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Hot Feet Week: 2016 Edition, Part 5 - Rilynn & Noelle (New Models) w/ Mindee

...Continued from "Hot Feet Week: 2016 Edition, Part 4 - Kelsey"

Back on Tuesday, when I was shooting Mindee for the first photos of this week, I had no plans at all for today (Friday). Mindee asked me if I wanted some, so I asked her what she had in mind. Her sister-in-law Rilynn, and their mutual friend, Noelle, she replied. They both are up for posing for the site, she said.

At that point I was stunned. Wednesday I was already adding two new models that Mindee was introducing me to for the first time in Reese and Rein, and now two more? You best bet I was taking her up on the offer. I added the shoot to my iPhone's calendar and Mindee told them to clear their days to shoot.

Fast forward to today and I will admit, things began to look grim. We decided to wait until the afternoon to begin shooting. With as hot as it has been this week in the morning and early afternoon hours, we thought it best to let things cool down a little. We decided 2:30 p.m. would probably work, but as that time drew near, the skies darkened and short rain showers began to fall.

Mindee and I began exchanging text messages about what to do. She said she could get the girls to shoot on Saturday instead, if I was open. I told her I was, but I kind of wanted to see what we could get in today. The forecast called for sporadic storms that would then clear up as the evening rolled in. Mindee said okay and we all met up at her place.

Once everyone was there we got into my car and made our way to a park to do our first three sets. It was great having Mindee along as she really coached up the girls on what I like and some tricks to posing. I jokingly said I should record all this and make a "How To" video for all new models featuring Mindee as the instructor. It's really not a bad idea...

Rilynn showing off her soft soles before the storm moved in.

Set 12 of the Week
Outdoor Stage

Rilynn decided to go first. We made our way over to this large stage area in the middle of the park. I'm guessing they put on plays or performances there. Today, however, Rilynn and her cute feet would be the feature presentation.

We began the set right in the mid-section of the stage, but a quarter of the way in, it began to rain. Seriously, I was so happy that there was a small overhead roof above all the large pillars at that point. It let us stay dry underneath and keep on shooting.

I loved the dark blue nail polish Rilynn wore on her toes. I'd find out later there was a reason for that, and the red Noelle wore on hers, but you'll have to wait until the two girl set at the conclusion of this blog to see why.

After a few stops due to the severity of the rain and it blowing through the area we were shooting, we finished up Rilynn's set. For the next few minutes I went ahead and loaded up a teaser image from the set to the site's Instagram (@SolesofSilk) because we had to wait for the rain to slow down to move to the spot Noelle would use for her debut.

Noelle stuck her feet up onto the banister of the porch during a light drizzle.

Set 13 of the Week
Wooden Stump Furniture

We decided on an old house's porch for Noelle's set. These historic houses are used for the park's functions, but have a certain charm to them. Also on the porch were several wooden stumps and small seats, also made from stumps. We'd have plenty to use for different poses.

The set began right at the top of the steps. From there, I decided to have Noelle kick off her flip flops and show off her curvy, slender feet on top of one of the wood stumps. This gave me some great angles to get up close and personal to her feet. After that, we played with putting her feet through the railings, onto the banister, and then some on the table/seating arrangement.

At this point what was left of the storm seemed to be passing. We finished things up and then debated on what to do next. With Mindee not having shot yet, I decided to do a solo one with her. I can never have too much Mindee in my photos - as you can probably tell by her being so prominent in this blog series.

I can never, ever, ever pass up a chance to shoot another set with Mindee.

Set 14 of the Week
By the Old Fireplaces

Mindee's set took place on some benches not too far from where Alice did a set last year. You might recognize the fireplace, if you weren't too fixated on her big size 11 feet in that set. I wouldn't blame you if that was the case. (see: Alice's sample image)

Anyhow, Mindee's set had her sitting up on the bench, after I wiped it off with a towel. The rain had stopped, but everything was soaked - even the grass I was kneeling in this entire set. Oh well, that's the price to pay for pictures of Mindee's adorable soft, and ever so wrinkly soles.

Fans of flip flops will be happy to know that every single set that happened up to this point saw the girls start off in flip flops. It's such a popular request, and all the girls showed up wearing them. I said, "Why not?" That was about to change, however.

At this point I asked the girls if they were good to shoot another set. They said they were. Earlier on I had said I was open on Saturday too, if the weather put a damper on today's shoot, or we wanted to space things out and not rush. All three told me they were good for another set, so that's what we did. And oh yeah, it looks like we're still going to shoot some more tomorrow too! Score!

We made our way back to my car and then proceeded to make a stop at a fast food restaurant on the way to our next location. The plan was to do a two model set featuring Rilynn and Noelle. They brought along some comic themed outfits that they really wanted to wear and they needed to change real quick. This is where their nail polish colors also came into play. Check out their outfits and socks in the sample below and it'll all make sense. If not, then you are not nerdy enough to understand.

The location I picked for this set was one I've used in the past, but not in the exact spot we shot. I put the girls up onto these small bleacher style seats as I knew it would allow them to interact well with one another. After the playfulness that ensued between Mindee and Kelsey yesterday in Part 3 of this blog series, I knew it was something I could replicate with these two friends.

All of you comic fans should love this set with Rilynn & Noelle together.

Set 15 of the Week
Comic Socks & Cute Feet

So there was Tony Sta..., I mean Noelle, and Steve Rog..., I mean Rilynn decked out in their comic shirts, and most importantly socks. Talk about cute. I know all you comic fans out there are going to appreciate this. I know I find it cute to see females wearing outfits with some nerd appeal - even if I did tease these two a little bit for it.

Without getting into too much detail here, these two friends had a blast pulling their shoes and socks off, both from their own feet, as well as each other's. I tried to get as much variation as I could between shoes, socks, and barefoot combos because I know some of you have said you love seeing footwear in different states of coming off. I also had the girls leave their socks and shoes in the foreground too. A lot of you have also stated that you love seeing the worn footwear left in the set. So yeah, I'm sure you'll find something you'll love about this one.

At the conclusion of this set it was time to call it a day. We all went out to dinner afterward and looked at the forecast for Saturday. It looks like we're going to try to get together around 2:30 p.m. again and see what else we can do. The main priority - a three girl set featuring them all in the same set. We have a theme for it and everything. It should be fun! Be sure to come back to the blog tomorrow, as well as the site's Instagram and Twitter accounts (@SolesofSilk) for previews and details about what ensues.

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