Friday, June 7, 2013

The Artwork of Soles of Silk

Coming from a background in fine and graphic arts, I enjoy seeing what other people can create based off of the Soles of Silk models and my photography. For years there has been a Downloads section inside the members area where people can find things such as message board avatars, buddy icons, wallpapers (both computer & mobile), as well as other miscellaneous art. There has also been a number of wallpaper design contests where people have submitted their own creations for a chance to win free membership. And finally, a few people have submitted so much great work to the site that I gave them their very own sub-section. In this blog, I want to take a look at each of these artists and recognize their talents in creating some really great foot fetish themed work based off the girls of Soles of Silk.


(site no longer valid)

The first artist who began submitting regular pieces of art was Arkano. His style was simple, yet fun. As an artist who often abides by the "less is more" saying, I love how Arkano was able to take the model right out of her setting and put in abstract backgrounds to really make the girl pop. The piece above of my ex-girlfriend Paige Noelle, is one of my favorites.

I haven't heard from Arkano in years and noticed his site is no longer up and running. I keep his banner linked from his downloads page just in case he ever makes a return. For now though, the 12 pieces I have from Arkano remain as odes to some of the site's original models - some of which, like Arkano, are no longer regulars to the site.

Foot Toons &

I'd be surprised if you never heard of or saw Foot Toons work before. I've been a fan long before he ever submitted his first pieces to Soles of Silk - which were football themed pieces of Carmen in Redskins gear and the twins, Kimmie and Kellie, in Ravens gear (above). Ever since then he has submitted pieces based on some of the site's most popular models.

Being a huge fan of comic books, Foot Toons style just rocks. He does some really playful pieces and you can tell he adores each girl he draws. I don't know how he keeps up with the demand as he's always showing off new sketches on Twitter (@FootToons), but I'm just glad he finds some time every once and a while to turn one of the Soles of Silk girls into one of his wonderful toons.


The most recent contributor of artwork to Soles of Silk goes by the name of Skulls. I found some of Skulls artwork online and noticed that quite a few of the pieces were done featuring Soles of Silk models. I made contact and asked if he'd like to have a spot on the site to showcase all of his work. He was quite happy to take part and I was equally as happy to show off his talents.

Skull's style is very different from the two above, which is always a good thing when it comes to art. I find Skull's pieces to have a grittiness to them that gives the work an edge most of the original photos never did. It's the artistic equivalent to what many of you do adding filters to your photos in Instagram. He takes a shot, like the one of above of Molly, pouring applesauce onto her big feet, and gives it a different mood.

How About You?

If you're an artist who likes to create artwork based off of female feet and would like to be featured on Soles of Silk, I'd love to have you. I prefer someone who could make semi-regular contributions and the artwork be focused on site's models. The artwork need not be fine art in nature as I also love digital creations - like the one I created above featuring Aspen. So if you're interested, contact me via email at and we can discuss details.

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