this set as Mindee and her mom had a lot of fun tugging off each other's socks and doing some playful poses. Anyone who has seen the Bubble Wands and/or Kiddie Pool sets they did back in 2017 will totally understand. They were back at their usual shenanigans.

With the day already running a few hours and Mindee having to run out to work (plus all of us being hungry), we shot this set pretty quickly and wrapped things up in no time. 

All in all, today was a fun time. I didn't know what to expect since I was feeling down and out when I woke up. I wasn't sure if I'd do today justice, but I think things worked out quite nice. As always, I must thank Mindee for making this all happen. Whether these kinds of sets are your cup of tea or not, it is something I have done for fun since the start of this site back in 2004. To be able to say I shot a friend of mine along with her mom and grandmom, who all have cute feet, will be something I'll never forget. Thanks Shelby and Dolly for coming along to help make this all happen.

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