Monday, July 8, 2013

Monday's Shoot - Mindee & Marcy

Before I began my recent road trip I had asked Mindee if she wanted to schedule a shoot for when I returned. She said she'd be open on July 8 and I told her that should be fine. I was set to return home a day or two before that Monday. I did tell her, however, that I'd text her from the road just to confirm that the trip was on schedule since my friend and I were driving almost 2,000 miles.

With only two destinations left on our road trip, I sent Mindee that text and told her shooting on July 8 was looking good since I didn't experience any set backs. When Mindee replied, she surprised me with an unexpected question. She wanted to know if it was okay for her cousin, Marcy, to tag along and shoot again. I was taken back, but eager to have Marcy pose again. I said yes.

For those of you who don't know, Marcy posed for Soles of Silk right after her 18th birthday in a set that had her looking at her first ever porno magazine - none other than an issue of Leg Show (Sample 01 / Sample 02). She also did a set for me on the track after jogging for all those sweaty feet fans out there (Sample 01 / Sample 02). Then came one of the wildest sets ever done for the site, her mud puddle set (Sample 01 / Sample 02). Marcy literally got into the puddle for the set. I had just wanted her to stick her feet in, but she went all out... or should I say, in? And then there was one of the more memorable holiday sets. Marcy posed with Mindee in a candy canes Christmas themed set where the girls were so playful together (Sample 01 / Sample 02).

Marcy sure was a hit, but that is where things took a turn.

After no showing a few shoots I got to the point where I didn't bother to ask Marcy to pose anymore. As much as I loved shooting her and as great as all of her sets had been, I just don't have too much time to shoot. When I lose a day due to a no show, I could have penciled someone else in instead with all the models I try to shoot with on a regular basis. Because of this I told Mindee that maybe one day she could have Marcy pose with her again instead of me scheduling with her by herself. I didn't think Marcy would no show if her cousin was there, but if she did, then I'd have Mindee to shoot the entire time anyhow. And that is how it was left for a few years.

Some of you might remember the Soles of Silk Model Statuses series I did on the blog back in May. In the fourth part I mentioned Marcy saying the following:

Arranging shoots with Marcy was never easy. She always seemed busy and then even stood me up on a few occasions. I have since told her cousin, Mindee, that I'd only schedule something with her again if Mindee was there. I think she'd be less likely to no show a shoot with Mindee around because Mindee would let her know how screwed up it is. I haven't pressed Mindee to contact her to pose as I've been plenty busy with the girls who don't stand me up. Still, I'd like to see if giving her another chance might work out. Only time will tell.

Fast forward back to present, and it looks like that chance worked out. Mindee and Marcy were on their way to meet me at a college I wanted to use for a soccer set. I actually hate soccer, but know how many people love it and figured it would be a perfect reason to use some knee high socks. I've had a lot of requests for those. Both girls have also played soccer at one point or another.

The only thing scaring me at this point was the weather forecast. The weather app on my iPhone was calling for a chance of rain and thunderstorms - which has been the norm for just about every set I've shot in the last month. But so far so good at the start of this set.

Mindee's & Marcy's Soccer set

Luckily for us there was only two people in the general area when we got to the fields. We went over by one of the goals and both girls started the set off in their tennis shoes and socks. Before long, however, the two cousins were doing as they did years ago, grabbing at each other's footwear and stripping each other to bare soles and toes. Both had picked awesome toenail polish colors with Mindee having a soft purple and Marcy, a bright pink/orange hue. In the sun, those colors popped!

Since the rain held off, it made for quite a humid day. The girls' feet were very warm and even a little sweaty - especially between the toes. Marcy at one point told Mindee to get a piece of sock lint out of her toes. I squashed that and said to leave it. Marcy laughed as I told her that's actually something some of us like. Plus it helped show how moist they were.

By the time we got to the end of photos I decided to go ahead and do clips of the girls pulling each other's socks off. Of course, whenever it's time for video recording, more people have to come into the area. A few joggers came along and were running around the track. We didn't care and just kept filming. I'm sure they were wondering what in the world we were up to. And then to top it off, a guy on a large riding lawn mower came down. Lawn mowers, police cars, trains, boats... you name it. If it makes noise, it'll come around when it's time for my outdoor clips.

Once we were done shooting the soccer set I wanted to do a set of Marcy by herself. It was too long since I had one of her solo and since I just posted the set of Mindee and Jamie with the apple pie (Sample 01 / Sample 02), I didn't want to post two duo sets featuring Mindee within weeks of each other.

Not having a ton of time, Marcy changed in her car and we all headed up onto the college campus. I brought a few graphic novels to use as a prop, but decided on the Wonderful Wizard of Oz as Marcy had brought silver flats. Now before you all chime in and say, "Dorthy's shoes are ruby and red," let me tell you the slippers were changed for the film version. In the original book, her slippers were silver. They were changed to red because silver just doesn't pop on screen like red does. And while we're at it, the same holds true for Cinderella. Her slippers weren't glass, but also silver - something for you odd trivia buffs.

After sharing those above tidbits with Marcy over a lengthy foot rub we began shooting. Mindee stayed off to the side looking on for this one. She'd be shooting a solo set afterward, so this was Marcy's turn.

Marcy's silver flats set

This set ended up featuring a lot of arch peeks and dangling while still in the flats. And like it always seems to be with flats, Marcy's feet were getting a little damp by time she got them fully removed. That's the one benefit from shooting on such hot/muggy days. Sure, I sweat my ass off taking the photos, but if you're a fan of sweaty female feet, it sure doesn't take long to cook them inside some footwear.

Once Marcy's shoes came off, she commented on how good the breeze felt, as I'm sure it also blew through her moist toes. With those flats off, we got a ton of great sole shots, as well as some creative shots of her toes on top of the page where Dorothy got her silver slippers. Of course we kept her silver flats nearby as a bonus.

After finishing up Marcy's solo set the girls looked over their photos before Marcy had to depart. It was time for Mindee and I to travel to our shoot location, but Marcy stuck around just long enough to help her pick out an outfit. Of course the girls don't want to ask me for advice. You know how girls are, they'll just go with what the other girl says anyhow. Plus, if Mindee is going to be flashing those size 8 soft soles of hers, I tend not to pay much attention to the outfits anyhow.

When we finally arrived at Mindee's location we sat down on a bench and I insisted on giving her a foot rub. Can't go giving a girl's cousin one and not give her one too, ya know. So out came the lotion bottle again and we took a few minutes to chill out before shooting the first pictures of her set.

The location I picked for Mindee's set was at this small pond. There are a number of benches and small boardwalks all around the location. On this day there happened to be a few guys fishing at a second pond in the back. It's not really an ideal fishing spot, so I don't know what kind of luck they were having. With as many photos as Mindee has done, especially public ones, we just let them do their thing and began shooting.

Mindee spreading her toes by the pond

Mindee asked whether she should just pose barefoot or wear her sandals. Since I have a couple of other non-posted sets of Mindee waiting to go up with one of her in sandals and one of her barefoot, I said it didn't matter. I then changed my mind and said to start off in them as they were kind of cute. It wouldn't hurt as she'd still be barefoot by the end anyhow.

With some clouds in the sky, the sun kept going in and out. It was still really hot though and Mindee and I were both feeling it. Her soles were quite warm to the touch - not that I touched them too often. Okay, maybe several times. Alright, more than that... Guilty!

Before we knew it we were over 30 photos into the set and we hadn't moved a single time. My original plan was to bounce from bench to bench and use the entire area - minus where the guys were fishing. The photos were too cute and I just lost focus. We did eventually get to a second bench under a tree though. After shooting another 30 there, I just decided to keep it to those two spots as we had already shot an entire set.

Just to keep with tradition, once I began shooting the video a train went by off in the distance as did a helicopter from the airport a few miles away. They weren't too loud though.

After going back to the car to review her photos, Mindee asked if I wanted to shoot another set. I wasn't sure if she had planned on doing a second solo, so I said, "Sure, if you've got the time. More Mindee is never bad."

Mindee replied, "I brought another set of clothes, so I'm game."

As she continued to look through her photos I figured out our next location. I asked if she had been to a nature center not too far away from where we were. She said she had years ago and thought it was a good idea. A few minutes later, we were on our way.

When we arrived I suggested heading to a river overlook spot I hadn't used before. Several years ago Charlee posed at one overlook (Sample 01 / Sample 02) and Jamie had posed on a foot bridge that very same day (Sample 01 / Sample 02). Just last year I had intended to have Nikki pose at this location, but our path was blocked by a ton of fallen trees and we just did her muddy trail set instead (Sample 01 / Sample 02).

Well, this idea turned into nothing but an epic adventure of walking through trails and being bitten by a ton of bugs. We got to the first overlook and all it ended up being was a small skinny pier of sorts that went through the swamp grass on the shoreline. It was so overgrown and there were so many bugs we decided to move on.

Since I had grabbed a map in the parking lot, we ended up finding another overlook not too far away. About 1 million bugs and a few dozen sticky plants later, we were welcomed to an overlook that was just a grassy shoreline. There was nowhere to pose at all. These overlooks were nothing like the one Charlee had used. And by this time, we were running out of time. Mindee had to be back to some prior engagements. So we began to head back.

During our walk, however, there was a random picnic bench in the middle of the woods in this vast clearing. There was tall grass all over and it was actually a very photogenic spot. Mindee asked if I wanted to do the set here, but with the bugs flying all over, I knew they'd be seen in the pictures. Mother Nature had beaten us at this point. Maybe another day when the bugs aren't so bad. Maybe even in the fall.

After the long hike back to the parking lot, a dark cloud was moving quickly overhead. With less than 100 feet from our cars, it began to rain. Looks like this second shoot would have to wait. Oh well, looking forward to shooting Mindee again is never a bad thing.


  1. Just curious, do you pay these girls for their shoots or do they do it for free?

    1. I pay everyone who poses for me as I charge a membership fee on the site. To be honest though, most of my models are personal real life friends of mine who do it mostly for fun. At times I've had girls tell me they don't want to be paid, but I always insist.