Sunday, July 3, 2016

Clamoring for Camille & Her Cute Feet

A photo of Camille from one of her unpublished sets.

Just under a month ago I published the second set to feature Camille on Soles of Silk. The set had Camille with our mutual friend, Alice, and had the two pouring bottles of baby oil all over their feet. It was a fun set from the only time I ever got to shoot with Camille. It took place back in August of 2015 when I got the two to shoot together. We came away with five amazing sets that day, four of which featured Camille in some capacity (see blog: "Monday's Shoot - Alice & Camille"). Posting this set, however, also made me a little sad.

With two sets of Camille now on Soles of Silk, that means I only have two more remaining. "Why not just shoot more with her?" you may be asking. Well, several months ago, Camille moved to the West Coast. That move put a ton of mileage between us. Getting together to do all the shoots we talked about doing looked like they'd never happen, or if they did, would have to wait for her to come back home for a visit. Luckily for me, she told me she was planning on doing soon.

Fast forward a couple of weeks and I sent Camille a text to see if she was still planning a visit home. Sadly, that was no longer in the cards. We kept talking and she admitted that she missed everyone back home, but also loved it where she now lives. I asked her about it and that's when an idea began to trickle into my head. What if I took a few days and went out and visited her? Of course I'd take the camera along and get in a bunch of photos in some unique settings I can't get here on the East Coast.

Camille loved the idea. So did I.

Since this conversation took place only several days ago, this is all just hypothetical at this point. I will admit, however, the idea really intrigues me. I've never been out to the West Coast and it would be great to catch up with Camille again. We even talked about maybe finding an amusement park somewhere not too far away. You know me, always wanting to find new roller coasters to ride. Camille loves them too, so why not?

I'll be sure to keep everyone in the loop if I end up making this trip. A lot will depend on her schedule and my work giving me off for a few days. This isn't a trip I'd want to rush. I'd love to take our time, go see some sights, and take as many photos of Camille posing her pretty little feet as I possibly can.

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