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Soles of Silk Facts - 2011

Cierra is Soles of Silk's most photographed model.

The blog below was originally published in Soles of Silk's Column section. It was archived and then republished here in 2016.

When I used to do some writing for a local newspaper I used to be in charge of the arts/entertainment section. I ran a regular column there also and sometimes it was just hard to come up with a theme, subject, or topic of interest that I thought people would enjoy reading. To be quite honest, sometimes I just talked about what everyone else was - like an awards show or celebrity mishap. Other times I ended up doing a repeat column similar to something I had done in the past. The same holds true here.

A couple of days ago I remembered a column I wrote a few years ago where I listed some fun, totally meaningless facts about Soles of Silk and its models. And to be totally honest, that might have been the second time I had run such a column. Well, now it is time to do it yet again. This time I decided to be a little different though and add in the contribution models too.

Sometimes these pointless themes are actually the most fun to read. So without any more hesitation, here are some facts that you just HAVE to know:

Model Facts
Number of Models: 63 (64 if Aliza, who was removed, is counted)

Most Photos: 1st - Cierra (1,960) 2nd - Madison (1,832) 3rdLayla (1,681) 4th - Kellie (1,332)

Most Galleries: 1st - Cierra (31) 2nd - Madison (28) 3rd -Layla (27) 4th - Kellie (22)

Most Video Clips: 1st - Cierra (3) 2nd - Layla (29) 3rd - Kellie (25) 4th - [tie] Jordana (18), Kimmie (18), Madison (18)

Newest Model: Mileena

Biggest Feet: 1st - Molly (11) 2nd - Shae (10) 3rd - [tie] Katie (9), Jessie (9), Delicious (9), Amber (9) 4th - [tie] Autumn (8.5), Briezzy Lane (8.5), Chloe (8.5), Colleen (8.5), Debbie D. (8.5), Lauryn (8.5), Madison (8.5)

Smallest Feet: 1st - Cierra (4) 2nd - [tie] A'Kasjia (4.5), Cheri (4.5) 3rd - [tie] Jacklyn Lick (5), Kellie (5), Kimmie (5) 4th - [tie] Carmen (5.5), Kayleigh (5.5), Mariah (5.5), Tiff (5.5)

Average Shoe Size: 7.5

Contributor Facts
Most Photos: 1st - Brittany Sweetstink (233) 2nd - Bellecita (117) 3rd - Nikki (107) 4th - Steph (97)

Most Galleries: 1st - Britney Sweetstink (6) 2nd - Nikki (4) 3rd - [tie] Bellecita (3), Mommie Dearest (3), Steph (3) 4th - [tie] Lyn (2), Maxine (2), Sultry Sasha (2), Tina Marie (2)

Newest Contributor: Mercy

Biggest Feet: 1st - Holly (11) 2nd - [tie] Candy (10), Louise (10) 3rd - Kara (9.5) 4th - [tie] Ginger (9), Lyn (9)

Smallest Feet: 1st - Genie (2.5) 2nd - Janet Mason (4.5) 3rd - [tie] Dominque (5), Jenny (5) 4th - [tie] Little Dee (5.5), Twisted Toes (5.5)

Average Shoe Size: 7

Contributors Models Who Posed for Soles of Silk: Layla, Lexi, and Janet Mason, who posed for me prior to Soles of Silk's creation

* above numbers are based off of what appears on Soles of Silk as of August 31, 2011

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