Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2K Club - Cierra's Milestone of Reaching 2,000

Cierra is the first ever member of the 2K Club on Soles of Silk.

The blog below was originally published in Soles of Silk's Column section. It was archived and then republished here in 2016.

With this week's update something very special happened. Cierra, who has been posing for me from the time I began work on this site in 2004, reached the 2,000 photo mark with her Brick Buildings set. It was early in January of 2011 that she passed Madison as the site's most photographed model. And here we are, the last week of 2011 and Cierra has set this milestone too.

When I interviewed Cierra in her introductory interview in 2005, she had this to say, "I know my feet are cute and I've never done this before, but I figured it's worth a try." 

Well, that try sure turned into MANY productive photo shoots and video clips. Without getting into a list of all 32 galleries she has on the site thus far, I'd like to take a look at some of my favorite Cierra shoots.

Cierra's very popular, very teasing, Wu's Feet Links feature set.

Wu's Feet Links Feature Model Set - 2009
From the moment Wu first approached me about doing the site's first feature model set with Carmen on the Blue Jeans & Toes, I've always had some great response from viewers and fans. In 2009 Wu decided on Cierra to represent Soles of Silk in a feature set for the year. I came up with the idea to do the site's first ever Size & Foot Teasing set, which was so popular, I've since done several follow ups to it with other models since.

I had an unforgettable night with Cierra at the Ocean back in 2010.

1 Night at the Ocean: 5 Sets and a Foot Rub
In January 2010 Cierra and I spent the night at a hotel in Ocean City, Md. The main goal was to shoot the Valentine's Day set as the hotel room had a heart shaped hot tub inside. Five total sets and one sweaty foot rub stuck in the middle and I had one of the most productive and fun days of shooting since I began the site. For a complete look at that amazing day, you can see this column, "Timeline: An All Day Shoot with Cierra," from January 2010.

Cierra always wants to step in stuff and squish it.

Food Shoots
Cierra is not only well known for her sweaty feet, but she has this thing for wanting to ALWAYS step her feet in some kind of food. Over the years she's done the following: Cadbury Egg, Blueberry Pie, Watermelon, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Doughnuts w/ Jessie, Trix Cereal, and Blueberry Pancakes.

Cierra had this smirk because she knew her feet were soaked from being in those boots.

Some Super Sweaty Uggs
One of the first real times I noticed how much Cierra's feet sweat was the day I went to her apartment and decided to shoot her wearing a pair of Ugg Boots. At the time I really hated those boots, but they've since grown on me, especially since I got to experience a few of the girl's feet on the site after coming out of them. If you like warm, sweaty feet, then you have to have some kind of appreciation for them. But on the day Cierra did this shoot, I had never felt her feet as warm and moist as they were that day. It really made me take notice of it and boy was she ever embarrassed. She has since embraced it. Don't believe me? She had this to say about her feet and how much they sweat, "It's like a body function I just don't have control of. Sometimes it gets a little out of hand, but I've come to love it."

Cierra has a thing for Converse shoes and has a bunch of different pairs.

Converse, Cereal, & Workouts
When Cierra and I get together for shoots, she tends to do several sets at once. One of those times we got together at a college and shot on some Workout Stations around a walking trail. That shoot turned out great, but when we made way back to her apartment and shot her Converse and Trix Cereal sets, I got two of my most favorite sets that I've ever shot. Yes, two sets, same model, shot back to back at one shoot. Cierra and I must have just been in a grove, but her expressions, the photo quality, the colors... they all just popped.

On the horizon I really hope to see Cierra's photo totals keep climbing and climbing. She deserves all the praise you all give her and she really is a great girl. I am glad to have her and appreciate every thing she's ever done for me with this site. Here's to another 2,000 photos!

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