Thursday, July 5, 2018

Heat Waves, Video Cards, Blisters, & Car Accidents... Oh My!

I have had my vacation from Sunday, July 1 - Monday, July 9, scheduled for months now. In the lead up to this vacation, I was trying my hardest to make some plans to go to another amusement park, or two. That's when Mindee came to my rescue, saying that some of her plans fell through. She wanted to see if I was interested in tagging along with her and her family, and maybe doing going to an amusement park. I was happy and even posted a little shot of Mindee in front of a roller coaster from a past shoot on the site's Instagram (@SolesofSilk). Sadly, however, these plans had to be canceled on her side and I was left with absolutely nothing on my plate.

So there I was, a blank calendar and a vacation I didn't want to burn. I decided to go ahead and see how many shoots I could set up, focusing heavily on models who haven't shoot in some time. Here was how my week was looking for photos, before a landslide of interference came into play:

  • Sunday, July 1: Audrey
  • Monday, July 2: Ashlyn (afternoon) & Kayleigh (evening)
  • Tuesday, July 3: Leah
  • Thursday, July 5: Abby
  • Friday, July 6: Mindee
  • Saturday, July 7: Mileena
  • Sunday, July 8: Alice (afternoon) & Colleen (evening) *or together
  • Monday, July 9: Audrey (afternoon) & Kaycee (evening)

Those were my confirmed shoots. I had also talked with Jasey Rae about possibly squeezing in a set or two, if she was free, but we didn't make any concrete plans. So what happened and why did this awesome line up not come to be, at least for the most part, anyhow? Let's look at each one of those shoots because there's so much going on here.

Sunday, July 1: Audrey
Audrey and I had been talking about a few set themes for weeks now. We were finally going to get some of them in, but the heat this week has been unreal. It hit about 100, with the weather apps saying "feels like 110" and we both decided, it was probably too hot to try anything. Even though I love her sweaty feet, we decided to just focus on our second shoot we planned to conclude my vacation.

Monday, July 2: Ashlyn
The day before, after Audrey and I decided to postpone, Ashlyn exchanged some texts and did as well. I was so excited to be finally shooting her again too. It's been four years since our last shoot. She's assured me that we'll find some time on another Monday too shoot soon. I sure hope so!

Monday, July 2: Kayleigh
Talk about another model that I haven't shot in a while, Kayleigh's last set also came in 2014. The day before our shoot (Sunday), she informed me that she had a huge blister on her foot. Not too long after that conversation, my computer became unresponsive, beeping six times on start up. I was so mad! I told Kayleigh that it would be best just to wait with the blister and because I didn't know how much my computer was going to cost me. I sent out similar texts to everyone scheduled for the rest of the week. Luckily for me, it ended up being just a video card. Still, I could tell Kayleigh was bummed about not shooting and I feel really bad. It's been too long and Kayleigh was such a massive part of Soles of Silk for so long. We have to get her back into the swing of things again.

Tuesday, July 3: Leah
Leah was really looking forward to her shoot. She understood, when I sent her the message Sunday night about my computer, that I would have to cancel. Once I got it fixed on Monday, however, I sent her a text telling her we could still shoot, unless she made other plans. She was happy that my computer was up and running, but since they were calling for another overly hot day again on Tuesday, she decided to postpone. She didn't want to be miserable, even though she was really looking forward to shooting and getting some pampering on her little feet.

Thursday, July 5: Abby
Well, here's the first good news of the blog. Abby and I are still shooting tomorrow. It might only be a set or two because she doesn't know how long she'll be able to shoot. There is a reason why she might have to keep things short, but that's something I'm going to let her share in an interview later. Still, it's been three years since her last shoot, so I'll take whatever she's able to give me.

Friday, July 6: Mindee
After I had sent out all my cancellation texts, I began hitting people up to tell them we could try to get something in. I heard back from Abby and Mileena, who is scheduled for Saturday, but no one else replied as of yet. Looking to get in at least a couple more sets, I asked Mindee if Friday was available. She said yes, but as of right now, they're calling for a 100 percent chance of rain and thunderstorms all day. Could always try a muddy feet one in the rain. Work with what we got.

Saturday, July 7: Mileena
It's been six years... Six years since Mileena last shot for Soles of Silk. Just like those above, I sent her the text about my computer and she told me to do what I had to do. Luckily for me, I was able to hit her up the next day to tell her I managed to fix my computer and was still on, if she kept the day open. She said she did and was really happy we were still going to shoot. 

We're planning a long day and trying to do as many sets as we can. She's thinking this might be the last time she shoots for me and wants to go out with a bang. I want to try to get her into the 1K Club (1,000 photos), but told her if she's game to keep shooting, at least for the rest of 2018, I'd like to shoot her a few more times to ensure entry into the 2K Club sometime in the future. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Sunday, July 8: Alice
Alice and I have changed our plans several times now, all because of me. At first we were going to rent a hotel suite and shoot all day. Then I asked her if we could hold off on that one and shoot a handful of sets instead. I was building up quite a bit of shoots for the week and wanted to spread things around a little. She was all for it, especially since I told her we would still do those planned hotel suite sets down the road. 

A few days later, I asked Alice if she'd be up for me possibly bringing Colleen along, who was also open on Sunday. She said sure. Then came the computer trouble, so I canceled the shoot outright, to which she understood. I left her a message to see if she filled the day with other plans yet, but haven't heard back from her. If she hasn't, I'm going to try to shoot something with her, if possible.

Sunday, July 8: Colleen
It was 2013 the last time Colleen showed off her slender size 8.5 feet for the site. When she told me she was free on Sunday only, that's when I asked Alice if she'd be up for either cutting her time back or maybe even shooting together. Alice was game, as always, and Colleen seemed up for it too. Again, my computer issue had me send out the text to everyone, so Colleen told me not to worry about it. I've sent her a message to see if she's still open, but have gotten no reply as of yet.

Monday, July 9: Audrey
As it sits right now, I'm not sure if Audrey will shoot or not on this date. I'm going to hit her up when I get up tomorrow and see what she says. The temperature should be a lot lower than it was on Monday, but that's not the problem. Audrey was just in a car accident that same day I got my computer fixed. I don't know if she'll be feeling up to shooting or not. I wouldn't be upset, obviously, if that turned out to be the case. I hope she feels better. Shooting with her was fun and I'd like to do it regularly.

Monday, July 9: Kaycee
Kaycee and I made some tentative plans for when she gets back from her vacation. She just got a new car and wants to do a set with it. I got her to agree to do a car wash set, so we were going to play it by ear about whether she was able to get back in time and settled. I did send her the text about my computer as well, but have since told her that I'm good to go again. I haven't heard back from her yet.

So yeah, that's been my hectic week, with all kinds of wrenches thrown into my plans. At least some things look to be working out here. Wish me luck!

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