An Up & Down October

Ryan wore these shoes, without socks, all day long at school before shooting. Oh so nice!

The blog below was originally published in Soles of Silk's Column section. It was archived and then republished here in 2016.

October. What a month it has been as far as the site is concerned. Some of it good, some of it, not so much. As the saying goes, which do you want first? The good news, or the bad news? Oh wait, you can't answer. I guess the good news comes first.

Good News Items

Alienware Aurora ALX - The computer I had been running was a custom built, bare bones system that I had built roughly six years ago. I got it to be close to top of the line then, so it wasn't until recently that I determined it was time to start looking for something else. Well, last week marked the first update with the Alienware Aurora ALX system that I had built and man is this thing FAST! I won't go into all of its specs, but I'm loving this thing.

Shoot: Ryan - I recently did a shoot with the ever so popular Ryan. I posted two preview photos over on Wu's Picture Forum and people have been loving her shots. You'll be seeing that set before long over here, but you if love Ryan and haven't seen them, you're missing out. And if you're not a member of the Wu's Feet Links Forum, what are you waiting for?

Shoot: Lady Steph - Lady Steph and I always seem to take forever to get together to do shoots. Well, we finally got together and did three new sets. We did a bit of a rush job, so the sets aren't the biggest ones I ever shot, but hey, it's Lady Steph, so you know they're quality. She always brings it with the pedicures and I made sure to massage those curvy feet for a bit that day.

Soles of Silk on Twitter - Yes, I finally brought back a social media tool for the site. I used to have the old Soles of Silk MySpace page, but closed it due to a few people bothering my friends/models, and getting quite nasty when ignored. I never bothered with Facebook for this site because they're so strict on content that is considered "sexual." But now, I made a Twitter page for the site (@SolesofSilk) page for the site and I've even been posting early previews over there. Would love to have all of you following. As for the models this time around, I am NOT adding any personal friends who do not have a designated model account page. Not going down that path again.

Shoot: Olivia - Who is Olivia, you ask? Well, I guess you weren't paying attention to the coming soon spot on the Home page. Olivia is yet another freshly minted 18 year old coworker friend of mine who agreed to pose. She's a doll and her slender size 7.5's won't disappoint. They sure are soft too. I love giving foot rubs.

Mileena's set replaced Shae's this week for the site's update.

Bad News Items
Removal: Shae - Yes, it is true. If you were looking on the model page and noticed, Shae is not on the site right now. Or if you noticed that Mileena's Water Pump set replaced Shae's set for this week's update. Here is why. Shae told me she has a job she's trying for that has a strict background check. At this point, I don't know if she will allow me to repost them after she either gets or is denied for the job. I am hoping she will. That would be two models of Asian background that I've taken down this year - the other being Aliza.

Okay, so there was a lot more good this month, but I don't like taking down a model from the site. I'm going to keep my fingers crossed for her to allow them to be reposted. Otherwise, the cash she'll give back for pulling her stuff down looks like it might be going to one of Olivia's friends. The day Olivia was to shoot with me for the first time she told a friend what she was doing and showed her the site. Recruiting for me already, I love it. I better give that girl another foot rub soon, huh?

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