Abby - Where it All Began

It's been way too long since I saw these amazing wrinkles.

The blog below was originally published in Soles of Silk's Column section. It was archived and then republished here in 2016.

This week was a reminder of my early days in my foot photography career. As many of you know, the first ever girl to pose for foot themed photos on a regular basis was my ex-girlfriend, Abby.

On Monday I finally was able to get Abby back in front of the camera. It has been over two years since Abby has posed for the site. She's been quite busy and we just never seemed to match up. Well, we finally made a promise to get together and get some photos in and boy did we ever have some great results.

The first set, which the photo above is from, ended up being over the 100 photo mark. Generally I don't do that many photos unless for a holiday or special occasion set. Sometimes, however, a set is just going so well that I want to keep going and take more and more shots. That happened recently with Ryan's first set at the Duck Pond. But it happened again with the very first set Abby did Monday. I loved the setting, the poses, the colors, and of course, Abby's trademark wrinkled soles never looked so good.

Once we finished up the first set it was onto the second (below). We didn't push this one to the 100 photo mark, but the set was also going just as good. We were in a groove and it seemed like no photo or pose could go wrong. I even told Abby that I thought that the two sets were some of her best work just from what I saw on the camera's view screen. When we were driving back home, she was looking through the shots on the camera and also agreed.

I won't tease you too long with posting one of these fine sets of Abby. I actually contemplated putting up teaser shots for next week right away, but went with shots from one of Cierra's newest sets instead. It's been two years, one more week won't kill you. Plus, I like to let you members know some of the good stuff before the rest of the foot loving community.

Less wrinkles, same soft soles of Abby!
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