Random Notes - May 2011

The blog below was originally published in Soles of Silk's Column section. It was archived and then republished here in 2016.

Been a little while since I gave some site and photography updates, so I thought now was as good as ever.

Katie sent me this picture of her feet from her cellphone.

Best Wishes To Katie
She posed for just one set. She turned 18 less than a year ago and the only new stuff I've shown of her has been from random cellphone camera shots she has sent me, such as this recent one above. Sadly, this looks like the only way we will see Katie from now on.

A few months ago Katie married and a little over a week ago, moved to be with her husband in the military. I wish them the best of luck with everything.

That being said, Katie was always fun times when we hung out. At first she seemed a little hesitant about posing for me, but I assured her that she size 9 feet were cute. After posing and seeing the wonderful feedback from all of you, she began to realize her feet were quite pretty. I only wish I had gotten in a ton of photo shoots with her.

New Recently Turned 18, Model - Ryan

It's been a few months since I've debuted a new model. And I'd really love to introduce you to one I shot just two days ago named Ryan, but I can't. Why, you ask? Well, Ryan is slated to debut on Wu's Feet Links in a June 2011 Feature Model set. I've done a handful of these in the past and have always gotten great feedback from them. Here is the list of sets below, starting with the most recent: 

As you can see, the list of the models who has posed for these feature sets reads like a who's who list on Soles of Silk. Every one of those models has been a major factor in where this site is today. So why go with a brand new model? You'll have to stick with me here as this gets a little confusing, but turned out for the best in the long run.

When Wu first approached me about a set for 2011, it was right after the debut of Aliza, the Asian model who was only on the site for a few weeks before I removed her due to some issue with her family. So the initial idea was nixed, but it was only a loose idea to use her at that point. When Aliza was not an option, I asked Wu if it would be cool if we went with one of the site's newer models. All the other models I shot for his feature sets had been established models on the site. That is when we came up with the idea to use Ginger.

Now Ginger agreed months ago to pose. We had lots of time to do this set, but time after time, over those months I would send her a random email, text message, phone call, etc. about the set. All I wanted to do was brainstorm some ideas for what we could do. Ginger does really good sets and I wanted something special. Well, the only feedback I ever got from her about this set was how busy she was and she'd call me later. Needless to say, that never happened and I told her if I hadn't heard from her by the end of the week (a little over a month ago at the time I am writing this), that I would replace her. With who? I had no idea at the time.

I sent an email to Wu and told him my issue with Ginger being too busy to even communicate with me about the set. I still had time, but feared we'd get down to deadline time and she wouldn't be open. I asked him if I could pick another of the site's newer models and suggested Marcy. Wu was for it, as was Marcy.

Without getting into too much detail, Marcy was game for the set, but after standing me up two times for a shoot, I decided to not use her. I was back to square one once again.

This is when I came up with the idea that if I was going to go new, why not brand spanking new? I knew Ryan was turning 18 within two weeks. And she had been telling me she couldn't wait to pose. So it just made sense and sounded like a neat idea to debut a new model in this manner.
Well, Ryan just shot over the past weekend and she was phenomenal. I have no doubts that she will be a popular addition to this site and certainly worthy of being a feature model on Wu's Feet Links.

This, however, is where you're going to hate me. You won't get to see any of this adorable model until that feature set goes live on Wu's.

Jamie sent me this photo and told me that her feet missed me.

Jamie Returns
Most of you probably didn't even know that she went anywhere. I had shot so many photos of Jamie that I was still adding sets on a regular basis. So some of you probably are a little confused about this. I'll explain and keep it drama free as I'd really like to move on from the issue several months ago.

Back in February Jamie asked me to remove her photos. After some back and forth about the issue, I decided that I would not remove the photos. Fast forward to two weeks ago and we talked again and she expressed that she'd like to keep posing. I told her instead of kissing and making up, how about I give her a foot rub and we forget about the past. She laughed and agreed. A few minutes later she sent me the photo above via cellphone with a caption that simply read, "My feet miss you."

In The Nikki Of Time
This week's update, Nikki, is not the easiest to find time to shoot. It's not because she doesn't want to. She just has a very strange work schedule that hardly matches with mine. Add in a few rain outs the last few weeks and I'm left without any new photos of Nikki in the photo bank.

This past Sunday after shooting Ryan's photos, Nikki and I were supposed to get together in the evening to do a set or two. And wouldn't you know it, rain! The skies got very dim and it drizzled a few times. We were exchanging texts and I said we could postpone again. I added that we could postpone just the shoot, but not the foot rub I have promised her for months. She replied, "Ok, come over."

I drove the short distance to her place and for about two hours, Nikki got a non-stop foot massage. Her feet felt so slender in my hands. They really feel smaller than a size 7. But back to that rub, Nikki commented that she was surprised that I really never stopped rubbing her feet the entire time. It was quite the relaxing experience. Even though I didn't come away with photos, I have no complaints about the evening.

Charlee, like the models above, sent me a photo of her feet recently.

My Pal, Charlee
I have to admit something. Charlee is such a fun, creative girl. I couldn't tell you how many text messages of the serious, not so serious, playful, and yeah, sometimes naughty variety I have exchanged with her doing site updates each week. She has a blast doing photo shoots and I wish I could do them with her on a much more regular basis.

If you haven't noticed yet, the picture above, which is a cellphone photo, from Charlee, features some artwork on her right foot. She got this recently and it has not been photographed in any of her sets at this point. Within the next few weeks you'll see a new set from Charlee, but this tattoo will still not make an appearance. Here's why.

The last time Charlee and I got together, we did two sets. One of them was her amazing Condom Size Teasing set (that you can also see in the three comic book wallpapers in the Wallpapers section). The second was a fruit salad smashing set that can best be explained as, "juicy." When it goes up, all you food and feet lovers should enjoy it. I can honestly say that I think Charlee shot her two best sets that day.

As for that tattoo, I'm hoping to get to see it up close and in person soon... well, when I'm not up close and personal with her adorable, lovely, smoking hot, delicious, heavenly, angelic, soft, charming, smooth, pretty, alluring, ravishing, perfect, mouth watering, sexy (where is my thesaurus) soles.

Tidbits Of Various Items
Recently I made my way to a brand new amusement park and did another coaster and feet set that is part of the series I've been doing over the last year. Kelsey was kind enough to enjoy a day at the park with me and show off those ever so soft feet of hers.

Colleen, who was a recent update, posed for me again the other week. She's back to being a blonde, but one thing that sure hasn't changed is how cute her feet are.

I've talked with some of the other models about posing as well. Mindee, for example, should be posing soon. And I'm hoping to get in some new stuff with Cierra. Oh yeah, Cierra got braces again, so that might surprise you.

Like Ryan, I have a few other recently turned 18 year old coworkers/friends who I am trying to get to pose and a few more who should be able to soon. Be on the lookout for them.
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