Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Suite Teen Feet, Part 1 - Melani & Mindee

Earlier this year I ran a six-part blog series called, "The Suite Feet Saga." It saw Mindee and I shoot 13 photo sets in a single day and then follow it up with three more the next day, one of which also featured Alice. And just last week, a follow up to that series named "More Suite Feet," saw Mindee back, this time also doing some sets with Rein. Well, now it's Melani's turn to model her "suite" teen feet. And guess what? Mindee even stopped by to help kick things off.

I'm sitting here starting this blog at 3:35 a.m. I didn't think I would get to this blog until I after I got home from work on Tuesday evening, but today was too awesome not to share ASAP. I'm sure many of you are fast asleep, as I should be. So this should make for a nice little surprise for you when you wake up, if you haven't been following along on the Soles of Silk Instagram account (@SolesofSilk).

A little over a week ago Melani contacted me to see if I was able to squeeze in any shoots before the end of 2017. Having shot 15 sets in 2017, she had already shot more sets than any new model in any year the site's been online, so she's got quite a collection waiting to be published. But hey, why not go for 20? We made the plans for Monday and I rented us a hotel suite because it's damn cold around here right now!

This entire day was supposed to be just Melani. We were going to make the most of the evening after we checked in at 3 p.m., but I reached out to Mindee on Sunday and told her about our plans. I teased that she could always swing by and sit in on a set or two. Mindee and Melani had shot together back in June and I really wanted to see them together again (see blog: "Sunday's Shoot, Part 2 - Melani & Mindee"). I knew asking her last minute kind of sucked, but knowing Mindee as well as I do, if she had a couple of free hours to spare, she was going to be there. And guess what? She was!

Chapter 1: Teen Feet Tickle

I arrived at the hotel before the ladies and got things set up. I'm used to having Mindee around to assist with putting up my studio lights, but I knew she was up against the clock to shoot today, so it was all on me. Yeah, it's strange. Mindee loves putting up and taking down my lights. She's awesome like that!

Melani arrived shortly thereafter. The two got dressed in their matching outfits and we were underway. I couldn't wait to shoot today already and I was starting off with two of my favorites. Seeing them in those unique socks I happened upon the night before at the mall made me all the more eager. These two looked adorable!

The socks wouldn't be the only props Melani and Mindee would have to use in this set. A bunch of multi-colored feathers were tossed onto the bed before we began. There was going to be some tickling in this one! It's been a while since I have shot a tickling set, so I'm sure those of you into it will love that aspect. Not sure how much the ladies enjoyed it in their clips, however. They were laughing quite a bit and struggling to stay upright at times. I liked it though, so I think you will too.

Once the set and three clips were in the books, it was already time for Mindee to depart. It was so awesome to have her come by and shoot with Melani. The two get along great and love shooting with one another. Before Mindee left though, we struck up a little conversation about trying to involve Alice in the mix one day in a three girl set.

"We'll have little, medium, and big," Mindee said, referring to the sizes of their feet.

I quite like the idea! If I can make that happen, I know it's going to be a memorable set - not only for you, but for me. Getting to be the photographer for a Mindee, Melani, and Alice set will probably be the definition of teasing - without a doubt! Mindee loves shooting with both of them and Melani and Alice have expressed wanting to shoot together. Bucket list item for 2018!

And with that, Mindee was on her way and it was time for Melani and I to start shooting some of the solo sets we had planned. We didn't miss a beat either as the first solo set was a scorcher!

This blog series can be continued in, "Suite Teen Feet, Part 2 - Melani."

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