Fantasy Shoots - Comic Heroines

The following blog is a repost (with some slight alterations and updates) of a column posted to Soles of Silk on Dec. 7, 2011. I'm sharing it again with great reception of the Captain America: Winter Soldier movie and the hype of the upcoming movies such as: Guardians of the Galaxy, Amazing Spider-Man 2, and X-Men: Days of Futures Past.

By now you are probably aware that I am a huge comic book fan. When Mindee did her Power Girl feature set on Wu's Feetlinks and then Jamie did one with Batgirl (Sample 01 / Sample 02), I knew I had the start of an ongoing series on my hands. Eventually Carlin would go on to do a Catwoman themed shoot (Sample 01 / Sample 02), but that has been all that I have published to this point, although there have been, and currently are plans to do more. Lela Beryl even did a set with comic book cards that will be going online soon.

Doing sets done with the sole mates with a comic book theme is one thing, but what if the heroines themselves were real? And what if I could have them in front of my camera for Soles of Silk? Yes, I'm going that nerdy in this blog. I know the girls aren't real, BUT what if they were? What if I could have a handful of the world's super heroines (or super villains) as sole mates? Who would they be? There are a lot of female comic characters out there these so I'm going to limit my picks to a Top 10 Listing starting with...

10 - Ms. Marvel (Marvel Comics)

More of a recent favorite, Ms. Marvel has that brash attitude that I love having on the site. She has that air of confidence about her that would make for some good teasing for sure.

9 - She-Hulk (Marvel Comics)

People are ALWAYS saying we should "go green." Well, I sure never got to play with a pair of green feet, much less take photographs of them - although Charlee's feet did turn green in her very first shoot thanks to popsicles. Anyhow, the She-Hulk comic are so tongue in cheek fun, I can only imagine if she were real, a shoot with this green gal would be quite fun.

8 - Lady Death (Boundless/Avatar/Chaos Comics)

Lady Death has always oozed sexiness when it comes to her character. With only perhaps Vampirella giving her a run for the money with sexuality, Lady Death would sure bring a little bit of fetish flavor to the site without even taking off a boot or thigh high stocking from her long white legs.

7 - Harley Quinn (DC Comics)

I've been in love with this crazy cat since she debuted on the Batman: Animated Series back when I was in school. I think her antics are awesome and even though she's a bad girl, I think she's got enough good in her to make a foot fetish photo shoot something to remember. And hey, if Mr. J (Joker) has a foot fetish, she'd surely want to do it. Cierra and I have plans to do a Harley Quinn themed set that I'm very much looking forward to.

6 - Mystique (Marvel Comics)

While Mystique isn't my favorite female comic character, I was going to include her in this list at the #1 spot as a gag. Being able to copy anyone she comes in contact with, I could have her be every one of these girls and then some. One girl could do an entire site of hundreds of different heroines and villains. As for the shoots though, I'd know it wasn't the real deal before me, so I decided not to have her in that #1 spot.

5 - Storm (Marvel Comics)

I had to include this dark skinned and light haired beauty on the list. There are not enough black females characters in comics, but Storm sure takes the cake as the most well known. And if worst came to worst, she could make every day a great day to go out and take some photos. Charlee has expressed doing a shoot based off this popular leader of the X-Men.

4 - Psylocke (Marvel Comics)

I have a soft spot for Asians, but much like black women, there isn't a ton of Asian girls in comics (not including Anime and Manga here). Psylocke has always been one of my favorites. Aliza was even supposed to do a shoot with a Psylocke theme to it, but isn't currently shooting. Would be nice to have some martial art feet on the site.

3 - Supergirl (DC Comics)

I know she's supposed to be 17, but when you're 17 for decades in outer space and then a teenager for countless more years in comics, you're not 17 anymore. Anyhow, Supergirl has that youth factor that would sure make for a nice addition with all my other barely legal models who pose for me. Kayleigh was slated to do a Supergirl themed set at one point, but we just never got around to doing it.

2 - Power Girl (DC Comics)

Supergirl from another dimension, Power Girl is the reason I got back into reading comics. It was hard not to put her at the #1 spot for that reason alone. It is the reason why I used her as the set for Mindee's Power Girl feature set on Wu's Feetlinks though. So having this big breasted, fun loving hero on the site would rock.

1 - Wonder Woman (DC Comics)

As far as female comic characters go, Wonder Woman is the Babe Ruth, Shakespeare, Da Vinci, Michael Jordan, etc. equivalent. You couldn't ask for a bigger female comic character, if she were real, to pose on this site. Plus, I'd love to have a set of big smelly Amazon feet coming fresh out of her trademark red boots in a set. Originally Marcy was supposed to do a Wonder Woman themed set that fell through numerous times. Since then I have asked Aspen to do one, which might actually turn into two sets, but scheduling has been an issue.

Honorable Mentions - Aspen Matthews (Aspen Comics), Batgirl (DC Comics), Grace (Aspen Comics), Poison Ivy (DC Comics), Catwoman (DC Comics), Black Cat (Marvel Comics, X-23 (Marvel Comics), and Zatanna (DC Comics).

All characters above, named and shown are the intellectual property of their respected companies.