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Sunday's Shoot - Twins: Felicia & Bridgette (New Model)

I did a shoot several days ago and have been waiting to blog about it as I normally do. Why did I wait? Well, I had been planned a Christmas set for the last few weeks and wanted to keep it a surprise. This set was done during Sunday's shoot, so I had to wait as I didn't want to spoil it. Now that the set has been published to Soles of Silk, it's time to talk about the sets that were done on Sunday with Felicia, and the site's newest model, and Felicia's twin sister, Bridgette.

About a month ago Felicia and I were exchanging texts and she told me that her fraternal twin sister, Bridgette, wanted to pose for the site too. I actually already knew Bridgette as she used to work with both Felicia and I. I never imagined that she'd be up for something like posing for Soles of Silk, but when Felicia told me the news, my brain gears began to spin. 

"What about a Christmas themed set?" I asked Felicia.

Felicia loved the idea and checked with her sister to see what her schedule looked like in the weeks leading up to Christmas. She told me that they could shoot on Sunday, December 21, if that wasn't too late for me. I said it wasn't and booked a hotel for the day. I told them both to plan on doing several sets as I wanted to make a day out of it.

In the weeks leading up to the shoot both girls were asking me what the other themes might be for their sets. As I thought things through, I came up with the idea of doing two twins sets back-to-back. With twins everything is twice as nice, right?

"Want to do a New Years set and a Christmas set," I asked both girls in a text.

Felicia and Bridgette loved the idea, so I had two sets planned that would have both girls in front of the camera at the same time. I figured with the holidays upon us and the site also turning 10 on December 29, this was the perfect time to do things in a big way.

As for other sets, I came up with an idea that reflected both girls individually for them to do in a solo set. More on those below.

Sunday began like any other day, but in the back of my mind, I was so excited to be shooting these two twin sisters. It's always fun to debut a new model and to be honest, I had only shot two sets with Felicia, so shooting her is still new. Both girls, from my interactions with them, are quite fun, so I knew that having them together was going to be memorable.

I arrived at the hotel and began setting things up ahead of time. The girls arrived shortly thereafter and waited for me to finish getting my things in place. In the meantime, Bridgette put together a large puzzle to be used as one of the many props in her Hello Kitty set.

Hello Kitty is something Bridgette is a huge fan of. When I sent her a few pictures of the Hello Kitty items I had picked up preparing for the shoot, she told me how much she was looking forward to the shoot and loved all the items I was showing her. I asked her to bring whatever else she may have as well. Two of the things she brought were actually on her size 11 feet when she arrived - Hello Kitty Vans and Hello Kitty socks.

Bridgette's first set was done to a Hello Kitty theme - something she's a huge fan of.

Bridgette's first set took place on the floor. We put the puzzle down and placed all the various items about. Obviously, my favorite thing in the scene was my brand new model. I went over how I shoot my sets and told her, "Above everything else, have fun!" And that she did.

I had Bridgette pose her big feet in her shoes and socks for a bit. Right after she arrived Felicia and her boyfriend, who also came with the girls, had been teasing her about having sweaty feet. With that in mind, I didn't mind letting them get just a little more sweaty before they were finally bare for the camera. Of course, once she started pulling her footwear off, Felicia, her boyfriend, and I all had jokes for Bridgette. Guess you can call it rookie hazing?

By the end of the set Bridgette seemed totally comfortable and was even doing some of her own poses. We shot a video clip of her on the couch kicking off her Hello Kitty Vans (without socks) and then called it a wrap.

Now it was Felicia's turn. I originally wanted Felicia to go first so that Bridgette could see how a set is done before doing her own. But yeah, Felicia arrived a little unprepared and wanted to paint her nails, do some make up, write a novel, cook a roast, and who knows what else. Okay, so she didn't write the novel or cook the roast, but at least the prop for her set was assembled in the days prior to the shoot - a Lego Star Wars AT AT.

As you already know from her debut shoot blog, "Sunday's Shoot - Felicia," back in October, Felicia is a huge Star Wars fan. Even though we did the Star Wars books and shoes theme, I had an itch to do a Lego set as I had never done one before. Since they have about 3 million different Star Wars Lego sets out there, I bought her the AT AT and she was overly excited and thankful. It really was a perfect prop for her.

Before we began the set, however, we stopped for a pizza break. I couldn't forget to mention this part of the day as it provided for some laughs. 

When the delivery guy arrived I had all my photo lamps set up in the living room area. I opened the door and there were two beautiful girls in the room with bright photo lamps lighting up the place. As he handed me the pizzas and check, he was slowly muttering.

"Photo lights... Camera...," he said looking around as I just let him pretty much wonder what the hell we were doing. And then his inner nerd came out.

"Is that an AT AT?" he asked.

"Yeah, a Lego one," I replied.

From that moment on, he was speechless. Never mind the fact that two good looking girls were in the room with photo equipment, that AT AT... That was what he keyed in on in the long run.

I took the pizza and told him to have a good one and all of us laughed at the experience as we stuffed our faces. It's just one of those little stories you'll always remember.

Felicia's Lego Star Wars AT AT stands over her feet.

I ended up shooting Felicia's set over on the couch so that the AT AT and a few other Star Wars props could be placed on the table. I thought it would make the most sense to have the Legos there so she could stick her feet all around it comfortably. My idea worked as the AT AT stood tall next to her dominant size 8.5's. I say dominant because during the entire shoot I was instructed to rub Felicia's feet, but denied her. Mostly due to her boyfriend being there with us, which she swore didn't matter. Still, I wasn't sure how well it would go over and was scolded for not doing as I was told. I'm sure I haven't heard the last of this and will probably be making up for it a lot next time we shoot.

A video was also shot of Felicia on the couch as she read through the instructions on how to assemble the AT AT. Sadly, once I got got home, I realized that the clip itself is overly blurry for some reason. I'm not exactly sure as to why, so it looks like something that won't be published.

Now it was time to put these two girls together. I pulled out all the Christmas props for the set and this is when I learned that I screwed up. My plan was to shoot a set with some unique gingerbread men. Now, I put down a gingerbread house when I saw these unique Gingerdead Men zombie cookies near by. I thought they were already baked, like with the house, and you just had to decorate them. Nope. The box was full of the mix and cookie cutters. Without an oven in the hotel, that idea wasn't happening. Luckily, I bought some Santa knee high socks and some gingerbread Peeps too. The girls made due with those.

Christmas, twins, knee high socks, and bare feet. What a treat!

As I fully expected, having these two girls sitting side-by-side in a set was fun times. Both constantly messed with the other as they tugged on each other's socks, and of course, when Felicia teased Bridgette about how sweaty hers were. During their silly antics, both girls were getting tickled by their own movements too. I couldn't tell you how many times Bridgette pulled her feet away, or Felicia laughed out loud and yelled at her sister.

Once the Peeps came into play Bridgette and Felicia were pretty much doing what they wanted at that point. Whatever suggestions I threw out there were taken, but often missed because of the distraction of those gooey marshmallows. The spaces between all of their toes quickly became sticky and gingerbread men were ripped to pieces! Bridgette even claimed it was her most memorable moment shooting for the site so far in her upcoming, 10 for 10 interview on Soles of Silk.

"From these first few shoots that I have done, the most memorable experience would be putting things between my toes! I have never squished anything between my toes before, so it was a weird feeling," she said.

After shooting almost 90 photos I turned my camera to video mode and told the girls to have all that same fun they just had once again. I just sat back and let them do their thing.

With the set and clip now finished I let the girls get ready for the next and final set on the day - the New Years themed set. I moved my lights into the bedroom and threw various props about. When the girls came in wearing their silver and gold outfits, I loved what I saw. Felicia pulled on a pair of heels and Bridgette shoved her feet into some flats. I kind of liked them having different kinds of shoes. I'm not sure I've done that before - always electing to have multi-model shoe themes have the same kinds of shoes. Maybe that'll be something to look into doing more in the future.

The twins direct you to their "festive activities."

Now that we were all ready the girls climbed onto the bed and I began shooting another set of these two together. Although there was nothing sticky to shove between their toes this time, the twins had a blast kicking off their shoes and using the festive New Years props in creative ways. Things still found their way between all those playful toes though!

Like with the previous sets we wrapped things up with a clip. The girls blew into their noise makers and yelled "Happy New Years," a few times. I was so worried that the adjoining room would call the front desk as it was close to midnight by time we reached this point. We lucked out, however, and I ended up getting a cute little clip to celebrate the arrival of 2015.

I hope you are all as excited as I am to see a new set of twins on Soles of Silk, and the addition of another model with size 11 feet - the other being Molly. Wrapping up the end of 2014, celebrating the site's 10 years online, and bringing in 2015 with Felicia and Bridgette was something I couldn't pass up.

I'm certain you'll be seeing much more of these two in the future. Felicia and I have talked numerous times about shoot ideas. I have also talked with Bridgette about some ideas best saved for warmer weather. Both girls are looking forward to what we might do in 2015 and beyond, as am I!

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