Thursday, July 7, 2016

Hot Feet Week: 2016 Edition, Part 3 - Mindee & Kelsey

...Continued from "Hot Feet Week: 2016 Edition, Part 2 - Reese & Rein w/ Mindee"

Yesterday I was able to land two new models onto the site, Reese and Rein. Both girls were introduced to me through Mindee. As excited as I was to photograph those two, and then do a three girls set that featured them with Mindee, I was also just as excited for the duo set I had planned to do today. That set would be Mindee and Kelsey

This is set is something the three of us have talked about doing for some time now. I was glad that it was finally happening. Mindee even made mention of Kelsey as someone she'd like to shoot with years ago in her Modeling Interview on Soles of Silk.

This set finally came about when I was initially scheduling people to shoot for this week off. Kelsey told me that Thursday would be her best day to shoot. I penciled her in and planned on doing a set or two with her. When Mindee told me she was free that same day, I got the idea to finally make this pairing happen.

Initially the plan was to shoot my sets with Kelsey and then have Mindee meet up with us. Things worked out better, however, to do the duo set first. So that's what we did.

I wasn't initially sure what theme to do, if any for this set. I wanted something simple, yet fun. I looked into my bag of props and footwear and found some neon colored socks. They'd be perfect. Based on that choice, I made the call to shoot this one by some ball fields. Luckily for us, it has been so hot that no one was out using them.

Talk about a pairing I've wanted to do for years! Mindee & Kelsey was a blast to shoot.

Set 10 of the Week
Bright Neon Socks

Mindee arrived at the park first, followed by myself. While waiting for Kelsey, we looked around the area and figured out what location we'd use. Mindee is the one who picked the spot as she thought the football field would be the most appealing. I agreed.

Once Kelsey arrived, we all made our way over to a picnic bench that was right by the field. It was facing the right direction, but today the sun was behind massive cloud cover. Wish this had been the case for the last two days, but I digress. In all honesty though, it was the most comfortable it has been to shoot all week.

The girls sat themselves up on the table and pulled on the socks. When they were both ready I raised my camera and began to shoot this highly anticipated pairing. Seriously, both these models have been shooting for me for years. I consider both of them to be great friends and I was glad to finally get them together. Plus, they're both aces at giving me a hard time and throwing some teasing jabs my way. It's part of why I love them both so much.

After a handful of photos the girls began removing those socks. I loved the slow sock strip each one of them did on their own legs/feet, and then later, on the other's. These two were certainly having a lot of fun!

I was pretty much on autopilot in this set. With the experience both girls brought to this set, I just took the photos and they did all the poses. If I was telling them to do something, it was because I had more than enough shots in the pose they were currently in. Talk about easy mode!

When this set came to its conclusion I made sure to give the girls a small little two girl foot rub. I've rubbed each one of their feet too many times to count, so getting them together was a bucket list item I can now proudly say I accomplished. Sadly, however, it was time to say goodbye to Mindee for the evening. No worries, though. I still had Kelsey and those plump little piggies of hers to shoot afterward.

... Continued in "Hot Feet Week: 2016 Edition, Part 4 - Kelsey"

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