March 2012 - Spring is in the Air

I have plans to shoot with Carlin soon. I can't wait!

The blog below was originally published in Soles of Silk's Column section. It was archived and then republished here in 2016.

Today it got into the low 70's here in the Baltimore area. Yes, on March 13th, it reached the low 70's. With the temperature so high for this time of year, the girls didn't hesitate to break out the flip flops and sandals. At work today I saw a mix of college girls, business women, and a cougar or two strutting around today in strappy shoes and sure didn't mind most of the views. A few pedicures, or lack thereof, didn't really do it for me. But then there were the ones that did.

One lady, probably upper 30's, came in wearing a pair of cheap flip flops and had her toes painted a bright teal color. Talk about a distraction. Then there was the younger crowd. It seemed like most of the girls in the college age bracket had some shade of pink going and were also wearing flip flops. Then you had a couple of business types who came in wearing some sexy strappy sandals and/or open toe heels. Red seemed to be the pedicure color of choice there.

Time To Plan Some Shoots
This warm weather also provided more than just a visual show for me. It also reminded me that I need to start scheduling some shoots soon. I've already got some plans with Carlin to do an all day shoot in a few weeks, but loving to shoot outdoors, I just hope the weather would stay like this.

Models Interview Me Series
Not sure if you have checked out the new series I started two weeks ago where the models turn the tables and interview me instead. Part 1 of the interview featured questions from: OliviaAbby, Mindee, Kayleigh, Kimmie, Kellie, and Ryan. Most of the questions pertained to my preferences when it comes to feet. The girls seemed to like questions about me sucking on toes and licking food off of feet, so it got fun by the end of that first part.

In Part 2 a few other models joined in on the fun. In the second part of the series, the models who asked questions were as follows: Charlee, Mileena, Kellie, Olivia, Mindee, Kimmie, Carlin, and Abby. This one stuck more to questions about the site's past and present - with some questions about shoots I've done and would like to do.

Part 3 is scheduled to be posted on the March 28th update. I have questions ready to answer from all the girls who took part in the first two interviews and might even have a few others joining in on the fun. Only time will tell. I still have yet to answer the tough questions about my favorite model and such. Man, how can I even attempt to answer that?

Jordana became the seventh model to reach the 20 gallery mark.

Jordana Reaches 20 Galleries
With this update featuring Jordana in her Scuffed Boots set, she has now been seen in 20 galleries here on Soles of Silk. Only six models have reached that feat. Those models are: Cierra (32), Madison (28), Layla (27), Kellie (24), Mindee (21), and Kimmie (20). Wendy is close sitting at 18.

Wallpaper Design Contest Anyone?
It's been a while since I ran a Wallpaper Design Contest. To be honest, I've always loved doing these contests because it gives my fellow artists a method to show off their work as well as a means for all of you to get some neat download content. But here is my question. How many people are going to even bother with it? The last few contests I've ran, barely anyone took part. Even in a question where you could have just filled in whatever answer you wanted and maybe have scored points - no one bothered. I even geared it toward all the members so you'd have an advantage, but nope. Almost all the winners were non-members. It makes no sense. Turn outs for the contests were much higher when the site was new and the membership levels weren't at the point they are now. So, I'm debating on this one.

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