Prepared? More Like Overly Prepared!

I have 5 sets of Mileena and her pretty feet ready to be published.

The blog below was originally published in Soles of Silk's Column section. It was archived and then republished here in 2016.

During the summer I had a plan. That plan was simple. I was going to shoot a bunch of sets to last me through the winter. While using those sets I would invest in a new camera. And then when the spring approached, begin using that camera for all new content. Well, that was the plan and although I followed part of it, I did go off course.

If I had stayed the course I would have only needed to shoot a little more than a dozen sets because I already had a handful of them shot. I already had sets with the likes of Carlin, CharleeJamie, Wendy, and Mindee. Then Aliza agreed to return so I had two sets of hers that were never posted returned to the mix.

In the long run, I ended up shooting a few dozen sets and honestly haven't stopped. I don't know if it's the new camera, or just some creative energy, but I just can't stop scheduling new shoots. The rain has even caused a few to be skipped and/or rescheduled - including Mindee's neighbor, Emerald, who was set to be this week's Coming Soon teasers.

At this point in time, the number of sets I have shot and waiting to be posted is 56. With so many sets it's been fun trying to space out the models so that I'm constantly putting up everyone's favorites as well as changing up themes in the process. I try my hardest not to post, two dirty sole sets for example, back to back. So, who have I shot? Some of you might be asking - and some of you have by your emails lately. Well, here is a breakdown of who I have sets of at this point:
Some of you might be asking if this means I'm planning on stopping shoots for a bit. Well, Aspen's photo at the top of this column comes from a set we did just two days ago. We planned a trip to an amusement park together and since I haven't done any roller coaster sets in a while, I asked her if she'd be up for it. Since she loves roller coasters as much as I do, she was all for it. There would have also have been three sets shot the following day had it not rained. Those were slated to be a new model to the site and we've since rescheduled for this coming week.

Truth be told, as the weather does get cold, I will probably be using mostly those sets above. I'm not opposed to shooting indoors, but I just love shooting outside so much more. If a special occasion calls for a set, such as a holiday, then I will probably squeeze in a new one. But in all reality, it's time to use all the great content I've shot and love. But then again, if a girl is trying to flash her soles at me...

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