Wednesday, August 22, 2012

August - The Good & The Bad

Layla was long overdue for some new photos. We finally got to find some time!

The blog below was originally published in Soles of Silk's Column section. It was archived and then republished here in 2016.

Man, talk about a month of ups and downs - mostly coming over the last couple of weeks. There is so many things to discuss, I'm once again going to break each thing down into a category, alternating between the good and the bad.

The Good: Layla Returns
Have to start off with this because I was almost certain that Layla was done modeling. I figured her Rocky Stream set I posted on the August 1st update would be her last. But low and behold, the week I posted that set (which I had held for almost two years), she emails me. We get to talking and decide to shoot again. Well, we did so on Sunday, even though it decided to rain. We didn't let it kill the day and did some great shots with her water beaded feet.

The Bad: Blue Screens!!!

If you've ever had a blue screen error from your Windows system, I feel your pain. If you've ever had them happen every single time you restarted your machine, you've probably found yourself saying every curse word there is about a million times over the course of a day. That was me from Friday evening until Wednesday morning. This is also the reason why the site is going up a day late - which I apologize for.

Nikki was so excited to do a set in front of this waterfall.

The Good: Nikki Poses Some More
Even though Nikki was kind enough to do three sets for me during the Hot Feet Week shooting spree back in July, she found herself back in front of my camera this month shooting three more sets. I have to say, Nikki has come a long way from her first sets and is so much fun to shoot. I could never grow tired of shooting those slender little feet of hers.

The Bad: Weather Delays Aspen's Beach Photos
Aspen and I had made plans to do an entire day of shooting along the Jersey Shore this week only to have our plans rained out. The day before our trip (the same rainy day I was shooting Layla), I looked at the weather at the beach for the following day. It read 80 percent chance of thunderstorms. I couldn't see driving all those hours and not coming away with the photos we wanted to take. We both have a feeling these will be awesome shots and didn't want to have them ruined by the weather. We're currently looking at possible dates for the future as we both really want to make this happen.

I loved how well this football themed set came out, featuring Olivia.

The Good: Olivia Shoots 2012 Ravens Set

As I've done every year for the site, this year's Ravens set will feature Olivia. She joins Lauryn, Andrea, Precious, Mindee, WendyNessa, Cierra, Ginger, and Mileena as girls to sport the purple and black in a set for Soles of Silk. The photo found above is one of many shots we did in my friend's basement that is decked out in Ravens carpet and features a large Ravens logo on the wall - painted by yours truly. I painted it earlier this year and told him I fully expected to be able to use the room for one of my future Ravens shoots. I didn't wait long to cash in and had Olivia draft her fantasy football team on one of the comfy couches under the logo.

The Bad: Lost Video Clip
Before I experienced my computer blue screens I took the time to render every single video clip I had shot so they'd all be ready to upload. Well, apparently I deleted part of one Jessie's clips when transferring them from my iPad. I looked on the backup CDs I made, but no dice. I had shot two segments for this clip, the first was barefoot and the second had her slipping her socks and tennis shoes on. Well, the second half is what was lost, so now the clip is a short 1:00 clip of her barefoot. I know all of you sock and tennis shoe fans out there will be bummed about that. I know I was.

The Good: Ryan & Aspen Set(s) On The Horizon
Being such good friends, Ryan and Aspen have been telling me idea after idea at work about shoots they'd like to do together. With both girls being so overly popular, I'm sure anything this pairing does will be an instant hit. If you have any ideas, I will certainly share them with the girls.

The Bad: Jamie Gets Sick & Misses All Day Shoot
Each semester, especially the fall semester, I try to get Jamie in front of the camera to shoot a few extra sets. Since she doesn't go to college locally, I try to have a few sets to sit on while she's away. I had done several sets with her a few months back, but wanted to do some more anyhow. Well, the day before we were set to for an entire day, she contacted me saying she was sick. It isn't like her to cancel on me, so I know she wasn't feeling well. Unfortunately we were unable to reschedule before she left. I had plans with Layla and Aspen on her only open dates, so perhaps if she comes home one weekend we can squeeze some in during the fall or holidays.

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