Monday, June 27, 2016

A Slow First Half of 2016

At this time last year I had shot a total of 12 new sets, featuring six different models for the calendar year. So far this year, I've shot five new sets with three different models. Luckily for me, I shot so many new sets last year, I'm still sitting on more than half a year's worth of updates. Reasons like this are why I shoot extra when I can. But why the lack of shoots in 2016? Well, there are a number of reasons.

Mindee and I decided to go ahead and shoot on a day calling for rain anyhow.

Bad Weather
From the start of the year bad weather has hampered my shoots - even an indoor one. Back in February I had Alice and Jasey Rae committed to doing a few sets together. As our date drew near, however, the forecast was calling for a bad snow storm, so we decided to do it at a later date. We still haven't planned a reshoot date yet.

It seemed like every open day for weeks on end saw rain ruin my plans, especially in May. Mindee was my only shoot during May and we shot just one set. We planned on two, but since it was calling for rain that day, and we had decided to see what we could get in, the second set got washed out - and I mean, washed out. Mother Nature drenched for our efforts (see blog: "Monday's Shoot - Mindee"). Other models I missed shoots with in May include: Alice, Amelia, Ashlyn, and Riley.

Now that June is here, the weather has improved tremendously. Sadly, my luck has not! That takes us to the other reasons.

Lack of Communication
I don't know if it has been all the cancelling earlier due to the bad weather, but it seems like many of my models just can't confirm a date for me to shoot. Lately I've been after them to give me some open dates, but some of them don't even get back to me. Others say they're interested and that they'll look at their calendars. Most of them don't end up following up.

Hopefully all of this is going to change next week. I have eight days of vacation time and I didn't make plans to go anywhere. Last year, many of you will remember that Mindee and I did a little vacation together. We hit up a few amusement parks and shot seven sets in the process (see blog: "Vacation Shoot - Mindee"). Well, I thought about doing that this year, but with all the lack of communication, I knew I'd probably just end up getting frustrated. 

Instead, I've decided to see if I can fill each and every day I can with a shoot. It looks like a few regular models, a couple new models, several model combinations, and even a return of a model who hasn't posed in over 10 years could see some camera time. More on this at a later date as I'm trying to make all the pieces fit.

Amelia and I are looking to reschedule, and hopefully soon.

Other Plans in the Way
Last week was a beautiful weekend, but I had plans in place for several months prior. I organize an annual amusement park trip for my workplace and last week was the trip. With 32 people going, I took Sunday just to organize all of our food and drink items and Monday was the trip itself. So there went two days I couldn't shoot of the two days I had open that week.

On the models' end, some other plans have also gotten in the way, even with previously planned shoots. Today, Amelia was scheduled to shoot. We've been talking about shooting at this one particular location for over a year now, but just haven't gotten to do it. Several days ago, however, Amelia mentioned to me that she had some doctors appointments that needed to be done and that she couldn't keep our plans. I told her it was fine and then I tried to see if anyone was open. 

Of course, I then dealt with the lack of communication aspect above. Oh well, guess I'll just have to blog today instead. Hopefully next week I'm drowning in sweaty female feet and filling up camera card after camera card with new photos. I'll keep everyone posted!

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