Old Stuff - What Happened Last Year (Year in Review)

Kayleigh was the first model to pose her feet for some new sets in 2012.

The blog below was originally published in Soles of Silk's Column section. It was archived and then republished here in 2016.

So here we are. We made it past December 21 without the world ending. That's a good thing because I shot so much content in 2012 that I have yet to share with you. There are some great plans for 2013's future, but we're not focusing on that right now. What I want to do, is take a look at is some of the highlights of the previous year. So here it is, month by month, some of my favorite moments and highlights of 2012:

The year started off slow with Kayleigh posing for a couple of new sets including her Wine Bottles and Bedtime Book sets.

Much like this year's contest, there was not many entries until the final moments of the Soles of Silk Trivia Contest.

Wendy and I found some really neat looking spots to shoot some new sets.

Wendy posed for the first time in about two years. Wendy would go on to pose for countless photo sets over 2012, and only a handful of these have been posted at this point.

I posted the Models Interview Me series in the Interviews section. In it, the models ask me all kinds of foot fetish and web site related questions. The girls came up with really fun and creative stuff. I'd like to do some follow ups to this series, but I'm scared the girls might not have too many more questions to ask at this point.

Carlin looked beautiful in all of the sets we were able to shoot in March.

I got to meet up with Carlin for some much needed photos. I had only shot her two times before, but had such great results and couldn't wait as we had an entire day planned. We ended up doing five sets including: Bed Sheets, Catwoman Fangirl, Fence Net/Rose Petals, Nerds Candy, and finally the messy Brownie Mix.


If there was any months where I laid a little low, it would be April. It was just business as usual with posting content and waiting for the warmer months that were soon to come.

Charlee had a busy May, shooting with me several times.

Kayleigh broke the 1,000 photo mark, joining only a handful of models who have accomplished the same.

Charlee posed for a handful of sets. We made immediate plans again to shoot some more several weeks later. Both shoots produced some great shots in some neat locations.

Jamie posed for some new sets after being away at school for several months. She always makes sure to hit me up when she's on break and this was no exception.

Kayleigh did a Wu's Feet Links feature set inside a school bus.


Kayleigh is featured on Wu's Feet Links as the Feature Model for June. She did the a school bus themed set called After School Feet. In it, she showed off her little feet fresh out of her tennis shoes and socks on a very rainy morning. Kayleigh was the seventh feature model set to appear on Wu's Feet Links.

Jessie returned to the site after years of not being seen. We got together to do three sets and a lot of you were happy to see her big feet back.

Mileena and I spent an entire day together and shot in some interesting locations.

During a week of vacation, I photographed Mindee, Ryan, Mileena, Kellie, Nikki, and Olivia. It was very hot, but that didn't stop me from getting almost 20 total sets of these beauties.

On the final day of the year, my brand new Canon T3i arrived. I knew I'd be using it a day later when I shot Aspen's first ever photos.

Aspen made her debut and man, she was popular!


After turning 18 at the very end of July, Aspen made her huge splash at the start of August. Since her debut, she's become one of my most shot models of the year.

Olivia posed for the site's annual football themed set. This year's set has some fantasy football flavor to it.

Nikki headed out with me for a day of photos. I found some interesting locations about an hour away and when I showed them to Nikki, she was all for it.

Having been removed at the end of 2010, Aliza's photos, videos, and content were restored. In the months to follow, her two remaining old sets were finally posted and she also posed for a few brand new ones.

It took us a few tries, but Aspen and I finally got to the beach for a day of photos.

Aspen and I finally got to the beach to do a day long shoot after having our plans rained out several times over the summer. It was also rainy that morning at Seaside Heights, but we were able to make due for four total sets. None of these sets have even been posted yet, but believe me, when they are, you'll love them.

Mindee's friend Emerald made her debut on the site.

The weather turned out to be better than usual for the month of October. There were a number of sets that were done with existing models, even though my initial plans were to begin laying low and using the content I shot over the summer.
Emerald, Mindee's good friend who has wanted to pose, finally did and posed for some amazing sets. Her debut was overly popular and she loved reading all the great comments you sent in.

Aliza posed for her first new sets since being added back on the site. It was a little cold on the day she shot, but we made due and got in two sets that will be posted in the coming months.

Aspen and I took a trip to an amusement park to ride some roller coasters and do her Roller Coaster set, which is part of an little ongoing theme I've done over the years.

Over all, November was a very slow month where I decided to post the sets I've been shooting all year. I was able to get in a few sets with Jamie on another one of her breaks from school though.

I was itching to get Aspen and Ryan together in a set!

I had teased the idea a number of times, but I finally get Ryan and Aspen together for their Christmas Presents shoot. They're good friends and played off one another better than I could have ever imagined. The set went so well, it ended up being the largest set to ever appear on the site to this point. I couldn't put the camera down!

With last minute plans before the New Year, I was able to squeeze in a New Years themed set with a brand new 18 year old Indian model named Alaynah. She's only the second Indian girl to appear on the site and you all loved her debut. I hope to keep her coming back on a regular basis.

With a new year coming, a new model felt like the right move. Alaynah made her debut.

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