Facts About the Top 40 at 40K

A few days ago the Soles of Silk Instagram account (@SolesofSilk) broke the 40K follower mark. Meanwhile, I noticed something kind of neat. I don't know how I find weird stats, but I seem to have a knack for this sort of thing. During the week the site's Instagram reached 40K, the page had exactly 40 images that have had at least 1,000 likes. When I saw that, I thought to myself, "I could write a blog about it." Well, here I am.

Instead of going over each of the 40 photos, I'm going to do something a little bit different. I'm going to play the stats game some more. I'm going to take a little look at all the photos in the top 40 and break them down into some categories below. I thought this would be a more interesting, and a less drawn out way, to celebrate the site's 40 most liked Instagram photos.

Number of Models Appearing in Top 40
A total of 14 models appeared in the 40 most liked photos on the Soles of Silk Instagram when it reached the 40K mark. Those models include: Melani, Maya, Mindee, Rilynn, Noelle, Leah, Alice, Shelby, Riley, Alexa, Kaycee, Emerald, Mia Kay, and Audrey.

Mindee & Melani tied for having the most sets appearing in the Top 40.

Most Top 40 Appearances
There are a lot of ties here, but I have compiled a list showing how many times each of the 14 models above appear inside the top 40. I gave a credit to each model appearing in any multi-model sets, if you're wondering why this count adds up to more than 40. The standings are as follows:

  • 13 Pictures - (tie) Mindee and Melani
  • 4 Pictures - (tie) Shelby and Leah
  • 2 Pictures - (tie) Maya, Alice, Riley, Alexa, and Audrey
  • 1 Picture - (tie) Rilynn, Noelle, Kaycee, Emerald, and Mia Kay

Soles of Silk's Instagram's most liked photo belongs to Melani, with 1,942 likes.

Most Liked Photo
The page's most liked photo belongs to Melani (seen above), with 1,942 likes. It's easy to see why everyone loved this simple shot. Melani is so beautiful. She was 18 in this photo, barely legal by only a few weeks. Her little feet are glistening after a fresh rub of lotion was applied. Sometimes simple is best, isn't it?

No photo has yet to reach 2,000 likes at this time, but Melani's photo is closest to that mark. I'd love to see everyone continue to like it and see that number rise.

The second most liked photo belongs to Maya, with 1,531 likes. The third, if you're wondering, also belongs to Melani with 1,519 likes. Those three photos are the only photos currently over the 1,500 mark. There are also a good number of photos in the 1,400 and 1,300 ranges, but I didn't want to list each and every one of them.

Melani has the most total likes when all of her sets within the top 40 are combined.

Most Likes Overall
Counting only the photos appearing in the 40 most liked photos, I thought it would be neat to add up the total number of likes each of the models has overall. Here is how they rank:

  • 16,192 likes - Melani
  • 15,392 likes - Mindee
  • 4,735 likes - Leah
  • 4,523 likes - Shelby
  • 2,880 likes - Maya
  • 2,470 likes - Alice
  • 2,466 likes - Riley
  • 2,421 likes - Alexa
  • 2,084 likes - Audrey
  • 1,404 likes - (tie) Rilynn and Noelle
  • 1,092 likes - Kaycee
  • 1,089 likes - Emerald
  • 1,055 likes - Mia Kay

Naturally, if you were to add up all the likes in the 1,732 total posts on Instagram, those numbers would surely change. I wasn't about to take on a monumental task such as that, sticking to just the top 40 to fit this blog's theme.

With two more likes, this photo of Mindee will also have 1,000 likes.

On the Horizon - +900
Within the next day or two here, a few more photos will be joining the 1,000 likes club, if you will. Mindee and Melani also dominate this category and they both have photos less than five likes away from reaching 1,000. Rilynn, Noelle, Audrey, and Maya also make an appearance, with Reese being the only model found here that's not featured above. Here's what's on the horizon:

  • 11 Pictures - Mindee
  • 7 Pictures - Melani
  • 1 Picture - (tie) Reese, Rilynn, Noelle, Audrey, and Maya

Once again, I'd like to thank everyone for all the love on Instagram. It isn't always perfect (especially in the DM's), but it's been great communicating with everyone and seeing the love you give for all my models. I encourage you to go back through the page and like all of your favorite photos. There are some amazing shots from years past that rank as some of my all-time favorites. Since they're from a time long before I had 40,000 followers, they haven't gotten the love some of these more recent photos have. I'd love to see some of those pop up into the mix too.

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