More Than Just New Feet This Week

Soles of Silk's newest addition to the model roster, Aspen.

The blog below was originally published in Soles of Silk's Column section. It was archived and then republished here in 2016.

This week marks a number of exciting new additions and changes to Soles of Silk. There are quite a few to go over, so I broke them down by category:

Aspen's Arrival
I've done it again. I've added another new sole mate to the model roster immediately after her 18th birthday. Her name is Aspen and she was only a day older than 18 when she did her first sets. The photo above is from the set I decided not to post first, so consider it an early preview.

Aspen, who I work with, has been wanting to pose for me for over a year. She's friends with a few of the girls at work who also pose, namely Ryan. Knowing the other girls pose and have fun with it, she's been eager to take part. I, of course, was counting down the days too.

Aspen and I had originally planned on doing a handful of sets at a beach resort town, but knew we'd have to plan that for a few weeks down the road. She wanted to pose right away and I was just as anxious to get her on the site. I told her we should just shoot something local to get her on the site and she agreed. We made plans to shoot on a Wednesday afternoon before work. And what made this shoot even sweeter was the arrival of the next topic on the list - my new camera.

Canon Rebel T3i
During the last several months I have been shooting countless photos using the camera I bought prior to opening this site. I literally shot about 10 months worth of content on that camera with the intent on buying a new DSLR camera in the fall/winter months. That changed when I was online and saw a deal I couldn't pass up. After a few days of research on the camera, I liked what I read and decided on the Canon Rebel T3i. I ordered the camera in a bundle pack (with an extra zoom lens) and waited for it to arrive.

The camera was shipped to my workplace and just so happened to arrive the day before Aspen's shoot. When I got home that evening I shot some quick pictures of my dog, spent a few hours working on that week's site update, and then spent the night in bed reading a self-help guide on my camera. I felt so comfortable with the camera and it's basic functions, so I used it the following day.

New File Sizes - Photos
For a few years now I've been posting the photos on the site in a 1280 x 960 size. I've been comfortable with that size. I think it displays nicely on computer monitors, tablets, and phones.

Now that I have the T3i shooting at 18 megapixels, I decided to bump the scale of the photos to 1920 x 1280. This size fills a widescreen monitor. There are sites out there posting photos at scales x2 - x4 times larger, but I just don't like having to scroll through a photo, or take ages to download it on a phone when I don't have WiFi.

Even though I shot those 10 months worth of photos on my old camera, I will be posting them in the new scale as well. There are lots of great sets that have been waiting to make their way to the site, but I first wanted to get through all the sets that I have been sitting on for over a year.

New File Sizes - Videos
When I first began shooting video for the site, my old camera only shot at the 800 x 600 scale. I used it for a while and then began shooting 720p HD clips using my tablet and phone. With the purchase of the T3i, you'll be getting the 1080p HD clips. There is a catch, however.

Since I shot a bunch of clips while out shooting the above mentioned sets, those videos will be posted in the 720p scale. Upscaling the video from its native format would cause too much image degradation. Expect to be seeing clips in both scales until all the 720p clips have found their way onto the site.

A shot from one of Nikki's new sets, done with the Rebel T3i.

New Shoots
I've said a few times now that I shot over 10 months worth of update material on my old camera. I previewed a lot of those sets in the Hot Feet Week series in the Columns section in July. Since that time, however, I've also been squeezing in more sets. Right before I got the new camera, Abby and Kayleigh both did a number of sets. And prior to the Hot Feet Week sets, Charlee and Jamie found themselves before my camera a number of times too.

In addition to all those sets, Nikki just posed for three sets on my new camera. While these might not go up right away, I assure you, they're really nice! Aspen and I have also set a date for next week to do her sets at the beach. Then there is the returning Layla set to pose next week as well. The T3i should also be seeing the likes of Ryan, Olivia, Kellie, Mindee, Cierra, Jordana, Carlin, and Jamie in the coming months. Lastly there is a chance another new model will make her debut, the wife of a former high school classmate. She's got the punky vibe about her and will be quite different than most of the girls you see here on the site.

New Interviews
Two weeks ago Kayleigh took part in a model interview for the site's Interviews section. It was a follow up interview that looked more in depth at Kayleigh's experiences with modeling for the site and her feelings toward the fetish. And this week you have Aspen's introductory interview that looks at her initial views toward posing and her feet. In the months to come I am trying to post even more interviews from various models to let you know just a little more about them.

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