Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Soles of Silk Update - December 21, 2016

This week's update includes the following items:

Photos - Jasey Rae is trying to keep warm on a very chilly day by the water, but she can't resist showing off her adorable size 7.5 feet, fresh from her sandy black flats (69 images)

Photos - Reese can't wait to pull her sandals off her slender size 8.5 feet on a sweltering hot day (46 images)

Downloads (Avatars) - 2 new avatars of Jasey Rae and Alice have been added to the Tease Avatars section of the Downloads area

Weekly Teaser - The December 21st tile of Alice's July 2017 Wu's Feet Links Feature has been revealed. Check out the blog "Weekly Teaser - Alice's July 2017 Wu's Feet Links Feature" to follow the ongoing reveal.

Join Soles of Silk today to see this and over 10 years of foot fetish content!

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