2012 Soles of Silk Trivia Contest Results

The blog below was originally published in Soles of Silk's Column section. It was archived and then republished here in 2016.

Well, another year has gone by and another trivia contest is in the books. The turn out wasn't as good as I expected with having advertised the hell out of it on the Soles of Silk Twitter page. Nevertheless, those of you who took part did pretty well overall.

The two 3-month winners both scored a 99/100, so there were no entries this time around that had a perfect score. The five 1-month winners scored a 91, 83, 81, 74, and 71. Those who did not win were still awarded with the five early preview photos from sets of the following models: Olivia, Aliza, Jamie, Nikki, and Aspen.

Now onto the correct answers of this year's questions. All answers appear in bold with a percentage of those who got each question correct.

1-Point Questions (5 Total Possible Points)
1. What model posed in a Wu's Feetlinks Feature Model set in 2012?

2. What NFL team logo can be found on the wall and carpet in Olivia's fantasy football set?

3. What color were Amelia's toes in her debut set?
BLUE (100%)

4. Name the model featured in the current site's Twitter page background.
CARLIN (83%)

5. Which of the following models has the most photos currently found on the site: Charlee, Nikki, Wendy, Ryan, or Kayleigh?
WENDY (100%)

2-Point Questions (10 Total Possible Points)
6. Which model, who was removed from the site in 2010, had her sets, clips, and content restored this year?
ALIZA (91%)

7. What color stockings did Carlin wear in her Mother's Day set with the roses?
BLACK (100%)

8. What model showed off her wet feet under a waterfall in a set this summer?

9. Name two of the following models who did NOT have a set posted in 2012: Jordana, Autumn, Cierra, Abby, Kimmie, or Lady Steph?
AUTUMN & KIMMIE (75%; 25% got partial credit)

10. If you add up their shoe sizes, which model trio has the SMALLEST total? Nikki/Kellie/Aliza, Aspen/Ryan/Wendy, Olivia/Kayleigh/Abby, or Mindee/Emerald/Mileena?

3-Point Questions (15 Total Possible Points)
11. Which model spent Labor Day at the the beach town, Seaside Heights, with me doing four sets?
ASPEN (75%)

12. Which former roommate of Cierra made her return to the site after not having posed since 2008?
JESSIE (83%)

13. Which model was made into a cartoon and featured in a Baltimore Orioles themed download by Foot Toons this year?
MINDEE (42%)

14. Which model picked "Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson," as her answer for which famous person she'd love to have give her a foot massage in her introductory interview?

15. When I wrote the column, "Prepared? More Like Overly Prepared," which model was listed as having the most photo shoots shot and waiting to be posted at that time?
WENDY (66%)

4-Point Questions (20 Total Possible Points)
16. Which two models did not take part in the "Models Interview Me" series: Olivia, Abby, Mindee, Wendy, Mileena, Charlee, Cierra, Kimmie, Kellie, Ryan, Kayleigh, or Carlin?
CIERRA & WENDY (42%; 25% got partial credit)

17. Which two models reached the 20 gallery mark this year?

JORDANA & WENDY (50%; 33% got partial credit)

18. What female Star Trek television character did I name in the "Where I've Never Gone Before..." column as the one I'd most love to give a foot massage to?
T'POL (42%)

19. Only twice in 2012 did two models appear in a set together. Each of those sets featured a different model pairing. Name the models who appeared in each set pairing.
CHARLEE/JAMIE & RYAN/ASPEN (75%; 8% got partial credit)

20. What two models are found on the Soles of Silk's Instagram profile image?


5-Point Questions (25 Total Possible Points)
21. What app/program did I credit with being a great means of finding interesting photo locations in a column over the summer?

22. Which model was featured in the first set on the site featuring the new 1920 pixel size ratio?
ASPEN (83%)

23. Which model was featured in the first 1080p clip on the site?
OLIVIA (25%)

24. Of the following models, who was not photographed during the "Hot Feet Week" shoots in July: Mindee, Ryan, Mileena, Charlee, Kellie, Nikki, or Olivia?

25. Name the models featured in each of the following clips on the site: 
(42%, 33% got partial credit)
  • A Dashing Splash - AMELIA 
  • Rock & Sole - KELLIE 
  • Some Dam Soft Soles - EMERALD 
  • Alley Antics - CHARLEE 
  • Oh Darn! Detention - JORDANA 

25-Point Bonus Question

* Aspen posed in one of the site's roller coaster themed sets this fall. Name the park she posed in (5 points), the three coasters she posed in front of (5 points each), and the name of the roller coaster found on her shirt (5 points). 
  • Coaster #1 - GRIFFON 
  • Coaster #2 - LOCH NESS MONSTER 
  • Coaster #3 - ALPENGEIST 
  • Shirt Coaster - APOLLO'S CHARIOT 

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