Sunday's Shoot - Alice

By this time every year the weather in this region is getting chilly and the sun is going down extra early. Although that sucks, it usually doesn't affect my photo shoots much. This is the case due to the fact that I generally shoot so much of my work in the warmer months, and shoot a lot of it. Still, there are times when I get the itch to shoot something new. Today was one of those days.

Earlier this week I sent a few photos of a location I found on Google Earth to Alice. The spot I found showed an old, abandoned train bridge passing through an archway of another train bridge. These bridges passed over a large creek below and it just looked so scenic. Alice asked me if I wanted to schedule a shoot soon and go there.

At first I told her that it has been too cold and the sunlight abysmal these last few week. She agreed and we left it at that. As the week progressed, however, I gave it more thought and decided that hanging out with Alice and doing and quick shoot would be great. I hit her up and asked her if she was still up for a shoot. I left the ball in her court. If she thought she'd be warm enough, or if she even had time, then I'd pick her and we could go shoot. She said she was down and that's how today's set came about.

It took a little longer than expected to get to our location today. Needless to say, this wasn't a place in the middle of town. We had to go down some long, winding roads in the middle of nowhere. We went over a one lane bridge, and even got detoured from a road closure. Even with all that, we soldiered on and finally found our bridges.

After I found a place to park, we walked up onto the abandoned bridge (seen in the image below). Sadly, however, there was no way we were going to get on it. Although there was a path leading up to it, it was just too dangerous. There were wood beams covering the bridge, but the spaces in between were a straight drop down into the rocky creek below. The beams were also not too sturdy, probably due to the years of weathering that has taken place. Oh well, we tried! Down to the creek we went instead.

After taking the worst pathway along the creek possible, we finally found a number of large rocks to set up our shoot. I tried my best to find a spot that would at least show the abandoned bridge and some of the one it passed through. My options were limited as at this time of the day, the sun wasn't positioned in our favor. We made it work, however.

Alice and I did a quick shoot by an abandoned train bridge today.

For the first time ever in a set, Alice started off wearing a pair of boots. I asked her to bring them with her since we might see the turning leaves of fall in the background. Plus, I had told her to dress warm and thought boots would fit the look. Knowing me oh so well, Alice wore them without socks too! I swear, it's like I don't even have to ask or tell most of my models to do that. They just make that call on their own.

Not much needs to be said about how this set went down. We stuck to a larger rock for the set so Alice would have a place to kick off those boots and bare her big size 11 feet. I did most of the moving on the smaller rocks below, often checking to make sure I wasn't going to stick my own foot down into the mud or water below. That's all I needed!

Although the lighting was not ideal today and it wasn't the warmest, we made the most of the time we had and shot yet another set of her size 11's to add to her gallery on Soles of Silk. After the shoot we also managed to find a very unique restaurant inside of an old house/hotel built in 1790. The staff even dressed the part. It's always fun to spend some time talking and enjoying a little bit more time with Alice once our shoots wrap up. One of you said on Instagram (@SolesofSilk) the other day, "She's amazing. Don't lose her!" I don't plan to and am so glad she enjoys doing this so much as well. Thanks for another fun day on such short notice, Alice.

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