Monday, December 14, 2015

Monday's Shoot - Mindee

Yeah, I pretty much thought I was done doing photos for the rest of 2015. I was sitting on 65 unpublished sets, but now that number is at 67. Why? Because Mindee - that's why.

The answer is really that simple. If I'm open and Mindee is open and we are able to shoot, it's going to happen. I don't care if I have a dozen unpublished sets of her waiting to go onto the site - I will shoot more. So yeah, because Mindee - that's why.

For the last couple of weeks Mindee and I have been trying to make some plans. She is planning an event and I know someone who could help her out. We had been trying to find a day to make that happen, which ended up getting pushed back to today. Well, it was also 60-something degrees outside today. Yup, mid-60's in mid-December in Maryland. It was just meant to be!

With this great timing and ability to shoot outdoors I figured it might be best to try and get in a holiday themed set for Soles of Silk. Yes, I know Mindee just went up on last week's update, so consider yourself lucky that you're getting to see her twice this month. Remember, because Mindee - that's why.

I woke up around 8 a.m. this morning, but my tired ass kept hitting snooze until it was almost 9 a.m. I sent Mindee a text to tell her I was getting into the shower and would be over soon. She, in turn, sent me a photo of her feet and wrote, "Wake up! I'm almost ready and waiting!" 

For anyone interested, I placed that photo on the Soles of Silk Instagram page (@SolesofSilk). I tend to do that whenever one of the girls send me random photos of their feet. Mindee and Emerald actually did that about a week ago too. Love getting those texts! Back to my lazy ass though! 

Seeing those feet of hers was all the inspiration I needed to get myself motivated. I got in the shower, got dressed, gathered my camera equipment, and was out the door. After a short drive, I was at her house and ready to go.

Mindee showed me some clothing options and asked me what I wanted her to wear. I wanted her to keep it simple. We were going to shoot some photos as she hung up Christmas lights, so I didn't want anything out of the ordinary. I did request her Ugg Boots, however. As much as I used to hate those things, there is just something I love about a girl slipping her warm feet from them - especially without socks. Mindee, naturally, didn't wear any since she knows I like it like that too.

Mindee's feet are wrapped up with Christmas lights.

It was still a little damp outside since it was still morning time. With Mindee on the porch, I went down below to shoot her hanging the lights. We did a handful of shots of her standing, but eventually got those boots off and her angelic feet involved.

Mindee had brought out a crate full of Christmas lights, including some fancy ones shaped like icicles. For the remainder of the set Mindee wrapped her feet in the lights and shoved them between her soft toes. I just kept shooting until it was time for us to leave for an appointment she had.

For the next hour or so we took care of Mindee's appointment and then went to meet up with the person I knew who could help her with her event. We literally finished both in mere minutes and had hours left before she had to be back home. More photos? Naturally, because Mindee - that's why.

Since we were kind of close to an old historic mill I've used for some shoots in the past, we decided to head over there to see if we could find a spot to shoot. Mindee wore another flannel and pair of boots just in case we were able to squeeze in a second set. Well, we had the time and a perfect place for the outfit.

When we arrived there was a very light drizzle, but it stopped almost immediately. We got out and walked around for a little bit. Mindee really liked the area and said some of her friends had been there before, but it was her first time seeing it herself.

As we made our way around some of the old buildings, Mindee liked this lonely bench that was sitting out in the open, over by some trees. With it being December, there were no leaves to be seen, unless you count on the ground. I thought the leafless trees and location looked great, so we used it.

Sometimes the simple sets are just so great - like this one by the woods on a bench.

For the second time today Mindee would pose her feet in a pair of boots. These ones, more of an ankle height boot, got a little muddy on the bottoms from walking around. Oh well, it fit the natural look of the theme. I liked it.

Without much instruction Mindee posed her feet in her boots all over the bench. The only instructions I remember giving was when it was time to start pulling off each one of her boots. Otherwise I was just taking photos of her putting her pretty feet every which way possible.

When I felt like I had enough photos, Mindee remarked that it went by so quick. And it did. We followed up the photos with a video clip. That's when Mindee mentioned she could pull off her flannel and do another one, if I wanted. 

I actually liked the idea, but looking at the clock, I didn't think we'd have the time to visit a few nearby stores on the way home. Most importantly, however, it would also limit the time I wanted to invest in rubbing those perfect size 8's. I was very much looking forward to another foot rub out in the middle of a very scenic location. I'm sure Mindee was too. The debate is still out on who was looking forward to it more, though.

For about half an hour or so Mindee and I just sat on the bench and I pampered those heavenly feet. We talked about this and that and just relaxed. It's always good to catch up with her. After or pre-shoot (even mid-shoot) foot rubs give us a chance to chat without having to stop what we're saying every few seconds to smile and snap a photos. Naturally, it also provides me time to have my hands all over her feet. I just call that a job perk!

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