A Look Back in Time - Columns Republished to the Blog

It was great taking a look back through the site's history through old columns.

For those of you who frequent this blog and/or Soles of Silk, over the course of the last few months you know that I've been busy transferring columns from inside the site's membership section over here to the blog. Well, that task is finally complete.

The biggest reason for the transfer was the fact that I didn't like having my writings in two different places. From 2004 the start of 2013, all my writings were placed in the Columns section on Soles of Silk. When I found out that I could back date blog entries on Blogger, that's when I got the idea to go ahead and do the transfer. I thought it would be nice to have all my writings in one area. It would also make my site's eventual redesign more organized as I could do away with the now defunct Columns section. When that happens, there will just be a link to the blog instead.

When I began this task, I didn't realize just how big of an undertaking I had just embarked upon. Not only did I have to format all the columns individually, but I had to relink model names and references to items outside of the members section. Since the columns were previously a members only item, if I mentioned someone like Mindee, for example, I'd link to her personal page inside the Models section. Now I had to link it to her sample page in the guests area. I also gave all the columns a read through and found a few grammar and spelling mistakes that I have now fixed.

As for images, I would sometimes place photos inside my columns section. I did that a lot less than I do here as I had a limited spot for them on the column template I designed. When I moved those columns over here, I was sure to add those images as well. Sometimes those photos were even exclusive to that column - such as the numerous times Cierra randomly sent me photos of her feet. I did, however, chose to do something to those columns that didn't feature images. I added some in.

I found that with a good number of columns, I talked a lot about photo sets that I had finished, but had not yet added to the site. Back then I didn't do columns about each shoot, complete with sample shots, like I do here on the blog. And of course, there was no Twitter (@SolesofSilk) and Instagram (@SolesofSilk) accounts to do previews like I do today. Since those entries were void of images, what I decided to do was go ahead and add some in. I consider it like a director's cut, collectors edition, or some other fancy buzz term used to describe updated/changed content. I think it makes things a lot better, adding in that visual content.

I hope you take a few minutes and go back through the 2004-13 entries found in the archives over on the right hand side of this blog. Republishing all those old columns sure gave me a trip down memory lane. It even caused me to remember some things that my 37 year old mind has started to forget.

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