Sunday, May 13, 2018

Happy Mother's Day to My Models

Mindee & Shelby are the only mother/daughter combo I've had the pleasure to shoot.

Having run Soles of Silk for 14 years and counting, I have shot my fair share of moms. I've also shot women who weren't moms who have since become one. To all you ladies I say, Happy Mother's Day!

Whether it was trying to fit in a quick shoot while juggling their kid's sports practice, or cleaning up their mess of a house while I was on the way over to do a shoot, I say thank you! Even on those days you called me because your little one was sick and you needed to postpone, I appreciate you trying to give me some of your time. I adore you for all that you have done, or tried to do for me when you had just a little bit of time on your hands. I know life is busy and you all do so much. Even though that is true, you all still find the time to keep your soles soft and toes freshly pedicured. You make the time to be in front of my camera and take part in numerous interviews. Some of you have even hooked me up with fellow mom friends of yours who have went on to make their Soles of Silk debuts as well. To all of you, I again say thank you!

I hope you all have a great Mother's Day. You deserve a day to be cherished, without a doubt. Just know that so many of us cherish you every day for all you do here on Soles of Silk. And of course, I owe you all a Mother's Day foot rub the next time you shoot. 

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