Hot Feet Week: 2016 Edition, Part 2 - Reese & Rein (New Models) w/ Mindee

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Typically a feel good ending to a story happens, well, at the end. As far as Hot Feet Week 2016 is concerned, however, the biggest feel good moment might have happened here in the second part. What started a great, albeit hot day, with two new models making their debut, along with both of those models posing with Mindee, was practically undone by the end of the night! Until something amazing happened...

Last night's upset tweet.

Some of you might have saw my tweet last night on the Soles of Silk Twitter account (@SolesofSilk), shown above. After shooting two solo sets with Reese, and a set with Reese, fellow new model Rein, and Mindee all together, my camera card was filled. I switched cards, like I normally do, and left the filled card in my camera bag. About an hour later I ended up taking the card back out during a lunch break between sets so the girls could look at their photos. From there, the card went into my pocket, which I forgot about. That was until I went looking for it yesterday evening when it was time to write this blog. It was nowhere to be found. I looked all over my computer desk, in my camera bag, my backpack that I take along for shoots, in my car, in my pockets, and even in the pool outside as I jumped in for a little bit when I got home. No luck!

This is the point where I sent Mindee and very upset text. I figured I dropped it somewhere. I decided to go back to the locations we shot following our lunch break and look around. The only problem, it was going on 9:00 p.m. and was getting dark. She offered to come help, but I said I got it and was on my way. She then said she'd go look in the morning.

I rushed out the door and went to the two parks where I shot the final two sets of the day with Rein, on my second SD card. Maybe it had fallen out in one of those two areas. Since I pulled my phone out a few times to do some photos for Instagram (@SolesofSilk), it was my best bet.

Well, I looked all around both locations and didn't find anything. I went back home and then decided to grab a high powered flashlight and go back to where we ate lunch and look in that parking lot. I didn't want any street sweepers to come by. Again, no luck. I even called the store as there were a few employees still inside cleaning. They didn't find it or have it turned in. Hope was waning.

From there I went across the street to a store we stopped in briefly and looked in that parking lot. Once again, nope. That store was closed, so I couldn't call them to see if someone had turned it in.

At this point I was ready to give up, but I decided to give the two parks one last check on the way home. This flashlight would be much better than the lighting and phone/camera flashlight I used the first time. I looked in all the places where we shot and where we walked. I didn't see it. I even checked the parking lot where we parked for Rein's first set, which was at a post office. Nothing!

I sent Mindee a text and told her not to bother looking in the morning. The card was gone and it would be a loss of time and money. Mindee said, "Time yes, money, no. We will reshoot them."

Mindee is that kind of person, but I wouldn't expect them to do that all over again for free. It was my own fault. That's just Mindee's mentality and our friendship coming through. In the grand scheme of things, however, it wouldn't matter anyhow.

Mindee & her husband found the card the next morning.

This morning Mindee tried calling me before sending me a text. I was just waking up from tossing and turning all night over this and I see the photo you see above. Mindee and her husband went looking for it anyhow and found it! It ended up being at the post office, the same one I checked last night. I was beyond stunned and so damn happy! I promised to take them both to dinner one night, on me! 

So now that you've read the horror story with the happy ending, you're probably wanting to see how the shoots went and get a little backstory about them, huh? Well, I can't blame you there. Let's refocus this entry onto what this series is all about - the hot feet!

The day started out with Reese making her debut. Reese had some prior engagements to tend to in the afternoon, so I decided to get all the sets with her done first. I had wanted to shoot a solo set of Mindee while Reese and fellow new model, Rein watched so they would see what it is like to shoot. Oh well, Reese got to be thrown to the wolves because I didn't want to miss out on camera time with a new model.

Reese posing in her debut set, one that would have been lost if the SD card wasn't found.

Set 5 of the Week
Waterfront Park Bench

I decided to keep Reese's first set simple. We stopped at a waterfront area I've used in the past, but one that never seems to be populated. Once again, that turned out to be the case as only a small group came by and were gone before we knew it.

Reese's outfit was one I really liked, especially the shoes. As a foot fetishist, however, I was more looking forward to photographing her taking them off to reveal her size 8.5 feet for the first time. It didn't take long for that to happen either.

I'll have to say my fondest memory from this first set was learning that Reese can't spread her toes. I'm sorry to all you spread toe lovers out there, but it's true. She told me before we shot, back at Mindee's place, but I figured she was just kidding. Nope. Oh well, we joked that we'd have to do a set of her painting her nails with some toe spreaders one day.

Once this set was wrapped up we all went back to our cars for a break. I thought it was hot on Tuesday when Mindee shot four sets to kick off Hot Feet Week, but Wednesday was even worse (see blog: "Hot Feet Week: 2016 Edition, Part 1 - Mindee").

Fast forward a few minutes and I decided to go ahead and do the three girl set next. There was an area down the walkway from the first set where I could have all three girls pose side-by-side with plenty of space. The theme - water guns.

I knew I wanted to get all three of the girls together in a set. This theme seemed perfect.

Set 6 of the Week
Three Girls, Six Water Guns

This set, as expected, was a very playful one. Reese was doing her second set, but Rein was posing for her first one. They both did great for essentially being newbies to this whole thing. Luckily, I had Mindee there to help direct some fun shots and tell the girls some ways to pose their feet.

One thing that was most evident during this set was how happy the girls were to have the water guns. We were literally baking out in the sun for this one. They constantly shot each other and themselves to try to keep cool. I, on the other hand, had a towel nearby so I could keep wiping the sweat off my face. I was already sunburned from the previous day with Mindee, so it was getting a little miserable. Still, we soldiered on and finished things up.

With a little less than an hour left for Reese I asked her to do another solo set real quick. She changed outfits and I promised her we'd shoot as fast as we can - which isn't always easy for someone so new to this. We made it work, however.

With limited time, Reese did her final set on the day before heading out.

Set 7 of the Week
Overlook Lounge Chairs

Reese's third set was shot on an overlook, featuring two lounge chairs. I had Reese kick her feet up and pull her sandals off one at a time. From there, I just shot photo after photo of her bare feet in all different positions. I told her to just move them around into whatever position came to mind. It helped with the pace because we were both in need of a break. Mindee and Rein had went back to the cars to get out of the heat. Reese and I were still out there sizzling away.

Once the third set of the day was finished, it was time to say goodbye to Reese. She went on her way and Mindee, Rein, and I all decided a lunch break was in order.

For the sake of the length of this already long blog entry, I won't go into details about lunch or hitting up a store afterward. Instead, let's jump ahead to a little over an hour afterward when Rein did her first solo set.

On our way to lunch we spotted some bleacher seats by an airport and thought it might make for a good background for Rein's set. She liked the idea and that's where we found ourselves going once our stomachs settled.

After a lunch break, it was time for Rein to pose for her first ever solo set.

Set 8 of the Week
Airport Field

Rein began the set on a wooden bench in her flip flops. I always tell my debuting models to bring along some footwear for their first sets. It always helps give them something to do as they see what things are like. Just like Reese's blue flats in her first set, however, Rein's didn't stay on too long either.

During this set we moved around a few times. I also found myself getting into some odd positions to shoot some lower angle shots of Rein's cute little size 6 feet. This is also where I figured my camera card had fallen out. As you already read, it was following this shoot, probably when I uploaded a teaser shot to Instagram. I'm thinking it fell out when I pulled my phone from my pocket.

With Rein's first set done and in the books, we decided to go and do a second solo set at a park down the street from our current location. The sun had tucked behind some clouds for the majority of the set we had just done, which made things a whole heck of a lot cooler. I figured it would be nice to get that second set, especially with it being a little more comfortable outside now. Boy, did that not last!

When we arrived at the park for the final set, it seemed like as soon as we got out of the car, the cloud cover vanished and it was back to a blistering sun overhead. Sweat was pouring off all of us and poor Mindee wasn't feeling good. Just like with Reese's last set, I told Rein we'd shoot this one quickly.

The sun was cooking us, but Rein still managed to do her second solo set of the day.

Set 9 of the Week
Silver Bench in the Sun

I had Rein go barefoot in this one and stick her feet in any and every position we could do. The sun was so strong we had to pretty much do all the poses in one direction. That's why I love cloudy days so much more. The sun disperses through clouds and it gives you less restrictions. Oh well, once again, we made things work.

When this set wrapped up, things were done for the day. We were all just to beat to do anything else. Had things not been so hot, and had Reese not had plans that afternoon, my original idea was to also shoot Mindee with both Reese and Rein in two girl sets, and then have Reese and Rein do a two girl set together. Oh well, it looks like I have something to look forward to shooting in the future! And speaking of the future, it's time to go meet up with Kelsey and Mindee parts 3 and 4 in the Hot Feet Week series.

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