Sunday's Shoot - Alice

As September drew to a close I began sending out texts to a handful of the girls who shoot for Soles of Silk. I sent them a schedule of my open dates and asked them to see if they matched up to where we could squeeze in a few last minute sets. A couple of girls got back to me, others did not. Someone who I didn't really need to schedule, however, was Alice. Nope. Alice has shot for me three times this year, doing eight total sets (see listing below). Even though that was true, I sent her a message and told her if she wanted to do anything else here before it got cold outside, just let me know. Later that same night she had asked if I'd like to shoot with her on Sunday, October 9. I said sure and that, as always, I would be looking forward to it.

Eight sets might not seem like a lot of sets, but when you factor in that I am still sitting on a few sets that she did in 2015 as well, then you can see why I said I didn't really "need" to shoot Alice. I just wanted to. I love doing shooting Alice, and as many of you say on the site's social media, you love it when I do too. Now, onto today's sets.

A few days ago Hurricane Matthew began to draw near. Today, in the Maryland region, we were experiencing high winds. It wasn't the warmest day, but Alice assured me the chill, nor the wind, would deter her from shooting. She was game and so was I. Only problem was, where to shoot?

Generally when I head out to pick up one of my models I know my themes and where I'd like to shoot. Today, however, that wasn't the case. Alice and I didn't even know where we'd end up until I got onto the highway and began driving. I had thought about using a park, but then decided to go for a historic Maryland town I had been to several times in the past instead. I figured it would offer us multiple locations to pick from, just in case things didn't go as planned.

After making our way to the town, we drove around so Alice could see some of the locations I had thought about using. What we ended up picking first was a waterfront area, not too far from a lighthouse that we checked out prior to shooting. It's always nice to do a little tourism while out and about.

Alice posing her big size 11 feet on a very windy day on the Chesapeake Bay.

Once we finally found our spot to shoot, Alice and I got underway. I told her I didn't want anything in this set other than her bare feet. In the past we've often included footwear, props, or something like baby oil and lotion in her sets. For this one, it was just going to be her two size 11's.

This set moved along quite well, but after we got about 40 photos in, it seemed like everyone wanted to come and stop right where we were shooting. One gentleman sat right beside us as we tried to shoot. Others came and leaned on the fence to look out into the water only a few feet away from us. All those who had come before had enjoyed the scenery in the large space around us. Not these ones though. Nope. We literally stopped and just waited them out. At least this gave me some time to give Alice a foot rub - something she admitted was her favorite part of our shoots.

Eventually we'd be able to get back to shooting and wrapped the set up nicely. It was at this time we found a place for Alice to change into a second outfit - one that included purple fishnet pantyhose. I had brought them along as a possible shoot idea and Alice loved them.

Once Alice was dressed we were off to our second location. The spot ended up being a park just below a large train bridge. With the position of the sun overhead, it was in just the right place for us to make the location work. So down to the picnic tables we went.

Although they were brown, Alice and I bought liked the fact that the pattern of the metal in the tables kind of resembled her fishnets. I quickly began to notice in the photos the sheer amount of lines going on in this set. It was even more pronounced when those big feet of hers sported all those little wrinkles on them.

We shot this set rather quickly. No one came down to us, so we were able to go from pose to pose as we needed. The only thing that caused me any issue was my own shadow. The sun was so strong that it made for those really dark, really long, overpowering shadows. Even Alice's own feet were casting them in certain poses.

Since no one was around here we decided to go ahead and do a little video clip featuring Alice's feet trapped in the purple fishnets. I'm sure, however, it's going to sound like Hurricane Matthew made its way to Maryland with the amount of wind hitting the microphone. Oh well, at least you'll get to be fixated on those luscious size 11's.

As always, today's shoot with Alice was a fun one. It's always great to spend time with someone who enjoys shooting, is creative, and just likes getting out and about to do new things. She sure is a blast!

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