Monday's Shoot - Ava & Carmella (New Model)

For those of you who follow along with this blog, and the site's Instagram (@SolesofSilk) or Twitter (@SolesofSilk), you know that I shot a friend of mine named Ava last week (see blog: "Monday's Shoot - Ava"). At the conclusion of that blog I stated that the next time Ava and I shot, we might be including a mutual friend of ours. Well, today we shot again and that friend came and shot as well. Her name is Carmella and she has size 5 feet. You'll be seeing her and those itty bitty feet in just a moment. First, a little bit of backstory.

Both Ava and Carmella worked with me up until last year. Carmella got herself a new job and Ava has been off attending college, before coming back recently. Before that happened, however, both of these ladies turned 18 and I offered both of them a spot on the site's model roster. Carmella showed initial interest, but wasn't 100 percent sure. I told her that I'd rather not shoot her until she was. A short time later, Ava took me up on the offer, but we ran out of time to shoot before she left for school.

Now that Ava is back, we were finally able to shoot her first sets last week. With Ava and Carmella being such good friends, I think Ava's experiences made Carmella decide to go ahead and shoot as well. So hey, I got both these ladies at 19 instead of 18. Oh well! Good things come to those who wait, though! Now I have two more friends of mine on the site, and by the looks of it, they both liked shooting and will continue to do so. I'm sure they'll both desire a day that isn't so hot next time, though.

My initial plan was to shoot these two at noon, but the night before they asked if we could bump things up time to either 11 a.m. or 10 a.m. Having to close at work the night before, and always one to stay up late, I gave the girls a bit of crap, but told them I would make that happen. I did run a few minutes late, but hey, it turned out to be better as the temperature kept rising by the hour today. Guess we should have started at 9 a.m. and we wouldn't have been so sweaty! Although... you fans of sneakers and no socks are going to love knowing the final set today, the one that was done when it was at its hottest, had that theme. So maybe it was better off having that one done at that time frame, huh? More on that in a bit.

Ava listening to some music while us foot guys stare at her size 9 soles.

First up today was Ava. With this being Carmella's first shoot, I wanted her to see how I shoot my sets by watching Ava. Ava was my "veteran" today with a whopping two sets to her name. Yeah, she's a newbie too, but it didn't take Ava long to catch on last week. She asks questions, gives suggestions, and really has fun shooting. I can't emphasize that enough. She's texted me a few times to tell me as much since last week. I'm always glad to have my models enjoy this as I love spending the day with friends, doing something that I love, and just having a good time.

For Ava's set I didn't have her go with any footwear. This was a basic barefoot set, but one where we did a little bit of a theme. Ava brought along her headphones and a Bluetooth speaker. In this set, she was going to be listening to some tunes and putting on a little foot show. She put in the earbuds and stuck her feet out while I did my thing. This set was so basic, but tell me that all you foot guys out there wouldn't be sitting there watching a barefoot woman, like Ava, with her feet out, just like the photo above, if you came across her out in public.

The set went off without a hitch, although someone walking a dog did come by during the filming of the clip. It's become a running gag at this point that whenever it comes time to film a clip, I'm going to experience some kind of disturbance. Whether it's someone coming by, or some loud, oftentimes random noises, it's going to happen when I switch the camera into video mode. Oh well. I'm sure he saw me following Ava's big feet with my camera. Hopefully he was a foot guy too and enjoyed the view. I know I did and many of you would have as well.

Carmella with one of her thigh high socks off her leg and foot, with one left to go.

With it being so hot, I decided to just shoot Carmella in the same exact spot as Ava. The two switched places and now it was Carmella's time to show off her feet for the very first time - a much smaller pair of size 5's, however. And believe me, they're look every bit as small as they look. They were so tiny only inches away from my camera. She is proud, however, that they're "as soft as a baby's ass," her words, not mine. She made that claim last night in a group text and I can vouch that they indeed are. Both girls' feet are very soft, to be honest.

Carmella began her set in her thigh high socks, which ultimately got pulled off throughout the set. She was worried that she was going to be really hot in those black socks. I assured her they wouldn't stay on long, but also knew that having her feet get nice and warm inside them wouldn't be a bad thing either.

When Carmella's little soles popped into view for the first time, I knew the next set, when both girls had their feet paired up, was going to offer a major size difference. A lot of you ask for that and I've been able to get a few team ups in the past with models having feet that were vastly different in size. Today was another major score for that request.

Carmella's video faired a little bit better. No one came by, but naturally we did get a car alarm going off across the river. I'm telling you... every time!

With all three of us hot, and both girls needing to change before the next set, we decided to take a few minute break in my car before shooting the final set of the day. The plans for the final set were to be a two girl set that would have both of them in sneakers and no socks. This was almost a theme Ava and I did last week, but diverted from for other themes. I'm glad that was the case as having two sets of feet coming out of sneakers only made it better.

After our break was over, and a short walk to a pier, we began shooting. I had already went over what I was looking for with this set in the car. I didn't want to be out in the heat any longer than we had to be. We were all hot and I was asking for a sunburn, since I didn't put on any sunscreen, so we jumped right into the set.

Ava grabbed Carmella's little foot for a fun photo and I just love how it came out.

Naturally the girls began the set in their sneakers. They had been wearing them since we got back to the car. With the temperature and the walk to the pier, naturally their feet got nice and hot inside their shoes. I know they were looking forward to getting them off. To have a little bit of fun, however, I had them each pop each other's feet out of their shoes. They didn't remove them fully, though. I just had them pop their heels out and then kick off their own shoes in the photos following. I thought a little bit of interaction would be nice. It was Ava's idea for the fun photo above, which turned out quite nice! I wish I had shot a few more like it, seeing it now. Maybe next time?

This set went by very fast and we shot the clip immediately following. I let the girls splash some water on their hot feet to cool them off. And now that I think about it, I don't think we had any disturbances during the clip. I'm surprised someone's boat wasn't sinking in the background, or a flock of angry geese didn't come by squawking and shitting all over the place. I get lucky every so often, I guess!

Today turned out to be another good day of photos that I was able to squeeze in with some friends. I haven't shot a ton of sets this year, since I'm sitting on so many with all I did in 2017. Still, I'm trying to get in a few new models, some unique sets with regulars, and have even been talking with several models who haven't shot in years for some upcoming shoots. So be on the lookout for new shoot blogs to come. Welcome Carmella to Soles of Silk and be sure to check out Ava's solo debut on the Wednesday, June 20, 2018 update. Carmella will follow her up on June 27.

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