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Friday's Shoot - Melani

This week is a vacation week for me. It couldn't have come at a better time either. I needed some time off to relax and do some day trips with friends. I didn't really plan many shoots until a day or two before my vacation started though. Melani texted me and asked if I had any open days coming up. I told her that I did and told her July 6, 7, 8, and 10 were all open. We had already talked about shooting on the 10th, but had yet to confirm it. Her response to that list of dates was that she was open all those dates and we should shoot.

"Are you asking me to shoot on all those days, or just on one of them?" I playfully asked, thinking she had meant the latter.

"I'll shoot all of them," she replied. "If you want."

Well now, that gave me something to do other than the day trips I had already planned down to Virginia Beach and to Knoebels. Plus, Melani had missed out on some shoots earlier this year, so I was very much looking forward to running up her photo count with lots of new sets here.

As many of you probably noticed, there was no blog about shooting on Thursday, July 6, however. Thursday had to be cancelled because of bad weather. If things cleared up, I told Melani would could try to shoot something, but if not, we'll just shoot the other days. The weather didn't end up clearing up until late, so we just decided to wait for Friday.

Friday's shoot took us down to Washington, D.C. for the day. We got downtown around 1 p.m. to shoot over by the Nationals Stadium. I've shot in this area a couple of times, but there are so many spots I haven't yet used. I knew getting out of town would also be a welcome bonus since I am technically on vacation. Since neither Melani or I had plans after the shoot, we stopped and bought some tickets to the game before we began. Why not? It was something to do once the sun went down and we both enjoy each other's company.

After parking we made our way into a garden area full of trees, bushes, and lots of benches. The location looks out over the river and there were only a few people lounging around. It looked like a great spot to shoot today's first set, which had Melani in a pair of white fence net stockings. I showed her these stockings some time ago and she's been wanting to use them ever since. I made sure none of my other models claimed them and saved them for her. And man, did she ever look good in them!

Melani had been wanting to shoot with these fence nets for a long time.

Melani waited to pull the stockings on until we picked out our spot to shoot. I liked this large circular bench that had a raised stone area next to it. I thought it would make for some good angles with her soles raised up. Of course, we'd have to be cautious of her goods being visible down below in such a short dress. I mean, I got a few black panties views, but I don't think anyone passing by noticed. No, her panties didn't match the outfit! Sorry Melani, I had to spill the beans.

Pulling these stockings off was much easier than putting them on, that was for sure. Melani gave them a few simple tugs and they were moving down her legs, over her heels, up her tiny soles, and then right off the tips of her adorable toes. She made sure to pinch them with her toes for a nice stocking stretch shot or two, like the one above.

The conclusion of this set was all barefoot shots before I had her put the stockings back on for a video clip. When we began the video, I missed someone walking up on us and immediately stopped the clip only a few seconds in. It startled me a little bit, so that I why I stopped. You'll read down below that in the next two sets, we gave no fucks when people walked by us doing the shoots and/or clips.

With Melani's first set in the books we decided to stop at a nearby restaurant to use the bathroom and get some water. It was a hot one out there and I had to keep my little starlet well hydrated and comfortable - more on that later as well.

After a break and a change of clothes, Melani and I made our way down by a water fountain/pool I considered using. It's one I've wanted to use each and every visit to this area, since you're allowed to swim in the fountain. Being a Friday in July, however, it was just a tad bit crowded. We looked elsewhere.

What we ended up finding was an outdoor courtyard area with tables and chairs that looks out over the water and the fountain. No one was around and we liked the location. The chairs and tables would give us some pose possibilities too, so we set up at a table and got underway.

This wasn't a planned location, but we both loved it.

For this set Melani wore a pair of her sandals. I thought they looked cute and told her to use them in the set. I also told her to keep this set super casual, like you literally sat down to relax like how the area was intended to be used. I told her to keep her water bottle and cellphone right on the table and even use them in the set itself. That worked for her because this girl can drain a cellphone battery, believe me!

This set was smooth sailing, no pun intended with the boats and all. We shot very quickly and even managed to get some really cute shots with Melani sticking her heels up on the railings that surrounded the courtyard. I posted one such photo to the Soles of Silk Instagram (@SolesofSilk) that many of you have liked and commented on.

"Damn!!! What a great shot!!" @Barefoot_Planet commented.

Once we were done with our photos, this is when things got a little interesting. Like I said above, no one was in the entire courtyard area when we began. No one came by to sit down for the entire set either. Once it was time to shoot the video however, that all changed. As soon as I pointed the camera towards Melani, a man sat down at a table two tables behind us. A minute or so later, a family of five sat down in the table immediately behind Melani. Since there were kids there, I didn't want to shoot the clip. We waited to see what would happen.

With Melani's feet up on the table I gave them some playful rubs and then we got lucky. The family got up to leave. The other guy was still at the table, two tables back, but he wasn't really looking our way. There was, however, a guy who came by and looked to be filming on his phone, or doing panoramic shots. We were directly in his view too, but we didn't care. I pointed my camera back at Melani's sandal clad feet and we began the clip.

While shooting the clip the guy with his phone kept looking our way. Even the guy sitting at the table peeked up several times. We didn't care. It honestly felt kind of felt nice to have them witness me filming her feet. They're adorable and deserve the attention, so why not be out in the open showing my love and admiration? Plus, Melani seemed to like shooting it with them looking on too. This is why I told her to take one more photo with my phone (she was taking photos of her feet while I filmed her in the clip). She said okay and I leaned in and put my nose right between her toes. Melani laughed, but seemed to think it was adorable. That photo also made it onto Instagram.

At this point we had to go back to the car for an outfit change. We walked a couple of blocks back to the parking lot and got into my car. When I turned on the air conditioner, however, it was game over. We both melted into the seats and just let the cold air blow. That's when I turned around, grabbed the lotion from my backpack, and asked Melani to give her feet to me. I didn't have to ask her twice. She loved the long foot rubs I gave her the last time we shoot. I'd even venture to say she wanted me to give them a nice long rub on this day too. Well, she got that and lots of it!

My foot rub skills put this 18 year old cutie to sleep in the car.

I'd say it was about 3:45 p.m. at this point. Melani snuggled up with the blue foot pillow Mindee gave me as a gift a couple of years ago. She looked so comfy and loving life at that point. I wonder if I had the kid in a candy shop look about me? Since we were both content to hang out in the car and enjoy her feet in my hands, that's exactly what we did.

To make a long story short, I rubbed and raked my finger tips across her soles (she loves that) until 5 p.m. For half of this time we talked about stuff and listened to some comedy segments from YouTube. Eventually though, I told her I will keep rubbing her feet until 5 p.m. rolled around and then we'd go shoot again.

"Okay," Melani purred, snuggling even deeper into that pillow.

For the next 25 or so minutes Melani went into total relax mode. As you can see by this photo, which was also posted to the site's Instagram, I managed to put her to sleep for a little bit. And yes, I kept rubbing them the entire time, except to take that photo. Her tiny feet could have easily stayed in my hands for longer, but we wanted to get in one more set and get a bite to eat before the 7:05 p.m. game.

Luckily for us, the location I picked for her next set was right down the walkway from the parking lot. I woke Sleeping Beauty from her nap a few minutes after 5 p.m. (her feet are hard to let go of), and we got on with our day.

I love how you could see Melani's little toes right through that black sock.

This last set featured a pair of Harley Quinn knee high socks as well as a Harley hacky sack and a stuffed Harley. I also had Melani wear a Harley Quinn shirt. This was a set we planned on doing on our second shoot back in April, but ran out of time due to hitting a lot of traffic (see blog: "Monday's Shoot - Melani").

Once again, we were lucky in that not many people were around for this shoot. A person or two would walk by, or be jogging, but no one came into view and just sat or stood around. We finished this set in no time, even with Melani having to pull off her socks and incorporate the different props.

When we started the video, however, it got a little fun again. I saw two women way off in the distance. I figured we could finish the clip before they were up on us. I guess I didn't calculate that right because they literally walked only a few feet from us, along with a jogger, and a biker who all witnessed Melani tugging socks off her feet and squishing the props with her toes. Once again, I had no shame and just shot until the clip was done. Melani gave me a cute smile and laugh when it was over, knowing I also gave no fucks that they saw that.

With the third set now done, we made our way back to the car and got ready to head to the game. We had a little bit of time beforehand, so we stopped to eat and shoot the shit. Although we had hoped to do four sets, three turned out to be just right between the heat and Melani's extended foot rub and nap. Hey, no complaints from me! None from her either as she stated on more than one occasion afterward that she loved that foot rub. That made me so happy.

Just like with Melani's previous shoots, I will look back upon today fondly. Although I have shot close to 100 models now for Soles of Silk, Melani is one of the few who just wants to shoot every chance she can get. Her excitement and eagerness to do different things makes me want to shoot her as much as I can. Even though we missed a day this week, I have Saturday and Monday to look forward to with her. Tomorrow will be some fun sets, but Monday's going to be a highlight for sure! I won't ruin any of the themes, but we're both really looking forward to those shoots and the location we picked out for them.

With Melani's Harley themed set above, she has now shot a total of 12 sets in this calendar year so far. That is a new record for any rookie model on Soles of Silk, beating Alice's 11 sets from 2015. That number is only going to rise as this week goes on, and I'm sure, the months ahead. I have no reason to turn down shooting Melani if we're both free. Her rookie mark is surely going to be hard to beat moving forward!

"My goal is to catch up to them (Mindee & Alice)," said Melani.

Well dear, with the pace you are on, you're going to rise through the ranks quicker than most of my models. I can't wait for all the sets we are set to shoot this week and for the rest of 2017. I hope you continue to shoot for me for a very long time. You're always amazing to be around and I thank you for all you've done, are doing, and will continue to do. You're awesome!

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