Shoots of Christmases Past

Talk about 4 presents I'd love to unwrap...

The blog below was originally published in Soles of Silk's Column section. It was archived and then republished here in 2016.

This year's Christmas update featuring Ryan and Aspen in their Red & White Fence Nets is one of the biggest sets ever posted on Soles of Silk. I had been itching to get these two girls together since Aspen's debut in August. They're good friends and I knew they'd bring down the house - and they did just that.

With everyone focused on Ryan's and Aspen's size 8 feet this update, I want to also remind all of you new members of the Shoots of Christmas Past, if you will. There have been many other great sets that I've posted for the holidays in years prior. So for all of you who need a little bit more Christmas cheer, check out the following shoots and clips that the Soles of Silk models have done over the years:

Photo Sets 
Christmas Fencenets w/ Ryan & Aspen 
Christmas Socks w/ Mindee 

Video Clips
"The Jingle Belles" w/ Ryan & Aspen 
"Cousins & Candy Canes" w/ Mindee & Marcy 
"You Hid Candy Canes Where?" w/ Mindee & Marcy 
"Spitty Candy Cane Tickle" w/ Mindee & Marcy 
"Unwrapping YOUR Presents" w/ Kayleigh 
"Two Festive Little Feet" w/ Kayleigh 
"Nutcracker Foot Fetish Style" w/ Kelsey 
"Aww... Nuts!" w/ Kelsey 
"Golden Christmas Balls" w/ Kellie 
"Cookies for Santa" w/ Kimmie & Chloe 
"On the 4th Day of Christmas" w/ Madison, Molly, Lauryn & Bethany 
"Lauryn's Christmas Ticklefest" w/ Madison, Molly,Lauryn & Bethany

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