2016 Soles of Silk Model Statuses - Part 4 of 11

One of the most common emails I get are ones asking me about a particular status of someone's favorite model(s). A few years ago I did a series that informed people of the status of all the models on the site. Since that was some time ago and new models have since made their way onto the site, I figured it would be a good time to do an all new version. With 88 models on Soles of Silk as I write this, I have decided to break the series into 11 parts, each one featuring eight of the site's models. I hope this helps you learn a little more about the status of each one of the models on the site whose work you enjoy!

Last Update: January 13, 2016
# of Published Photos: 2,210
Status: Actively Modeling

I just recently spoke with Cierra about getting together for some more photos and she assured me we will do so soon. This week's update actually features the set above and showcases the thing I love most about Cierra - those sweaty feet. Now that the weather is getting warm, it'll be perfect timing to get those feet of hers all nice and warm for some new photos. As always, I can't wait! Oh how moist those little things get...

Last Update: November 11, 2015
# of Published Photos: 511
Status: Unknown

The last time I talked with Colleen a few months ago she mentioned she was looking forward to posing for some new photos. In recent weeks, however, I haven't heard back from her. I'm going to have to see if I can find a different way to hit her up and get her back in front of the camera. Shooting with Colleen is always a blast and I love seeing her show off those heavenly size 8 feet. Keeping my fingers crossed that I can get her on my shoot schedule here soon.

Last Update: August 2, 2006
# of Published Photos: 92
Status: Lost Contact

Danaya is someone I really kick myself in the ass for losing contact with. We only shot one time and came away with two awesome sets. People loved both and I couldn't wait to do some more. If I remember correctly, not too long after we shot, I had a computer hard drive failure and I lost some email addresses - including hers. I was always hoping she'd somehow contact me, but that has never happened. Getting Danaya back after a 10 year absence, however, would be such an awesome announcement. Doubting it will happen at this point, however. 

Dani Dare
Last Update: June 10, 2009
# of Published Photos: 206
Status: Lost Contact

Dani Dare is someone I met through a mutual friend. We met up one day and did a few photo sets. She was very down to earth and fun to shoot with. We, however, never were able to schedule more shoots afterward and we eventually lost contact. I know Dani used to pose for other photographers out there, but I don't even know if she's doing that these days.

Last Update: May 12, 2010
# of Published Photos: 345
Status: Moved/Lost Contact

I first met Danielle back in 2007 and actually shot her in the afternoon and then Delicious, also for the first time, later that evening. I was very excited to have both girls debut on the site and they did so in back to back weeks. Danielle, however, was someone who I got to shoot with several times and someone I talked with quite a bit for a few years. Eventually, however, Danielle moved and I had very limited contact with her. That few and far in between contact would turn to no contact at all and that's how it's been left. I have no idea what she's up to these days.

Debbie D.
Last Update: March 2, 2011
# of Published Photos: 163
Status: Lost Contact

One of my other models, Jordana, put me in touch with Debbie D. and I reached out to her about posing for Soles of Silk. She agreed to do so and I made the drive out to see her. The day we scheduled to shoot turned out to be nothing but rain, so we were left to do some impromptu indoor sets. I posted the sets in the months following and since then, we have lost touch.

Last Update: April 16, 2008
# of Published Photos: 165
Status: Moved/Lost Contact

I met Delicious at a private foot party some time ago. We exchanged contact information and I shot her one evening back in 2007. She was an instant hit and I couldn't wait to shoot her some more. To make a long story short, we scheduled another shoot and she wasn't able to make it. We talked about finding another date, but were unable to do so before she moved and we lost contact. Recently, however, there has been a forum user on the Wu's Feet Links Foot Fetish Forum claiming that she's back modeling again. I don't know to what extent, or for who, but I've had no contact with her at all.

Last Update: February 10, 2016
# of Published Photos: 820
Status: Actively Modeling

Ah, Emerald! It's been too long since we last did some photos. Luckily for me, we shot quite a bit the last time we did. I just actually sent her a text telling her about this blog series and that we need to shoot again soon. I'm waiting to hear back from her, but I'm sure she'll say she can't wait. Our only issue seems to be scheduling. Emerald is a blast to shoot and her banana size teasing set above is one of the most fun I've ever shot - especially since it was done in public (her requirement to further embarrass me). Emerald, you can embarrass me anytime you want after that day. Hopefully that day will be sometime soon.

Be on the lookout for the next installment of this blog series, featuring eight more models, in the coming days.

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