Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Suite Teen Feet, Part 2 - Melani

The blog series entry is a continuation from, "Suite Teen Feet, Part 1 - Melani & Mindee."

With Mindee now on her way home, Melani changed into her next outfit - some super sexy school girl attire. To complete the outfit, she pulled on some white knee high socks. Damn, she looked good! From head to toe, she was hard to take my eyes off of. And that little booty that was peeking out from under that short skirt... I'll shut up!

Chapter 2: School Girl Size Tease

So a few weeks ago Melani tells me she sometimes gets accused of being a bitch. Well, I kind of find bitchy/bratty girls to be hot, so I shared that with her. I began showing her some past sets I've done with bitchy themes that involved things like size teasing and rude gestures. That's when it struck me. What if Melani did one in a school girl outfit? It's been ages since I've done that theme and she's still 18. She could totally pull this off! Boy, did she ever!

With Melani on the bed in front of me we got this set underway. I gave her a bunch of props to tell the boys what she thinks of them. As you can see from the photo above, some of us don't measure up. Odd coming from a girl with such small feet, but apparently size matters! She told me as much tonight too. More than once!

In addition to the magnifying glass, Melani came at me with a ruler, a notebook with countless insults adorned on its covers, mini-gag condoms, a flask, and even two blue squishy balls. And yes, she squished them good! Due to that, I shared what ballbusting was with her, which she couldn't believe was a thing.

"Oh, it is!" I assured her.

I've done several size teasing sets in the past and this one ranks up there with the best of them easily. I guess Melani really can be a bitch as she really came across as one in this set. I loved it too!

Chapter 3: 18 Year Old Celebrates 2018

After a quick journey to the mall to find an outfit for this set, we were back in the hotel and Melani was looking hot once again. It was back to rainbows for this one as I thought that these fishnet thigh highs I bought a while ago might work out nicely in a New Year's themed set. With the holiday right around the corner, why not bring in 2018 with an 18 year old? She's only got a few months before she turns 19, so why not take advantage of it?

Back to the bed we went and Melani went to town showing off her stocking clad feet. Eventually I gave her the go ahead to start tugging them off. Once her feet were free, those stockings started getting used as props. She stretched them every which way she could. I think they might have gotten more attention than the kazoos laying right beside her.

Chapter 4: Nude Modeling... Nude Pantyhose, That Is

Speaking of stockings, since I had Melani indoors I thought I'd get in a set theme that I've been itching to do with her - nude pantyhose. We talked about doing it back in July (see blog: "Friday's Shoot - Melani"), but it was so damn hot. Since then, however, I've always wondered how cute her feet would look in some sheer pantyhose. Well, I don't have to wonder anymore.

For fun I decided to bring the huge comic strip heels Rilynn wore in a set last year and have them make another appearance (see blog: "Monday's Shoot - Rilynn"). Rilynn also wore nude pantyhose in that set, so there's a neat little extra tie in too. Needless to say, Melani fell in love with these heels from the minute she saw them. Even though she's a size 6, and the heels are a size 7, she slipped those little feet right in and made it work!

As I do with most of my pantyhose sets, Melani's stockings never came off in this set. I know there are a lot of pantyhose fans out there, so I'm sure you're going to love seeing Melani's adorable little feet encased in her hose for the duration of this one.

At the end of this set, I was supposed to give Melani a foot rub while still in those pantyhose. Next thing I knew, however, I looked over and sshe had taken them off. Oh well, those bare feet were just as good. And for her, it was about damn time! I kept reaching out and giving her little rubs for only a few seconds during this shoot. It was driving her nuts.

"What the hell?" Melani kept asking.

"I'm teasing you," I replied. "How do you like it?"

"I don't! You're the one supposed to be teased, not me!" she insisted.

She had a point. So yeah, I owed Melani a nice long foot rub, complete with lotion. She laid on her stomach and looked at some of her photos. I sat behind her and rubbed those little feet like they deserved.

Eventually, however, it was time to move into the kitchen. We were running later than we had planned.

"Okay, time to go shoot some more," I told Melani.

"Yes sir," she replied.

"Should I thank you for the foot rub?" I teased.

"Yup!" she quickly replied.

I laughed and did just that. It became a running gag for the rest of the night. I think a small portion of that bratty Melani persona from the school girl set carried over and I liked it. Sure seemed like she knew it too.

Chapter 5: Cereal Killers - Cocoa Puffs

This set is not Melani's first venture into getting her feet messy with food. Having done a pudding set with Mindee (see blog: "Sunday's Shoot, Part 2 - Melani & Mindee"), she found out quickly how much she loved the feeling of things squishing between her toes that day. She's been wanting to do it again ever since. She got in a little bit of that with her watermelon set on the beach, but she wanted something more messy (see blog: "Monday's Shoot - Melani").

Watching Melani play with the cereal was fun. She even made me open my mouth so she could try to throw it into my mouth. I won't repeat what she said doing so, but yeah, it was naughty! 

This set only got better when the milk came into play. The cereal began getting mushy and so did I. I went for broke and stuck my lips to one of her big toes. She smiled. A little more brave, I stuck my tongue between those piggies. She began laughing, but sure didn't stop me. Actually, she insisted on taking my phone and taking photos of the ordeal. I think she shot as many photos of me licking milk and cereal from her feet as I did of her squishing it.

"Thank you!" I said playfully again.

She laughed. But the making a true mess had yet to happen. Melani's feet were about to become super sloppy with some cheesecake. I did, however, learn that I was the first person to suck on her toes and lick her feet. Yay me!

Chapter 6: (Toe)Cheesecake

For the final set on the night, Melani pressed her feet into some cheesecake that we had picked up at the store earlier. This is what she meant when she said how much she loves squishing stuff between her toes. This mushed up pretty quickly.

From time to time, I had to lend a hand... I mean, tongue, to the effort. I, of course, said thank you every time too. Melani just smirked with approval.

Once the chocolate came into play, this mess just got to be over the top. Melani didn't hesitate to put her hands into it either. She was a freaking mess. The table was a mess. And because she was throwing it at her feet, the floor down below was a mess. Some of it even splattered onto me since I was down before her at the end of the table. She got a major kick out of that.

After we finished up this set, we were done for the night. It was after midnight and Melani had to get home. We both had to work the next day, but I had to clean up the room and get all the props and unused outfits packed up. Melani got her stuff together and left. I took some time and uploaded all the final images to the Soles of Silk Instagram (@SolesofSilk) before getting everything back to my car.

I didn't end up getting home until 2 a.m., but I couldn't pass up the chance to share this amazing day of photos with all of you. Now though... It's time for me to get to bed. Thanks again, Melani! And thanks for stopping by for a set Mindee. You ladies were amazing.

I'm so happy to have squeezed in these end of the year sets with Melani, and in doing so, getting in another set of her and Mindee together. Those two were some MVP's in 2017, shooting more sets in a year than any other models had in any year prior. Be sure to check out the upcoming "2017's Star Models" blog to read more info about these two awesome ladies and those accomplishments.

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