Monday, January 30, 2017

We're All Friends Here

Mindee and Kelsey are two very close friends of mine.

On Jan. 25, 2017 I published a multi-model set to the site that I had been wanting to share for some time. It was shot during a week of vacation back in July 2016, during the "Hot Feet Week: 2016 Edition," Part 3 to be exact. The set featured none other than Mindee and Kelsey in their first ever pairing.

As has been the case with many sets I've shot in the past, this was one that I knew people would love once it was finally published to the site. I've been wanting to use it for an update numerous times since I shot it back in July, but I held off. I had other sets of both models I wanted to publish first - sets I had also been sitting on for some time. Last week, however, it was time to get this memorable set onto the site and share it with all of you. It truly is a set I just adore.

Now, some of you might be asking, "Patrick, you've done numerous multi-models sets in the past. Why is this one so 'memorable' to you?

Well, let me explain, but first a little journey down memory lane to when these two ladies made their debuts.

Mindee debuted, along with seven other models, when Soles of Silk went live, on Dec. 29, 2004 (see image 1 below). Many of you know the story by now. She told me she'd only do it if, "I really needed someone to shoot." Naturally I told her that I did. I've always found Mindee to be attractive and we've always gotten along quite well. I figured she was just camera shy and I also didn't buy into any of her claims that her feet were ugly. Sitting at 4,246 photos as of this blog, you all know that sure isn't the case! 

Kelsey made her debut one year, one month, and three days after the site launched on Feb. 1, 2006 (see image 2 above). Kelsey was only 16 back in December 2004, so she wasn't even eligible to shoot. As her 18th birthday drew near, however, I asked her if she'd like to shoot. I had seen her feet a number of times in flip flops and loved her plump little toes. Thankfully she said yes, knowing that a number of her other friends, including Mindee, had been shooting for me and what we were shooting

Kelsey wasted no time in making her debut. She shot the day after her 18th birthday and would have done it on her birthday if she didn't already have plans. It's okay though, we celebrated by having her smash a colorful cake under her soft soles. What a way to debut, huh? She'd then go on to shoot a couple more sets while still in high school.

So between these two girls, there are 23 years of modeling experience for Soles of Silk. Friendship-wise, however, there are even more years. That's what made this set so special. I got to spend a day with two women who I adore, always have a great time with, who have fun with my fetish, and have a blast shooting each and every set they do. There is only one other model on the site who I can even put into this same category and that is Abby, for obvious reasons.

This doesn't mean that of the 93 models I've shot for the site that the others aren't my friends. Quite the contrary since most have been just that. It's just that none of them have been my friends for as long, or they're just not as close. Some were, for a time, like Madison and Carmen, but life is life and things changed over time.

I guess the next thing some of you might be wondering is, "Why did it take so long for you to shoot them together then?"

Without going into too much details here, both of these ladies did move out of state for a time, but that's not the main reason. It's just, once again, life. Our schedules don't always match up and when you have three people's schedules you're trying to match, it can get even harder. Add in juggling all the other shoots I do with the other models and it just honestly never happened.

Back in 2011 Mindee even floated the idea in her Modeling Interview when I asked her if there are any Soles of Silk models she'd like to shoot with. Her response, "Kelsey comes to mind because I would be comfortable and it would be fun."

That prediction turned out to be spot on, just five years later. 

I met up with Mindee and Kelsey at a recreation center on that amazing day. I had brought some bright colored neon socks along for the girls to use in the set. Since it was hot, I figured I should also increase my chance of having their feet sweaty. That alone would make more a memorable day.

Luckily for me, both girls had clothing that matched some of the socks that I had brought, so my idea worked out perfectly. We found a spot to shoot and the girls sat their with their socks on, ready to go.

I couldn't wait to finally see Mindee's and Kelsey's feet next to each other.

What happened from that point on was one of easiest shoots I've done in some time, especially when it comes to a multi-model sets. Usually those are much harder to shoot. You have to have poses in mind that show more than one model, or you have to find ways for them to interact with each other. Sometimes, I just stand there thinking of something for the models to do.

With this set, however, I didn't have to do any of that. These two just started doing stuff and put on a show that I just photographed. Sure, from time to time I mentioned something I was looking for, but these ladies have shot so many sets, so they just knew what to do. The entire time I shot this set I knew I had something special on my hands. Later I'd have something special in my hands too, but more on that in a bit.

Not only did this set work out so easily, it was just so relaxed and casual. You could plainly tell that we're all friends and know each other so well. The girls had their girl talk and spent some time catching up with one another. At times I was almost an afterthought, which can happen when you shoot friends. Still, these two didn't forget what they were there to do and just kept on coming up with pose after pose.

From time to time, I naturally reached out to give these two some foot rub time. It's a pretty safe bet to say that the both of them have probably received more foot rubs from me than any other females in my lifetime. It felt only natural to give them a duel massage. They, of course, had some cute remarks for me. They always do when shooting solo, so I shouldn't have expected anything less. Having them both together though, it was on! I just kept rubbing and happily accepted my fate at their feet. They even goofed on me when I handed them my phone for the photo found below. I loved every minute of it too.

The only negative to come out of shooting this set was the fact that I only wish I had done this pairing sooner. Had I done that, I would have really forced the issue to do it on a regular basis from that point forward. That's what I intend to do now. Good things come to those who wait, they say. Well, it sure did in this case and I don't want to wait anymore to make it happen again.

I hope you also enjoyed this model pairing as much as I did. Naturally, the friendship connection for me was a big component, but it turned out to be a great set visually as well. Those soles being side-by-side-by-side-by-side sure does make for a memorable moment - one that I promise you will be seeing again!

I loved getting these two together and aim to make it a regular thing moving forward.

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