Aliza's Removal

Aliza was removed from the site shortly after her debut.

The blog below was originally published in Soles of Silk's Column section. It was archived and then republished here in 2016.

In early November I debuted a new Asian model named Aliza - an 18 year old coworker and friend. Her photo sets, of which only one was posted, were really cute and fun. She was an instant hit with many of you based off the forum comments and emails I received.

Sadly, Aliza is no longer on Soles of Silk. Last week I was laying down to go to sleep when I noticed that I had missed several calls from her. I sent her a text to see what she had called me about. It was late and I didn't want to wake her if she had went to bed. When I got her reply, I felt terrible, upset, mad, and a countless other feelings all at once. Basically, my stomach sank.

Aliza told me that her father found out that she had posed for Soles of Silk and was really upset with her. Even though she is 18, she lives at home when not in school and her dad made it known he didn't like her photos being online. She asked me if I could take them off, but felt terrible asking me to do so.

As Aliza's friend, I immediately agreed to do this for her. As much I didn't want to take them off, I just couldn't do that to her. I don't want her having family issues over this. She actually loved posing and couldn't wait to do more.

When I began pulling Aliza's set down, I also remembered that I had just posted an HD clip of her in the last update. I promptly replaced that with another HD clip of Kayleigh instead. Then I began realizing that I had added wallpapers, buddy icons and avatars of Aliza to the Downloads section. After I went and pulled all those down I remembered that I had just made new banners for the site and the current trivia contest using Aliza's photos too. Needless to say, I had more work involved in this than I initially thought.

Right now Aliza's photos/videos/artwork will remain off the site. I really hope you all liked what you saw of hers while she was online. Should she ever decide to return, I will repost all that content and the two unposted sets. She had also agreed to pose for a Christmas set and a Wu's Feet Links Feature set too. Mindee and Marcy agreed to do the Christmas set, so I'm trying to plan that here before Christmas comes and goes. As for the Wu's Feature, I'll keep you informed on that one.

[Editor's Note: Aliza was later added back to the site in 2012 and modeled for several new sets.]

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