Monthly Mindee Updates?

Just one of the many great upcoming sets featuring Mindee coming this year.

There are 12 months in a year and there are only 10 of those remaining here in 2016. In my unpublished photo sets archive Mindee's name appears on 10 different photo sets - either in solo sets, or in ones where she posed with another model. That's enough to do a monthly Mindee update for the rest of the year and not have to shoot anymore until 2017.

Yeah, fat chance on us not shooting anymore until 2017. I'm sure that was obvious! More photos of Mindee are going to happen as soon as this weather warms up. Who knows, she might even surpass the 16 sets we shot in 2015 that has me sitting on these 10 sets now. I already know we have to shoot one for Wu's Feet Links for a 2016 feature set I'm having her do. What's another 15-plus sets on top of that? Hell, maybe we can even get to 20? Now that I write that, it's a goal I'm hoping she's open to reaching. I guess I'll find out when I send her the link to this blog in a few minutes.

This is the sort of thing Mindee and I were talking about last Tuesday night as I took a break for posting the February 17th update. That update saw her first set of 2016 added to the site - a boots without socks set.

"I totally have enough sets to post one of you each month for the rest of the year without doing anymore," I said to Mindee.

She was surprised by that, so to prove it, I listed each and every one of them to her. That's when I came up with the idea to post one each month to get them all onto the site.

I'll call it Monthly Mindee," I joked.

Obviously she loved the idea. I told her I be totally willing to do it, which I'm sure she knew. And the more I thought about the idea, the more I liked it. But I did have one regret - the fact that I didn't post a set of Mindee during January. Since she went up late in December with her Christmas lights set, I focused on getting some of the older sets of the other models I'm also sitting on up onto the site. So yeah, I wish I had come up with the idea last month instead!

While I had Mindee's attention I also told her that I was already planning on getting her online next month anyhow with her stockings and lollipop set for Easter. And that's when I had another idea. What about the M&M's set with Marcy? Which one should I do? Oh, I know... How about both? It will kind of make up for me not having Mindee published in January - sort of.

Mindee laughed at me, but did like that idea as well. So expect to be getting a lot of sweets on Easter between those sets and the pretty feet in them.

As for Mindee's Wu's Feet Links feature set, I have no idea what we are going to do for that one just yet. We have some time to think about it and come up with something that you will all love. I do know one thing, however, I won't count that among the monthly Mindee updates, so you'll get another double dose of those adorable feet that month too.

Stay tuned for details and previews to all of Mindee's upcoming sets. I already know one fan of hers who is really looking forward to all this. That fan is me!

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